That was the farewell “sign-off” from Sean Shepherd, the Libertarian Liasion from the local mostly-GOP social club Politics on the Rocks.  It was probably supposed to be “hip” and “cool”, the sort of thing you send to your “bff” because “ttfn” seems a bit too girly.  To understand why this trite sendoff bothers us so much, you’d have to see the whole exchange.  It starts with Politics on the Rocks sending out a reminder that Arizona Right to Life is having a conference this weekend, so that’s nice.  But Shepherd seems rather immune to the value of human life, its importance, or even its significance to the Libertarian Party with which he plans on networking.  “Do what you want so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else” is a pretty good philosophy, but most Libertarians have figured out that dismembering a baby and tossing it in the garbage bin certainly does hurt it.  Many have also come to understand the damage done to the mother as a result of these procedures.  Shepherd hasn’t figured this out, so his mocking “I think I just threw up a little in my mouth… 😉 ttyl!”  reply leaves us more than a little disturbed.

We get it Sean, its a movie quote, from a Ben Stiller movie too, “Dodgeball!”, so you’re keeping up with the classics.  And we get that you aren’t much for the pro-life cause or forwarding on information regarding pro-life conferences to your friends.

But we don’t get your oh-so casual disregard for the topic.  And we don’t appreciate that it is so casually turned into a joke and then dismissed.

Pro-lifers, and yes Sean that includes a lot of Libertarians, value human life, and believe that the wholesale slaughter of nearly 50 million Americans since the Roe v Wade decision is a stain on the soul of this country.  Its not a joke, or a line from a Ben Stiller movie.  To educate yourself, start with this You Tube video from Congressman Trent Franks.

Then, maybe try attending the conference and learning more about the subject.  Then, and only then, should you try and “talk to us later!”


  1. OK, I admit I’m an old guy, so what does TTYL stand for?

  2. This is the problem with “pro-lifers”, you can’t accept that other people have differing opinions and you get offended when someone doesn’t treat your pet issue with the reverence you claim it deserves. What happened to the cries of free speech you like to air when you claim the “liberals” are taking away your right to spew your vile hatred and falsehoods? I didn’t realize that the anti-abortion position was considered to be “gospel” and required to be revered even by those of us who disagree with your side. Oh well, TTYL!

  3. John,
    If you believe that abortion is murder, it is hard to NOT get offended.

  4. TTYL = Talk to you later
    BFF = Best Friend Forever
    TTFN = Ta Ta For Now

  5. so what we had was a juvenile response to a notice of a conference, a post on such a response reminding people of the gravity of the subject matter, and a comment that we pro-lifer folks are saying “vile hatred and falsehoods.” Obviously the author “John” does not know anything about Arizona Right to Life or those of us involved in this most serious movement, a movement whose purpose is to protect all innocent human life form the womb to the grave. Maybe that is not important to “John,” but it is to many of us who spend our time, talent and treasure offering real help and real hope to women and children facing unintended pregnancies. We deal with reality and help people where they are. We do not judge their circumstance but offer a way to live that respects them as human beings.

    Respect for the dignity of the human person is not some “pet issue” as you put it. It is enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and articulated in our U.S. Constitution. The right to life is foundational to all other rights. without the right to life, one cannot exercise any other rights with impunity.

  6. This is not about life but about tact. All of this social media creates a fake world of virtual rudeness. I won’t post anything I wouldn’t say to a person attended. Now, I’d also say quite a bit :-).

    I saw that TTYL and thought is was strange–didn’t know what heck it was about as it made no sense.

    A good question– if you said what you write, would you be guilty of a slanderous statement? Would it be a racist or crude comment to get you written up?

    I am also amazed at the people who leave comments not getting this. many write from a work computer too.

  7. Annie Hoyle says


    This pro-life Bible loving Christian finds your choice of words interesting… “I didn’t realize that the anti-abortion position was considered to be ‘gospel’…..YES, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!

    Do you not see the irony in this statement.. ” you can’t accept that other people have differing opinions ..”?

  8. Annie Hoyle says

    Scratch the word “irony” and replace it with “hypocrisy”!

  9. Defending the most innocent and helpless among us is not a “pet issue” and one that does deserve reverence. It’s about fighting for the very survival of our nation. When defending life is seen as just the other side of a debate on par with advocating for the slaughter of inconvenient innocents, we’ve lost our moral compass.

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    2 John re#2: If I’m a “pro-lifer” [and I am], that makes you a “pro-deather” right? Cut your crap. Infanticide isn’t pretty.

    I often bemoan that we can legalize “post birth” abortions as the need may require. What’s the difference? post-birth or late-term?

    Lets see… for all you progressive lefties, I’m a: birth’er; gun’er; and pro-life’er… and church’er. So many cutesy names ya’ll have for us.

    There you go. And be thankful your mother was a “birth’er”

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