Trust Us…Photo Radar is All About Driver Safety!

Yeah Right.

For those readers who had any lingering doubt about the real reasons we have photo radar, I direct you to a brief article in the Tribune.  

Redflex, the real winner in the photo radar scam, sent a lobbyist and count ’em two PR people down to the Tribune to defend photo radar.  

One senses that RedFlex is going to spare no expense protecting it’s cash cow from legislative and citizen efforts to reign in photo radar.  

But hey that’s okay…after all it’s all about driver safety.  


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    here’s a question: Since Redflex is a commercial enterprise, and since they rely on your image and name for their revenues, and generally you do not volunteer that information (therefore they are using your image and name for commercial profiteering without your consent) … are they not subject to a massive civil class action lawsuit?

    And, naming the various public agencies who are complicit with them as co-conspirators?

    Consider it. You are being accused of a crime by a machine owned by a commercial enterprise for profit.

    Indeed, safety has little to do with this. (oh, and those cameras can read and run your new license plates through various databases real time to determine if – as you wizzz by – are a “person of interest” to anyone.”

    Demand your lawmakers remove this threat before its too late. Oh, but the lure of easy money has a very strong appeal … I forgot.


    the cameras are coming down.

  3. This is a foreign corporation and law enforcement has been outsourced to a foreign for profit company!! Can the camera tell if the person is drunk? How about any outstanding warrants or insurance? How about if the car was stolen? This is why we have police.

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