Today we march, tomorrow we…

So much for the theme, “Today we march, tomorrow we vote!” That was the mass mantra at last week’s march in downtown Phoenix.

According to the Arizona Republic, only 121 marchers registered to vote!

What could be the reason for this?

Are Hispanics simply disinterested in the political process? Are Hispanics politically fickle except when they can all get togeteher? Or, could it be that many of them were not U.S. citizens?

Now don’t get me wrong, many Hispanics hold strong family values (oppose abortion, oppose gay marriage, support parental rights, etc.). What bothers me is that they are getting duped by the self-professed leaders who are anything but supportive of these values.

For conservatives, there is a huge opportunity to bring Hispanics into the American family. But it must start by obeying the rule of law just like any other immigrant who has made this country their home.

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