Tom Boone Announces Exploratory Committee for Senate

PHOENIX – Representative Tom Boone, Republican State Representative for the Fourth Legislative District, announced the creation of an exploratory committee for the State Senate seat in the same district in next year’s election. His statement of organization was filed with the Secretary of State on July 9. After being elected by the voters for four consecutive terms as their Representative, he is termed-out under state law from the House of Representatives.

Under state law, Boone cannot announce he is running for another office until January 2010, unless he resigns his present seat. An exploratory committee allows a candidate to gauge voter interest without declaring he is a candidate for the office.

Boone has been overwhelmingly elected by the voters of his sprawling legislative district in every election, since first running in 2002. The district serves parts of Phoenix west of I-17, Peoria, Surprise, Buckeye, El Mirage, Wickenburg, Prescott Valley, Mayer, Black Canyon City and other parts of Maricopa and Yavapai counties.

In the House, Boone was elected by the other legislators to serve as the House Majority Leader for two years before deciding not to run for the office this past term. He has served as Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, as well as Chairman or Vice-Chairman of several other House committees.

Tom Boone also serves as the President of the Deer Valley Unified School District Governing Board. He is in his second term of office on the board of the fifth largest school district in the state. He had previously served the school district as associate superintendent and chief financial officer before retiring in 2000. Boone is currently the Chairman/CEO of Valley Schools, an insurance trust created by the Deer Valley, Peoria, and Paradise Valley school districts to save money on insurance costs.

Boone and his wife, Vicki, reside in Peoria and have four grown children. He is a graduate of Central High School and Northern Arizona University.

“I have committed my life to public service,” explained Boone, “and believe there is still much to be done. I look forward to the opportunity to continue meeting with constituents in my district and hearing what they want done about the economy, taxes, education, transportation, health care and the environment.”


  1. Pricinct Committeeman says

    This is exactly what most of us have been hoping for. Tom Boone and Jack Harper are two of the strongest conservatives in our district, and Judy Burges is the other. With Jack and Tom swapping seats, the three of them will continue to make a formidable team in LD-4. This is a huge advantage for the voters in the district.

  2. Scott Bundgaard is the more conservative alternative to Boone, but Boone’s record isn’t all that objectionable. As a conservative, I’d support Bundgaard, but the voters in LD4 are going to have a nice choice there.

  3. Here is another view of the potential contest:

  4. GOP Mom, Esq. says

    Wow. They must be afraid of Bungaard to respond so quickly with an ‘exploratory’ committee filing. What has Boone done in the community and in the private sector? From what I have read, it sounds like he has spent most – if not all – of his life earning a paycheck from the government, courtesy of the taxpayer. And, has anyone examined the possibility of a conflict of interest with regard to his Valley Schools Insurance Trust that provides benefits to school districts? Boone derives a substantial income from this business interest, which is why I find it odd that no one has challenged his elected position on the Deer Valley School Board, let alone his position on the Appropriations Committee in the House. Anyone?

  5. GOP Mom, Esq. says

    The website for his business is How does his personal financial interest in this business pass the ‘smell test’ as it pertains to a clear conflict of interest not only per state statute, but ethically, as well.

  6. Okay, I was going to ask if GOP Mom was a lawyer, because she’s using big, expensive words. Then I noticed the Esq. on her name. That all makes sense now. Interesting points being raised though. I’m sure we’ll be finding out a lot more about it all between now and next year.

  7. Pricinct Committeeman says

    I don’t think vague statements about conflicts of interest are valuable. If the GOP female lawyer has specifics, she should share them or report them, but suggesting something is amiss in the absence of facts is not fair.

    Most people do not know that there was a legal opinion from the County Attorney before he accepted his role on the governing board. I would even suggest that most people don’t know that board members file statements of conflicts of interest with their districts so everyone can know where there are potential problems.

    Vague accusations of conflict in the absence of facts is disengenuous. I don’t think Scott Bundgaard would approve of that, since he was a victim of it during his time in public service. If someone has a specifc allegation, make it. But, don’t try to mislead by maligning the reputation of either of these two fine candidates.

    LD-4 is lucky to have conservatives running for office.

  8. Auntiefed says

    I agree with Precinct Committeeman. GOP Mom may be using big words but that doesn’t mean she knows what she’s talking about.

    Valley Schools was created by three school districts to pool their resources to get better rates on insurance – in other words to save taxpayer money. The board of Valley Schools consists of board members from each of the three districts listed above because it’s not a private business; it’s a non-profit extension of the founding school districts. The other districts it serves are small districts that wouldn’t have the purchasing power of say Phoenix Union so they wouldn’t be able to get better rates on their own.

  9. shrinking violet says

    It is unfortunate that two such fine candidates such as Scott and Tom will be challenging each other. Too bad we can’t spread these candidates around to other neighboring districts. Republicans could use both of these fine public servants in our legislature. Personally, I would like to see Scott run for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Republicans have needed leadership in that office for more than two decades.

  10. Last I heard Boone was supposed to be running for Superintendent. With his school board background it would make sense. Now he’s made a primary where there was none, which is a shame. Should be a fun race to watch though.

  11. GOP Mom, Esq. says

    Although I do get paid sometimes for “big, expensive words”, my goal in this case is to raise the issue.

    As a voter, I demand transparency. No longer should any one of us want to be ‘surprised’ by skeletons in the closet, especially since the advent of the internet and evolution of social media. It is fair to raise the issue and to have a dialogue about the issue, as I am sure both candidates will during a campaign. To be accurate, Bundgaard is the only declared candidate, since Boone has only filed an exploratory committee. (My apologies for misspelling Bundgaard’s name in a recent post.)

    Thank you,’Auntiefed’, for raising the issue about Valley Schools being a ‘non-profit’ entity. Non-profit is sometimes equated with making no money, existing only as a benevolent, charitable organization; however, the converse is more regularly true. Did anyone read the story on about the Director of the NY Metropolitan Opera who made $1.5m in salary last year? The Met is a non-profit entity. 🙂

    Does anyone know what Mr. Boone’s salary history is at Valley Schools? What about his pension benefits? His expense account? Afterall, since he is working on behalf of taxpayer-supported entities, that information should be made public, right? And especially because he is a member of the Arizona House of Representatives and even moreso because he is the Chairman of the school board that is also a member of his “non-profit” organization. As a nonprofit, that entity is required by law to make its tax returns available for inspection. Can’t wait to read that document during the election cycle!

    I am frustrated and cynical about those who draw their lifeblood from the taxpayer – those who use positions of influence to build their bank account. Am I the only one??? If it were Obama or some other liberal, we’d all be calling for investigations and resignations! It is unacceptable for one to think that, ‘well, he’s a nice guy, so we’ll let it pass.’ And that’s why the Tea Parties have been so successful. Voters are tired of these antics! Well, everyone except for ‘Precinct Commiteeman’ and ‘Auntiefed’…

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