Top Dem: Ignore Hayworth at your own risk

By Yellow Sheet Report

Published: March 10, 2010 at 12:07 pm

The primary campaign explanation to the McCain/Kyl statement against Governor Brewer’s sales tax increase was also backed by Democrat consultant Bob Grossfeld, who said John McCain acted to keep from being “boxed in” by J.D. Hayworth. “This had nothing to do with the governor, who is collateral damage, but everything to do with Hayworth,” he said. Grossfeld declined to offer his opinion on the proposal, but said Hayworth has proven his abilities to fight hard political campaign battles. Grossfeld, who consulted Democrat Steve Owens on two unsuccessful campaigns against Hayworth in the 1990s, said the following: “I’ve been through too many campaigns where people have underestimated John David Hayworth. You do so at your own peril.”

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  1. well of course he wants to say that. He still have next zero chance of winning. But he has a better chance against JD than he does against McCain. Unless the tea party people vote against McCain in protest…

  2. Stephen Kohut says

    Us Tea Party people, and particularly those of us, like me, that are GOP PC’s, will make McRINO go away in August.

  3. Well by throwing Jan Brewer under the bus, Kyl and McCain haven’t helped the Establishment team to get its act together!

    This is interesting insofar as Brewer and McCain share a couple of key advisors!

    To whom will they pledge their loyalty?

  4. I have not seen any support for McCain at Tea Party events or on conservative forums.

    Vote against McCain in protest, no. Voting against McCain on principles.

  5. kralmajales says

    Uh to the tea party folks, how many of your are independents and how many of you appreciate that the GOP wants to lock your conservative voices out of the primary?

    Oh…and I agree massively about Hayworth. I’d flip if he was my Senator…flip…but I heard him the other day on the radio and he is working to appeal to moderates too. He sounded good…sounded reasonable. If I were J. McCain, I would be freaking out…and truthfully…he is…or he wouldn’t be campaigning at this level.

  6. Stephen Kohut says

    I don’t see a closed primary as an issue because: 1 – overall registered Republicans tend to be more conservative that registered independents, 2 – McCain was hoping to get many of his votes in the primary from moderate independents, 3 – TP people are reregistering as Republican’s to become PC’s, 4 – Many would reregister as Republicans if the primary was closed as they have no interst in the Democratic primary. It’s a nonissue.

  7. Captaindreadlocke,

    When I said would people vote against mccain in protest I am talking about the general. If JD loses will the tea partiers be so pissed that they vote for the Dem, or a random third party and possibly cost mccain the election. Thats why Grossfeld made the comments that he did, he wants this to get as bloody as possible.

  8. Jill Arizona says

    Well said, Stephen.
    And I have very good insight into the pulse of the tea party conservative revolution. And believe me, the majority of us are NOT supporting McCain!!!

  9. Stephen Kohut says

    If McRINO loses the priamry I won’t be be surprised if he talks to Don Bivens, the Dem candidate drops out and McRINO runs under the donkey banner. It’s his style. It’s all and only about him.

  10. Why is this a surprise?? McCain is trying to get some of the conservative vote back just like every election cycle. He couldn’t support the tax increase before his primary election. McCain does what he always does. He threw Brewer under the bus because she is no longer useful to him.

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