Tom Chabin & Bill Mundell – The Clone Candidates

Tom Chabin & Bill Mundell - The Clone Candidates

If you look at the websites of liberal Democrat candidates Tom Chabin and Bill Mundell you’ll see they’re practically clones. They both use header photos from Roosevelt Lake, including a photo of Roosevelt Dam; the language is identical with the exception of their names and the layouts are inverse. Not much creativity and not much diversity.

(Incidentally, Roosevelt Dam is operated by the Salt River Project (SRP) and is not under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Corporation Commission. Read why here.)

That’s what you’d end up getting on the Arizona Corporation Commission if these two green corporatists get elected in November.

Both campaigns are running exclusively on the message that Arizona Public Service is evil and bazillion dollar deals are taking place in smoky backrooms.

What they won’t tell you is that the leftist-controlled “green” corporations will be working behind the scenes to make these two Democrats carry their agenda.

And what is the agenda of these big green corporations? To keep the flow of ratepayer and taxpayer dollars to the solar industry and other heavily-subsidized green corporations.

These are the companies that have imploded or gone bankrupt like Solyndra, Abengoa and SunEdison.

Don’t be fooled by all the hyperbole rhetoric by Bill Mundell and Tom Chabin over “dark money.” They themselves will be the beneficiaries of dark money as Big Solar dumps millions of dollars into the Arizona Corporation Commission race to get them elected.

For Big Solar and the other green corporatists, it’s about getting votes on the Commission so they can ramrod policies through that hurt taxpayers, ratepayers and cost thousands of jobs.

This election, beware the clone candidates who will open the door wide to disastrous Obama green energy policies right here in Arizona.




  1. Disastrous Obama green energy policies? Oh the policies that brought us out of the Great Global Financial crisis after self regulation and failed supply side economic experiments praise the wealthy corporations and Investors and left us all drowning in a sea of debt Thanks Texas oil Inflator GWBush? No thanks! John who? Oh John Coal burning air quality destroying, fine particulates leading to neurological disorder McClame? The same one who took over a $Million dollars in campaign donations to his super pack from Saudi Arabia. No Thanks! Green policies create Jobs and good paying ones, and clean air. Stop looking back and pretending you care about Arizonans when you’ve been working to kill us w dirty coal burned for decades now into our cities causing Alzhimers, Dimentia, Parkinsons and other Neurological disorders.

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