Tucson Businessman Dave Sitton Takes Issue with Ron Barber’s Policies

CONTACT: Jennifer Humphries

March 5, 2012 (Tucson, AZ) – Businessman and candidate for Congress Dave Sitton today released the following statement taking issue with the policies Democrat Ron Barber intends to campaign on in the race for Arizona’s congressional district 8:

“Last week Democrat candidate Ron Barber conducted an online chat with the Arizona Daily Star. I echo the sentiment he shared during this discussion about ‘welcoming robust debate in this special election.’ There were several key issues raised in this chat that I disagree with. I’ll discuss one now.

When asked about Social Security, Barber wrote, ‘The current Social Security Trust Fund is solvent well into the 2030’s.’ Barber’s position is complete wish-casting. Last year when our country was engaged in the debate to raise the debt ceiling, President Obama threatened to stop sending seniors their Social Security checks, claiming, ‘there may simply not be the money in the coffers to cover this.’

Clearly, not even President Obama believes that Social Security is safe. Barber’s claims that ‘The current Social Security Trust Fund is solvent,’ is only believable if you think Congress won’t spend the money for other purposes. Who believes that? This administration’s economic policies continue to drive America further into debt.

The first step toward preserving Social Security and honoring the commitments we have made to our seniors and disabled is to fix our economy. I am the only candidate with a plan for jobs and the economy. You can read my plan here. Please also look over the list of the first 100 businessmen and women who are supporting my campaign.

Southern Arizona is at a critical crossroads and needs a representative with the ability and understanding to protect, develop and grow our community. As a small businessman I understand intimately that without growth our community and nation will suffer. I am not willing to stand by and allow that to happen. Please join with me in creating workable solutions to the tough problems facing southern Arizona and America today.”

For more information visit www.davesitton.com

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  1. RyaninTucson says

    “I am the only candidate with a plan for jobs and the economy.” Seems a little disingenuous Mr. Sitton, considering that Senator Antenori has a 12-Point job plan and he seems to have a better grasp of the issue than you. In case you missed it, here’s the link to Antenori’s plan on SA: http://sonoranalliance.com/2012/03/05/frank-antenori-releases-economic-priorities/

    You may want to have your handlers do a better job on research before you make a bold statement like that in the future. Just a little friendly advice.

  2. Except that Frank’s plan came out some time AFTER Dave Sitton’s plan. Dave has over 150 small business owners signed up as endorsers. Frank has Politicians and lobbyists. To say that Frank has a better understanding of business and economic issues in CD 8 is just plain bluster. We’ll see if Frank can add to his platform after cribbing from Dave’s note next time he releases a plan.

    • RyaninTucson says

      Framer, nice try, but check your spin. Frank’s plan came out on Saturday, if you read the Arizona Daily Star. So, Sitton’s claim on Monday that he had the only economic plan was completely disingenuous. Either that or his press team are asleep at the wheel and should be replaced.

      The problem with Sitton is that his support is an inch deep in Tucson. The “politicians” that you refer to are the citizens legislators like Terri Proud and Gail Griffin who went to Phoenix to fix the problems. They, along with Frank, actually were able to guide the state out of fiscal collapse, balance the budget, and shrink the size of state government. Everything in the Sitton plan are points that Frank has already done. Dave Sitton is a decent man, but has no results to back up his rhetoric

      • Dave’s plan came out last Thursday, there was a press conference and everything. That press conference was the reason that Frank was even asked about his plan and why he got off his dime and finally put one together.

        Frank is a great state legislator. He cannot beat Ron Barber. Dave Sitton can, and we lose nothing as far as conservatism goes. Frank has been running for congress for six years now, doing his best to move up the ladder, to put himself in position for his second run at congress. If he had run last year, he likely would have outperformed Jesse Kelly and won. I have heard Frank speak several times this cycle and have never heard him once mention the name Ron Barber. I don’t even think Frank thinks he can beat Ron Barber. That being the case, why should we throw him into that matchup?

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