Tucson makes the cut.

Thanks to Greg at EP for taking note of an Opinion Journal article by Michael Barone. In the piece Barone tracks the demographic shift of domestic population to the interior of the country. Greg linked to the article because it mentions Phoenix in a positive light more than once.

In the forth from last paragraph is the line that Tucson also ranks as an Interior Boomtown. The vaunted Portland is listed as a Static City.

The article is very interesting for both its demographic and political analysis.

p.s. No doubt our new In-N-Out Burger had a lot to do with the ranking as a Boomtown. Our source in Central Tucson reported eating at the new location for the first time this morning. The line was only 20 minutes for a mid-morning visit. Food quality and service were reported as very high.

Beginning with this story a new category has been added – Food. Please feel free to send us your suggestions for new and interesting places to eat and our other writers are invited to cover this topic as well.


  1. ThinkRight says

    OV Dad, I’m living proof of people moving from the Blue to the Red. Motivated by taxes, cost of living and quality of life.

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