Seen Around Town: Strange Bedfellows



  1. The current Attorney General, Democrat Terry Goddard, is in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. Not really a surprise if Horne is too.

  2. nightcrawler says

    I was there myself today and passed right by the table. Just folks collecting signatures for all kinds of things. Nothing more. Nice try.

  3. So is his plan to legalize everything and then claim crime is down?

    Smile Tom, those cameras are everywhere.

  4. East Valley PC says

    While picking up my son’s first .22, I also saw people collecting signatures for Dean Martin for Governor and Andrew Thomas for Attorney General. I also saw Bill Montgomery there himself collecting signatures for County Attorney.

  5. The Arizona Guardian is a subscription-based, newsy web blog site from Phoenix, that covers gossipy state politics, sorta like the Republic’s Political insider, which is free.

    The Guardian’s reporters are all castaways from the once glorious East Valley Tribune –currently in bankruptcy. The real money behind the Guardian venture comes from Bob Grossfield of the Media Guys, Inc., an uber-liberal bunch located in tony Scottsdale.

    One wonders is there an axe to grind? Slow gossip week? Foes on the hunt for a scoop? Could it be that there are many RHINO’s in our midsts?

    RHINOS love to spend other people’s money on trying to trip up true conservatives. Just ask a certain double-dealing Yuma County Republican Chairman where he got the $5,000 for his latest mailing? The postage meter stamp leads to a PR agency in Phoenix, with former McCain staffers on the payroll.

    Surprised at all of this “NEWS?” Just follow the money, folks!

  6. oops! RINO, RINO oops! That dang spell check!

  7. Simply paid petition gatherers. You will note that they do not spell Buz (one z) correctly although they seem to have less trouble with marijuana.

  8. yeah, they are spelling Buz wrong. Ha ha, what are illiterates getting paid for signatures, anyway?

  9. Everyone knows that Buz likes smoking the dubie…lol

  10. Emil Franzi says

    And I wonder who the genius consultants were who hired these oafs who put up inconsistent signs that repel many potential signers either way. Even in tough times, it appears to be even tougher finding competent help.


  11. LD11 Rules says

    I think its telling that Mills and Horne have to pay for their signatures. Mills in an unknown, so a lack of volunteers or grassroots support is not a surprise. But Horne has been in office forever. Why doesn’t he have any support?

  12. Yeah, Martin and Brewer don’t have to pay for their signatures, because you and I do. The paid staff at the current treasurer’s office and the current governor’s office are out gathering those, aren’t they?

  13. Republican Lady says

    The current office holders are collecting their signatures sometimes themselves but mostly by their campaign staff or friends. They are not being collected by state employees.

  14. nightcrawler says

    LD11 Rules,

    Horne was inside the Gun Show collecting his own signatures as well.

  15. Antifederalist says

    I have been a volunteer for Dean Martin since his first run for Senate. On this campaign for Governor, I have NEVER seen one of his Treasurer’s office employees out collecting signatures or campaigning for him. Your assertion that the taxpayers are paying to collect Dean’s signatures is PATENTLY false and I ask you to retract your statement.

    Not much of a clue about those collecting signatures for Brewer. I only know her son and a redhead named Megan have consistently been at events campaigning for her.

  16. Antifederalist says

    P.S. I got a GREAT chuckle over the fact that McLame paid for a booth at the gun show. This man wanted to “close the gun show loophole”. Lucky for him and his campaign staff that firearms had to be rendered inoperable on the grounds. What a hypocrite! Don’t get me wrong, I’m really thankful that McCain killed communists in Viet Nam and I appreciate his military service, but he’s been an AWFUL politician!

  17. To Dragster says

    It is really low of you to accuse Brewer and Martin of having state employees collect signatures for them, paid for by the taxpayers. Shame on you. They are prohibited by law. If that was a true accusation, a complaint would have been filed with Elections and they would have been exposed. If anyone who is a state employee collects signatures for them, they must do it on their own time and unpaid. Whoever you are, you’re a real scumbag to throw out baseless, false lies like that. Go back to the hole you crawled out of, this site doesn’t need lies posted on it, this is for genuine political debate.

  18. Hang on there, you lynch mob people, accusing me of “false lies.” If I say “The Jets are going to win the Super Bowl, aren’t they” is that a lie, or a provocative statement?

    When all is said and done, the name of every petition signer, petition circulator, five dollar contributor, and five dollar solicitor will be a matter of public record.

    Are Brewer and Martin saying their staff is not circulating petitions and not collecting five dollar contributions, or just that maybe they are but they are doing so on their own time?

  19. Nice try Dragster, but your comment in #12 is you stating that taxpayer dollars are being used by Brewer and Martin – because they are paying their staffers to collect their signatures. You are clear that it is ON the clock because you claim that we taxpayers are paying for it. You left no room for folks doing so as private citizens on their own time, which is legal by the way.

    You weren’t being provocative, you were smearing them with a lie.

  20. I see the difference now, and thank you for correcting me, though you wrongly accuse me of a lie. So you are saying staffers are indeed collecting signatures and fives, but they are doing it on their own time. Nice distinction, and very convenient, but how am I supposed to know if a state employee is on the clock or not when they ask me for a $5 contribution for their boss?

    Like I said, it will be more clear when all that stuff is turned in and maybe it turns out there are a whole bunch of state employees who solicited the contributions, even if it was on their own time.

  21. Antifederalist says

    I’ll repeat what I said, I’ve volunteered for Dean from the start and I know of NO Treasurer’s office employees who are collecting signatures and $5 forms on Dean’s behalf…at all! In fact, Dean is very conscientious about even the APPEARANCE of asking his staff for $5’s and signatures.

    You should still retract your statement!

  22. AF: Scroll through the comments here and when you manage to get the one about the candidate smoking doobies, the one about Horne being in office forever, the one about fives “not being collected by state employees” retracted I’ll be happy to.

    I’m glad I asked the question about who was collecting what.

  23. this made me giggle


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