Top 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Harry Mitchell this Election – #8

Here is the latest reason why the voters in CD-5 should NOT vote for Harry Mitchell.

Reason # 8 – Corruption –  It’s time to change the way government does business in Washington.  We have all watched as government officials and members of Congress have come under investigation and in some cases pled guilty to corruption charges.  These incidents are a symptom of a political culture in our nation’s capitol that is not looking out for your best interests.

Throughout my career in government I have always put the needs of my constituents first, whether it was opposing spending that wasted your tax dollars, reducing costs at the County Treasurer’s office, or helping thousands of taxpayers.  As County Treasurer, I stood to put your interests ahead of special interests.

Government policy shouldn’t be determined by the highest bidder.  As your Congressman, I will be there to represent your interests, not big spending special interests. I will push for common sense reforms in Congress that will reduce the influence of lobbyists and special interests.


  1. Looks like David’s a little shaky on the 8th Commandment. Is he trying to imply that Harry Mitchell is corrupt?

  2. Tucson Vice says

    “We have all watched as government officials and members of Congress have come under investigation and in some cases pled guilty to corruption charges.”

    Sen. Ted Stevens (R) Alaska
    Rep. John Doolittle (R) California
    Rep. Tom Feeny (R) Florida
    Rep. Jerry Lewis (R) California
    Rep. Gary Miller (R) California
    Rep. Tim Murphy (R) Pennsylvania
    Rep. Don Young (R) Alaska
    Former Rep. Bob Beaurprez (R) Colorado
    Former Rep. Randy Cunningham (R) California
    Former Rep. Tom Delay (R) Texas
    Former Rep. Mark Foley (R)Florida
    Former Rep. Jim Gibbons (R) Nevada
    Former Rep. Katherine Harris (R) Florida
    Former Rep. Dennis Hastert (R) Illinois
    Former Rep. Bob Ney (R) Ohio
    Former Rep. Curt Weldon (R) Pennsylvania


  3. Frank Soto says

    I am a bit confused here. “Hugh Nuze” you are speaking in the first person as if you are David. You didn’t do this in previous posts. So, um, are you?

  4. Sonoran Alliance says

    With the exception of the sentence in italics at the beginning of the post (written by Hugh Nuze), the entire text was issued by the David Schweikert campaign committee.

  5. Frank Soto says

    Ah, I see, thanks. I didn’t realize it was a press release. I am easy to confuse.

  6. So are all ten reasons not to vote for Mitchell press releases by Schweikert? Are a mix of both?

  7. By the way I feel instead of posting reasons to not vote for Mitchell which everyone who reads this blog knows already, maybe we should be trying to help and campaign that Schweikert admitted is “struggling” instead of just talking about it

  8. Annie Hoyle says

    I’m in, Rachael! What should we do first?!

  9. well i was going to phone bank and canvass this weekend… I am pretty busy with work and school during the week…

  10. Annie Hoyle says

    Phone Bank sounds great to me! Hope to see you there!

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