Tony Bouie Files For LD4 Senate Race

Tony BouieCapitol observers had thought the LD4 Senate race was going to get a lot quieter after State Representative Tom Boone announced that he would not be running in the GOP primary against former State Senator Scott Bundgaard.  Well it might be time for them to get their ear protection ready, because 2008 LD6 State House candidate Tony Bouie, who moved to LD4 and had filed to run for the State House in LD4, changed his committee paperwork yesterday and is now running for the State Senate.

Bouie’s assumption would appear to be that a House race against both State Rep Judy Burges and current State Sen Jack Harper is too tough, and that the Senate race represents a better chance to win.  Of course, he had originally filed to run for the House, so we can’t be sure what has changed.  It is likely that the move was triggered solely by Boone’s decision.  Regardless of the reason(s) for the move, it guarantees voters will be treated to another entertaining and volatile race, as voters from LD6 can attest to.

A third candidate, Shawn Kohner, is also filed for the race.


  1. So Toni Bouie has now switched parties, switched districts and switched contests, too? Can you imagine what it’s like asking him what he wants for dinner?

    Why does this guy remind me of John Kerry? Oh yeah. “I voted for it before I voted against it.” Or whatever.

    With a record like this, maybe he should be running for governor. (Stay tuned, it might not be long before he is!)

  2. So is he a serious candidate with solutions and ideas… or an entertainer and poser?

    How long ago was he a Democrat (before he was a Republican)? If that’s what I understand from the previous post.

  3. I Hate Taxes says

    He was a Democrat for his whole life, until he switched to GOP something like 5 weeks before getting into the 2008 race. Obviously, he got crushed.

  4. RelievedStateSenator says

    I do not know what happened, but I am relieved.

    Tony has expressed that he feels called by God to serve in office. That makes for a powerful motivating factor and drives a candidate to give it their all.

    I was afraid I would be ousted like old King Saul:

  5. We have lots of Dems in the AZ GOP. Brewer, McCain, e.g..

  6. Will John Shadegg, Jim Waring, and Kirk Adams endorse him in 2010 like they did in 2008? Will US Representative Mike Pence endorse him this time too?

    Robert Blendu was in a contested primary and endorsed Bouie in 2008. Blendu lost.

    My guess is that no Republican in a contested primary will endorse Bouie in 2010.

  7. He registered as a republican 5 days before he filed to run for the house in LD6. He lied to the AZ Republic editorial board and to voters at a forum in New River, that he was a registered republican. Bold faced lies!!! He has some nerve. Now he carpet-baggs his way into LD4. Don’t be fooled by this liar. And check out who is supporters are. And remember who his supporters are next election day!!! I am sure that Doug Clark and Pamela Gorman are close by. They set him up the first time in LD6! They helped on his campaign and fundraised with him and gave him their consultant, Chris Baker. Remember!! Please remember this! Please.

  8. Here’s what Bouie’s camp thinks of those supporting principled conservatives:

  9. Great post Tortoise! Even more telling is Bouie never refuted his claim that those supporting Seel and Crump were “crazy people” and “white supremacists.” Pamela Gorman and Chris Baker not only stood by this nonsense–they promoted it!

    Through all the Bouie lying and false finger pointing, Gorman stood fast for Bouie. A huge disappointment to conservative PCs but greatly appreciated by John “Guest Worker Program” Shadegg, I’m sure.

  10. I Hate Taxes says

    Okay, so it wasn’t five weeks. I stand corrected. But five days is worse, not better, so that’s not good news for Bouie. So he was called by God the first time when he got crushed? Then what, God told him to go district shopping and he ended up in LD4? Then God told him to get into the House race before changing his mind and redirecting him into the Senate race? Its all so convoluted, one might actually suspect it isn’t God’s plan at all.

  11. Uh oh. More rumblings that Speaker Adams is planning a fundraiser for Bouie, with Chris Baker running that show again.

    It’s amazing that a guy who played in the NFL, a system based on athletic merit, supports racial preferences.

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