Tucson Potholes.com Launches!

This was too good to pass up and I especially appreciate the creative snarkiness to it all!

Potholes, potholes, potholes. You simply cannot drive anywhere in Tucson without hitting one. But don’t get mad. Instead, embrace your favorite local pothole and share it with everyone.

We are pleased to announce a new social media website for the greater Tucson area. It’s aptly titled, Tucsonpotholes.com. You can upload your favorite pothole picture and give it a name. You can rate your pothole and other people’s potholes. Your best snarky comments are always welcome. View the Google Potholes map to see the “red dots” grow and grow. Read some of the serious commentary on the blog side, too.

The goal? To bring Tucson’s pothole plight to “center stage” and hold the Tucson City Council and the Pima County Board of Supervisors accountable for their failed leadership in keeping our streets safe and usable.

Thank you for your interest and we are looking forward to seeing your favorite pothole on Tucsonpotholes.com

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