Tucson loses control of Rio Nuevo project

Acting like any good parent, The State of Arizona has taken away the Tucson City Council’s favorite toy, the Rio Nuevo Project.  After years of acting like spoiled brats [and blowing millions of dollars in the process] the City Council now puts the fate of Tucson into the hands of others.  Considering the track record of the Tucson City Council, this might actually be a good thing.

Control of Tucson’s downtown redevelopment project was taken away from the City Council with the stroke of the governor’s pen Monday.

The legislative fix to Rio Nuevo’s long-standing financial struggles was part of the budget package that lawmakers approved to nibble away at the looming $2 billion deficit.

A nine-member board, appointed by the governor, the House speaker and the president of the Senate, will now control the project’s purse strings. Of those members, only five must be local residents.

The Legislature approved a similar slap at Tucson leadership earlier this year, but it was vetoed because of gubernatorial concerns about non-Rio-Nuevo parts of the budget package. This time around, it passed with overwhelming support on a vote of 51-4 in the House and 23-4 in the Senate.

Now that the City Council has gotten their long overdue spanking, [not only here, but also with the recent and extremely close election results],  let us all see if they have learned their lesson and will now start to act in a more “responsible manner”.  Any betters out there?

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  1. Papatodd: As I’m sure you know, Tucson never HAD control of Rio Disastro to begin with. What a waste of a hundred mil.


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