Tucson Ron Paul March a huge success.

     The Ron Paul Tucson Meetup group held a very successful march on Saturday. They met at the east side of Randolph Park and marched the 4 miles around the park. The news estimated that over 200 people participated.

     At the GOPAC school in September they talked about earned media. Saturday’s event was a textbook case on how to generate media coverage. Plan a big event, contact the media, and show up in force.

     Video can be seen at the You Tube link above and photos can be seen at the RonPaulTucson.com web page. If you would like to get involved the Tucson Meetup group is quickly closing in on 300 members.

     Voters wishing to reregister their party should be able to do so online at ServiceArizona.

Update: The march received even more coverage on Channel 9 at the 10:00 broadcast. Campaigns live for exposure like this.

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  1. Who are these people?

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Citizens and voters who believe in the U.S. Constitution.

  3. and people who don’t support Ron Paul don’t?

  4. Perhaps others do believe in the Constitution, perhaps they don’t. But most all Ron Paul supporters do, so Oro Valley Dad’s response was valid. No need to try to set up a false dichotomy. See here for more info about that logical fallacy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_dilemma

    To learn more about Ron Paul, go to http://ronpaul2008.com or Google “Ron Paul”. Also check out http://ronpaullibrary.org/ and http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Ron_Paul

  5. Oro Valley Dad says


    I didn’t say that.

    Some people support the expansion of the federal government to such an extent that sometimes you wonder if they understand that the federal part was supposed to be limited. Most decisions were to be made at the state or local level.

  6. I am giving Ron Paul a second look because people like you support him. I find his views disturbing. I see his supporters shake their signs by the Tucson Mall. I see how motivated they are. I smile and wave and I ask myself: why can’t I be like that. Why can’t we be more like them?

    The problem is that Ron Paul’s foreign policy is dangerous. To re-coin a phrase used in this campaign, he failed Reagan 101. Reagan set up the peace dividend by which we spent vast swaths of money into defense and aid programs to secure our peace, trade routes and create a network of allies. By this peace dividend we won the Cold War and up until Bill Clinton were the world’s only superpower.

    Adopting notes from the Blame America First crowd, Ron Paul wants to radically change our foreign policy by setting up Fortress America. We tried that in the 20’s and 30’s. It did not work. Secondly Ron Paul is suggesting that our “empire” is the reason for all the chaos in the world, and thus we should allow our empire to implode much the way the French and British did after the Second World War. Even if Ron Paul was right , did the collapse of Western Imperialism bring more stability to the world? No, it did not. Thus a more dangerous world emerged and just like in the 60’s and 70’s a more dangerous world will re-emerge in our glorious decline Ron Paul wants to led us too.

    What would happen to Israel if Ron Paul gets elected? What happens to the price of oil? What happens to Europe when our troops come home? Asia? Russia and China and bin Laden will fill in the gaps.

    Ron Paul is operating off a very perverted view of American influence and its time people take him seriously so we can expose this well intentioned idiot for who he really is.

  7. Good Lord, this is his record only in the last six months:


    12/5/07 Vote 1128: H R 1585: National Defense Authorization Act No Yes Yes
    1/8/07 Vote 1060: H R 3688: United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement No Yes No
    10/15/07 Vote 961: H RES 738: Expressing the Sense of the House of Representatives Regarding the Government of Syria’S Continued Interference in the Internal Affairs of Lebanon No Yes Yes
    10/2/07 Vote 931: H CON RES 200: Expressing the Sense of Congress Regarding the Immediate and Unconditional Release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. No Yes Yes
    10/2/07 Vote 930: H R 2828: To Provide Compensation to Relatives of United States Citizens Who Were Killed As a Result of the Bombings of United States Embassies in East Africa on August 7, 1998 No Yes Yes
    10/2/07 Vote 929: H CON RES 203: Condemning the Persecution of Labor Rights Advocates in Iran No Yes Yes
    9/25/07 Vote 901: H RES 557: Strongly Condemning the United Nations Human Rights Council for Ignoring Severe Human Rights Abuses in Various Countries, While Choosing to Unfairly Target Israel by Including It As the Only Country Permanently Placed on the Council’S Agenda No Yes Yes
    9/25/07 Vote 899: H RES 548: Expressing the Ongoing Concern of the House of Representatives for Lebanon’S Democratic Institutions and Unwavering Support for the Administration of Justice Upon Those Responsible for the Assassination of Lebanese Public Figures Opposing Syrian Control of Lebanon. No Yes Yes
    9/25/07 Vote 895: H R 1400: Iran Counter-Proliferation Act of 2007 No Yes Yes
    9/24/07 Vote 894: H RES 340: Expressing the Sense of the House of Representatives of the Importance of Providing a Voice for the Many Victims (and Families of Victims) Involved in Missing Persons Cases and Unidentified Human Remains Cases. No Yes Yes
    9/24/07 Vote 893: H R 1199: Drug Endangered Children Act of 2007 No Yes Yes
    9/18/07 Vote 877: H R 3096: To Promote Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam No Yes Yes

    7/31/07 Vote 772: H R 957: To Amend the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996 to Expand and Clarify the Entities Against Which Sanctions May Be Imposed No Yes Yes
    7/31/07 Vote 765: H R 2347: Iran Sanctions Enabling Act No Yes Yes
    7/31/07 Vote 764: H R 180: Darfur Accountability and Divestment Act No Yes Yes
    7/27/07 Vote 757: H R 1: Implementing the 9/11commission Recommendations Act No Yes Yes

    7/17/07 Vote 635: H R 1: Implementing the 9/11commission Recommendations Act No Yes Yes
    7/11/07 Vote 619: H RES 482: Expressing Support for the New Power-Sharing Government in Northern Ireland. No Yes Yes
    7/11/07 Vote 618: H RES 467: Condemning the Decision by the University and College Union of the United Kingdom to Support a Boycott of Israeli Academia Present Yes Yes
    6/20/07 Vote 513: H CON RES 21: Calling on the United Nations Security Council to Charge Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad With Violating the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and the United Nations Charter Because of His Calls for the Destruction of the State of Isreal No Yes Yes
    6/18/07 Vote 500: H CON RES 151: Noting the Disturbing Pattern of Killings of Dozens of Independent Journalists in Russia Over the Last Decade, and Calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin to Authorize Cooperation With Outside Investigators in Solving Those Murders No Yes Yes

    You really want to find out what this man’s character, check out this vintage video of Ron Paul on the Morton Downey Show.


    What a sleeze ball!

  8. Oro Valley Dad says

    Oh my – self responsibility. How scary. You’ll love Hillary.

    As to foreign affairs. I guess you prefer Bush’s back the dictator, let the reformer get shot in the head solution to Pakistan. Talk about scary.

    How’s that hunt for Bin Laden going? Isn’t he the one actually behind September 11?

  9. I think we should examine and debate Ron Paul’s record. What if he is the nominee? What if he will be President?

    You know if you are not willing to defend his record, I don’t think you should be posting for his campaign.

    McCain 2008

  10. Kyle huwer says

    It kind of seems that you are a bit confused of what Ron Paul is for. What exactly is Ron Paul doing that you do not like? The listing of laws does not help me because laws are written in another language, thus it is hard to discuss your swath of disagreement.

    I can’t help to see that you linked to a 1988 video. 1988! You have to go THAT far back to find some dirt on him. C’mon, that is sad! Obviously you missed the point in that video too. Ron is arguing against the government interference in our personal life. Was the comment about the guys weight, no, but it got the point across didn’t it?

    With you and the “dangerous foreign policy” group, I kind of agree with OVD – you prefer the dictatoresque Bush type. If you look back at history, all countries that try to expand their influence to vast lengths – Rome, USSR, Germany – all end up imploding in the end. We are expanding our nation now by pre-emptive wars in the “name of democracy.” We are headed down the same road now. Ron Paul does not believe in letting this trend continue – he is a non-interventionist.

    WHY didn’t fortress America work in the 20-30s? And if it did fail, why are we predestined to fail again? Did we not learn anything from then or something?

    How is Ron Paul suggesting that it is our empire that is causing problems? He has cited his example of this occurring from the 9/11 Commission Report. So it is not just his wild ideas, it is the experts’ opinions that it is US that causes BLOWBACK.


  11. Kyle,

    Jeffry Johnston challenged me to check out his web site. I did. I challenge you to check out the hyperlink I posted from the Washington Post – hardly an Ron Paul smear rag. In it details Ron Paul’s deviations from Party line. The No Yes No or Yes No Yes indicates where he voted with the Democrats. The No Yes Yes or Yes No No indicates where he voted with neither party.

    The seniors in our Party wants to debate you people on the issues because they just don’t want to deal with you. The juinors respect you because of the energy you bring and see you as the hope of our Party especially because they (we) sympathize with your domestic agenda. So they are basically kissing your tail because they think you will be around in the next election cycle and could potential allies.

    I am not convinced you folks will be around and I am not sure your support will be very influnetial in the coming election cycles.

    Let’s suppose that Ron Paul assumes office. When he votes so many times against both parties, how influential is he going to be? He doesn’t really lead: he whines and he panders. He whines and complains that more people don’t agree with him, but is he influential? What coalitions has he built? Who stands with him? You may not like him, but look at the career of Bob Dole or George Mitchell or even Denny Hastert in the House. Those guys are leaders. They persuade. They don’t hector and they don’t pander. Further if he gets elected what harms idealogues on both sides the 94 GOP and the 06 Dems is overreach. Ron Paul has never had nothing beyond a House seat in relatively GOP friendly Texas. Do you mean to tell me that President Paul, Mr. ReLOVEtion won’t overreach? How will the American people let alone the GOP and the democrats welcome this overanixous paramour?

    Specific policy positions, I am a neocon. I am pro-war. I am a hawk. I voted and campaigned for George W. Bush twice and would do so again. I also oppose legalization this accounts for my mid-90’s exodus from the libertarian party and you open border anarchists. (I know I know RP “says” he’s for closing the border). I would be happy to debate either of those policy decisions.

    What disturbs me most about Paulines is that they know he is so radical and so unpalatable that they know – THEY KNOW – he won’t get the nomination lest the coveted crown. So really a vote for RP is a vote for relativism, anarchy and nihilism. That sort of thing is very chic in collegiate intellectual circles, especially if you cannot define you masculinity in terms of military service. But its not the sort of thing that adults do because adults know that children are always watching. And fathers instinctively know this.

  12. Re: the Mort Show

    1988 was 20 years ago. But look at the video. Ron Paul was not in his 20’s, the kid was. Ron Paul by 1988 had been drawing congressional retirement, had a failed Senate bid and would later accept a Libertarian presidential bid. This is after a successful military and physician’s practice. Here is this adult with a lot of successes under his belt. Yet all those laurels did not stop him from taking a cheap shot at a kid. Not a great moment for the tin hat candidate to the right of Dennis Kucinich.

  13. Oro Valley Dad says


    “I am not convinced you folks will be around …” You better hope some of us stick around. How many more parts of the coalition can the party stand to lose and still expect to win elections?

    “I am a neocon. I am pro-war. I am a hawk. I voted and campaigned for George W. Bush twice and would do so again.” Fair enough, how do you propose to pay for all of this?

    “RP is a vote for relativism, anarchy and nihilism.” Pardon me. Ron Paul is for freedom and personal accountability and responsibility. The very values that built this country.

  14. Oro Valley Dad,

    Ron Paul’s supporters are mostly college kids. We know that not everyone was like us in college and most of our peers back then did not vote. My question is and only you can answer this as I am not a Ron Paul supporter: how many of your fellow Ron Paul supporters are truly wedded to the idea of smaller government? And how many are just kids who oppose the war and don’t want to join the looney left?

    My problem with the marketing of Libertarianism, is its insistence of using issues like legalization and pacifism to sex-up conservatism. People in the first category aren’t for the most part serious or responsible people and people in the second category don’t seem Republican or conservative.

    How do you propose we pay for it? Cut entitlements. This is a position where I am inclined to agree with Ron Paul that we have to reform (I prefer to cut) Social Security. President Bush after his second inauguration proposed but his own party stonewalled him on because they were afraid they would lose their jobs. So to emasculate the President they made up some phony scandal over Dubai ports. The size of our government is huge because as Heather MacDonald’s book THE BURDEN OF BAD IDEAS illustrates that like the British Empire in the 1930’s we can have an empire or we can socialism but we can’t have both.

    Re: Relativism, anarchy and nihilism
    I beg to differ. Is Ron Paul for personal accountability when a heroine addict commits to feed his addiction? The definition of responsibility means being morally and ethically accountable. How is Ron Paul being morally accountable when on July 31 in the year of Our Lord 2007, Democrat Babara Lee brought HR 180 to the floor for a vote. The Darfur Accountability and Divestment Act simply identifies and forbids the US government from contracting with those companies. Sounds like a bill even Gabby can get behind, right? The bill passed 418 to 1. Guess who voted against it? Galveston Republican Ron Paul. Ron Paul’s vote demonstrates a lack of moral and ethical accountability. A aye vote would send an albeit weak protestation of the rape and murder that Janjaweed and their enablers perpetrate in that part of the world. His moral flexibility also demonstrates his nihilism and anarchy. Mothers teach thier children to love their country. Spartan mothers told their sons: With Your Shield or On It. My mother’s love for this country inspired my brother and I to give our youth to our country. Ron Paul does not represent the values I grew up with.


    The Galveston County Daily News reports that Ron Paul will have some competition for his congressional seat. “Friendswood City Councilman Chris Peden filed with the Republican Party on Friday to make his candidacy official, and immigration attorney Eugene Flynn has filed with the Libertarian party. . . . So far, no Democrats have filed for District 14, according to the most recent list from the Texas Democratic Party. Former Paul aide Eric Dondero, who previously said he would challenge Paul in the primary, endorsed Peden.” Food for thought . . .

  15. OVD, while I’m usually a big fan, I’m thinking you went too far in describing Bush’s plan for Pakistan the “back the dictator, let the reformer get shot in the head solution to Pakistan.”

    Suggesting that President Bush viewed the assassination of Bhutto as part of the “solution to Pakistan” is ignorant and downright vile. How very Bill Maher/Michael Moore of you.

    Pakistan is complicated and involves making choices that most folks wouldn’t want to have to make. I’m not sure that there is a good choice to make. But I am sure that some guy in Tucson probably doesn’t have the same background and expertise regarding what is and isn’t going on in Pakistan to lecture our President on what is or isn’t the right course of action. I guess that is another place where we disagree, since you obviously feel more than qualified.

    Still, for your accusation regarding the killing of Bhutto being part of Bush’s solution, you owe an apology.

  16. Oro Valley Dad says


    Yes entitlements are a huge problem. I have heard that the prescription drug plan will cost a lot of money over the next ten years. Who signed that one?

    btw – His support goes way beyond college age people.


    I will apologize right after Bush acknowledges that he should have gotten a declaration of war from congress before launching a multiyear, large scale land invasion/occupation of a foreign country. I happen to think there was a very good reason congressional power to declare war was written into the constitution and that Bush was remiss in not following it.

    I am glad to hear that there are people who have “expertise regarding what is and isn’t going on in Pakistan.” Since they are so bright Bush only need follow their advice and all will be well.

  17. Oro Valley Dad says


    I will clarify that it was not Bush’s policy that Bhutto be shot and that he had nothing to do with it. I do stand by the comment that he has backed the military dictator and that policy does not seem to be working out very well. Of course since I am just some guy in Tucson I certainly can and hope that I am wrong. All I know is what I observe in the news and right now the news is not so great. I also wonder about the moral authority of supporting a military dictator while preaching about the axis of evil.

    How about my questions on what ever happened to Bin Laden?

  18. Dad,

    We agree that entitlements are a huge problem. I am inclined to agree with you that the prescription drug benefit is not fiscally sound. I don’t agree with everything Bush stands for as I am sure you part company with Ron Paul on various issues. I also concede that the neocon foriegn policy has had serious failures – ones that have cost the lives of some of my friends. But they died in the cause of freedom and that is something Paulines forget.

    There are some things about Ron Paul, I like. I wish some of our people in Congress where more like him on fiscal matters. I am very uncomfortable on his foriegn policy and I don’t think if elected he has the political acumen to get his agenda off the ground. An incremental approach with the career history he had in the Congress would have been better.

  19. Kyle Huwer says

    First off, I don’t think the support base for Ron Paul is just a bunch of long-haired college frat boys. And if it was solely college kids – is that really a bad thing in light of only a small percentage of college age people have voted in the past?

    I see what you are saying about the voting against both parties. While that can be bad, is it ALL bad? As the years go on, politics become more and more bi-partisan. Would it possibly be a good thing that we have someone that votes for what he thinks is right, instead of what he thinks his (or both) party is voting. I personally find the lack of partisanship to be fairly refreshing. And if the congress is that hell-bent on passing something, then they can override his veto, right?

    “So really a vote for RP is a vote for relativism, anarchy and nihilism. That sort of thing is very chic in collegiate intellectual circles, especially if you cannot define you masculinity in terms of military service.”
    What? So you seem to be saying that those who have not served militarily, will have difficulty in defining their masculinity? Or in other words, you are unpatriotic if you do not serve? In any case, I served and I have no issues with saying that this war is not right. Please tell me that you are not advocating blind patriotism.

  20. Kyle,

    Thank you for your service.

    I have laid out the case why his candidacy would be irresponsible and ineffectual.

    I stand by my statement, when blood is on the ground and its your brothers blood, I don’t care who started, what its about, what was done in the course of it. I just know who is going to end it.

    “And gentlemen in England now a-bed
    Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

    Henry V, Act VI

  21. David Vera says


    I am a Ron Paul supporter. 27 yr. old veteran, New Yorker, with the passion to support this man and fight his wars if need be.

    I left my Marines in Iraq after serving 6 years as an infantryman. They’re still there “winning your so-called-war” and dying. I did what I had to do in Iraq, stomp, grunt and take over a nation under the pretense of WMDs. Maybe you know where the WMDs are. While my Marines are dying out there in vain you sit here and ask for war for the stability of this world.

    You are a neocon so I don’t respect you. Your foreign policy is crumbling our economy and is rising many more radicals jihadists around the world. I was over there in Mesapotamia and spoke to the Arabs while “maintaining the peace.” I heard first hand from KIDS what they think of Israel and the United States. You have no space for understanding the Arab culture and that’s your weakness. You are bathed in your own egotistical blanket by thinking your foreign policy can provide stability for all. Super powers are a thing of the past.

    According to your logic, I should come to your house, smack you around, and tell you how to think – “democracy”. If you continue ruling your family the way you think is best, outside the way I think is best, I should sanction you. I should not allow you to go to the grocery store. Then, after a couple of years we hear your cousin committed a crime but I go after you because I can’t find him. You hide but then I find you. I destroy your house and hang you and give your family a new dad/husband/brother/son. Finally, I give my buddies a contract to rebuild your house.

    This is the stability you promote? I pray for you.

  22. What type of parties does the foreigners celebrate during their success in the business?

  23. Tyler Landis says

    I like Ron Paul because of his Foreign Policy. For anyone to assert that it is “dangerous” or “scary” is simply not true. In fact, his foreign policy is the most comprehensive, most rational, and most Peace-centered of any Candidate since Coolidge.

    To say he “failed Reagan 101” is comparing Apples and Oranges. Reagan sat down and TALKED to our “enemies” and ended the Cold War without firing a shot. Why can’t that work with Iran? When I argue for Americans Right to Bear Arms, I’m applauded. When I argue for Iran’s Right to Bear Arms, I’m ridiculed, despite being a Naval SF veteran. Pakistan is a nuclear country that just declared war on us today after we killed 24 civilians in a Helicopter Attack. Why wouldn’t they?

    What would we do if someone flew a helicopter into Austin, TX and shot 25 civilians? We would hunt them down, assassinate them, and occupy their country for a decade. Why are we even there? We won the Iraq war in 2007 after “The Surge”. Obama promised to get us out and started 4 more wars (contingency operations), and Osama os dead. There are fewer Taliban than there are New Black Panthers, and 30,000 people have died on our own southern border including American Citizens and Federal Agents with guns they got from Obama and the ATF. Why are we in Afghanistan when the war is 3 miles from El Paso?

    The Pakistani people evidently don’t feel as “Free” or “Liberated” as we intended 10 years ago….

    What is “scary” and “dangerous” is continuing the World Police foreign policy that we’ve had for 25 years. REAL change should make you a little uneasy, if it doesn’t it isn’t really change. It’s lip service from the power hungry. Muslims can’t kill Americans if Americans aren’t in Afghanistan.

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