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Tobin in the “Hot” Seat

Tobin in the “Hot” Seat

There is growing chatter around the state capitol that House Speaker Andy Tobin is walking a thin line with his caucus and might have a tough time keeping the Speaker’s chair if he chooses not to run for Congress.  Many members feel he has gone overboard in playing favorites with members’ bills and has kept them from voting on bills they want to vote for.

One prime example is the union bills, dealing with “paycheck protection” and so-called “release time.”  Many members have constituents telling them that it’s ridiculous that a Republican super majority doesn’t have the backbone to reign in the public employee unions, especially when they’re doing union work on taxpayer time.

If (well, WHEN) public empoloyee unions spend money against Republicans in this years’ elections, especially in the more closely contested new districts, majority House members will wonder why their Speaker didn’t have their back.  Once they have lost confidence in their leader, and lost a few of their colleagues, they’ll be looking for a new leader.

Tick tock, Mr. Speaker…you’re running out of time.


  1. Sgt. Flapjaw says

    Amen, I want fighters. If our elected officials won’t fight, especially the leaders, run the out of the house! We have a majority, but our work product sometimes look as if we have a split legislature. Enough!

  2. AmericaFirst says

    Dang tootin’. Be GONE WITH TOBIN! I moved to Arizona because I wanted to live in a place dominated by the far-right (had enough of those California libtards!). Tobin is a spineless jellyfish who’s got to go NOW!

  3. copperdome says

    There are other shoes that may drop on this issue, possibly on Tobin if he isn’t careful. His refusal to allow the union bills an up-or-down floor vote might force proponents to add the provisions into Brewer’s precious personnel bill, or maybe even the budget. So much for ending the session soon to run for Congress. Not only that, you just know Gould & Gosar would beat Tobin senseless with this issue in a Republican primary in the most conservative CD in the state. If Tobin isn’t careful, he might even finish behind Babeau!

  4. Oberserve says

    Well we’ve known this about Tobin ever since he supported Pearce’s and the Arizona Corporation Commission’s (and GPEC’s) “jobs bill” which takes taxpayers money, gives it to a quasi-governmental corporation to pick (the ACC’s and GPEC’s) winners and losers, undermining the free market and ultimately prosperity in this state.

    So far, following in Obama’s footsteps as the “great job creator”, not one real job has been generated under their bill and, in fact, many jobs were sucked out of the free market, channelling far fewer into “created” jobs by the hand-picked winners by the Arizona Commerce “Authority”.

  5. Conservative Railbird says

    His performance this Session linked with the Calender strongly suggest NO Congressional bid in CD4 by Andy Tobin.

    My best advice Andy? Try to hold on to your friends in the House and repair the holes in your Speakership

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