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Tom Horne Draws National Attention

Tom Horne Draws National Attention

State schools superintendent Tom Horne is getting national attention for taking on the elements of so-called “ethnic pride” in an Arizona school district. Today’s Washington Times chronicles Horne’s ongoing battles with the entrenched bureaucrats and recalcitrant school board at the Tucson Unified School District who want to make sure Arizona taxpayers continue to foot the bill for Raza studies – a curricula that belittles the United States and advocates for racial separatism. Horne’s fight is one that’s worth winning. Here’s an excerpt but of course, you can read the entire article here.

Tom Horne has two degrees from Harvard University. He participated in Martin Luther King’s 1963 March on Washington. He’s Arizona’s superintendent of public instruction.

In other words, he’s not the kind of guy you would expect to find at the forefront of a movement to eliminate a politically sensitive program such as ethnic studies. Yet there he is, blasting classes that promote what he calls “ethnic chauvinism,” calling for voters to oust school board members who support it and generally painting a target on his back for liberals and minority advocacy groups.

“What I object to is dividing kids by race and teaching them only about their own culture,” Mr. Horne said in a telephone interview. “That’s exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. We should be teaching kids that they’re individuals and not exemplars of racial groups.”



  1. Capitol Observer says

    This non-stop campaigning by a non-candidate is really funny – and, boring.

  2. Apparently this story is not so boring to others. I had 2 folks ask me if that story was true. I’m not sure how they saw it but neither are from Arizona or in the same state.

    I had to explain it is not ALL schools in Arizona, just TUSD. They were amazed and disgusted. One is an R, the other a D.

  3. Give it a rest, Tom. You can’t hide from your liberal record anyway.

  4. Iris Lynch says

    Horne gets credit for taking on a volatile subject. The ‘raza’ studies were uncovered some years back and the ‘textbooks’ are actual ‘bibles’ for a race war. Teaching hatred and actions to take resulting from that hatred is not a good thing for ANYONE including the ‘raza’ kids who are being indoctrinated. So, put aside your hatred of Horne for the moment and get the truth about these ‘studies’.

  5. ArizonaRepublican says

    To: Capitol Observer,

    You and Thomas’ other mouthpieces attack Tom Horne, and when he defends himself you accuse him of “Campaigning”. You are quite disgusting – as this is nothing more than dirty pool!

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