Time for Barry Young to Retire

The exodus of KFYI listeners to Darrell Ankarlo’s late morning show on KTAR continues. The latest ratings indicate that KFYI’s Barry Young is steadily losing listeners, as admitted by Young himself.

Why could this be happening? Could it be that Young is an advocate and apologist for liberals like Terry Goddard, the same left-wing Attorney General who repeatedly refuses to enforce voter-approved crackdowns on illegal immigration? Or is it because Young is openly hostile to social conservatives, and anyone under the age of 60? Or is it because he spends half his program boosting his ego by playing an annoying applause soundtrack after he makes a comment?

Whatever it is, with the arrival of Ankarlo and a conservative alternative to Young, his days are clearly numbered.

Fortunately for KFYI, the rest of their lineup appears strong and able to stand up to KTAR’s new conservative challenge.


  1. This probably explains why Kim Kommando backed out of the invitation to be the Mistress of Ceremonies at the Arizona Right to Life Gala in 2006.

  2. huh. what voter approved immigration crackdowns?

    i certainly have not seen him block anything. if anything the authors of previous measures were complete idiots when writing legislation. Like prop 200 and Prop 100.

  3. Barry’s as funny as ever and I’m not over 60, that’s for sure. I know he’s backed up Goddard on his program (which is unfortunate) but he was as angry as everybody else was during the immigration debate. Maybe it’s just me Ted but I guess I don’t have to listen to a guy that I agree with 100% on every issue. In fact, I think that would be pretty boring and that’s the reason I rarely listen to Rush or Hannity but that doesn’t make me any less of a conservative.

    As for the ratings, it’s pretty interesting but one has to remember that it’s been quite a long time since Barry’s had to compete with anybody of real substance over at KTAR. Sometimes people get to complacent without that constant banging on the door. I’m not too sure that there can be an accurate comparison yet because it seems pretty soon to rush to judgements.

    Furthermore, I think the switch to FM has a little bit to do with it as well. I know that in the office I work in for example, we can’t get KFYI inside so we have to listen to KTAR, which is fine because Ankarlo is enjoyable but I’d rather listen to KFYI. It’s possible that there could be a spillover effect from that as well.

  4. I’m another under 60 conservative listener when in the car and while I do not agree with him 100% of the time and really think the applause thing is overused, I would not say he is less conservative than I would expect or even desire. The exchange of ideas is what motivates thought not the regurgitation of someone else’s. I, too am unable to get good AM reception in my office and have had to either eliminate radio all together or go to FM.

    Is he too schticky maybe for some, or the sound quality is better on FM, or is the delivery style of one more in tune with the thoughts of some listeners? Who knows? But lower ratings when a new voice is available doesn’t mean the old (not an age reference) guy is bad it is just a different choice and it stands to reason some will make the choice to change. We are lucky to have multiple conservatives from which to choose on the radio from early morning to late night.

  5. No fan of the pompous Barry Young says

    I agree with Ted, Barry Young is past his time. He’s become increasingly less conservative over time and frankly it gets tiresome listening to him praise liberals. If I wanted to hear that I’d listen to another radio station. KFYI is popular because it’s conservative talk radio, not because it’s moderate or liberal talk radio. Once they lose that format, their ratings will tank. It happened to KTAR, which realized its mistake and is trying to bring back the conservative market by hiring Ankarlo, one of the smartest moves they’ve ever made. With the Patriot as a third conservative talk radio station in town, KFYI can’t just expect to take conservatives for granted and put on hosts that tick off its core audience. It’s unfortunate for the other hosts at KFYI, because their shows will suffer as listeners start leaving KFYI because of Young. This reminds me of that talkshow host a few years ago who lost his slot because he was too critical of the Iraq war, I can’t remember his name now. I suspect I won’t remember Barry Young’s name either in a few years.

  6. I turned on Barry Young half an hour ago to see what all this fuss is about. I don’t think he’s worth wasting words over. He’s not interesting, he just reads what’s in the newspaper (which I’ve already read this morning) and tries to make amused noises while reading as if that’s going to make spewing back the news more interesting. And the background sounds he plays are obnoxious. I don’t think he’ll be around long, there are much better local talk show hosts in town like J.D. Hayworth.

  7. Buddy Breon says

    Barry Young was off the air once. Did anyone really miss him? I was personally perturbed that the station actually brought him back. I never listen to his show.

  8. I don’t see how any conservative radio host could defend liberal Democrat Goddard, who has done nothing but defend liberal causes and defeat conservative ones while in office. Goddard issued an opinion gutting Prop 200, the original anti-illegal immigration measure, so it’s never been implemented. He didn’t defend Prop 100, the no-bail reform, even though his own client, the Maricopa County Superior Courts, were undermining it. Goddard left the dirty work to Andrew Thomas, who had to battle the same judges who hear his cases (a risky and courageous thing for Thomas, who is now paying a price — see Judge Timothy Ryan’s bizarre rulings tubing County Attorney cases). On Prop 300, ASU chief Michael Crow, another client of Goddard as AG, is openly circumventing the law by arranging for private scholarships for illegal immigrants — Goddard should tell him to knock it off.

  9. I think Barry Young is very talented, but even more lazy. When he actually puts in the effort, I think he’s as good as anyone. Unfortunately KFYI’s format only allows for about 12 minutes of content every half hour, and more often than not he seems to just “run out the clock” by talking to Cruella or Babinski, or by pretending to forget something he clearly remembers.

  10. i think that barry is just as funny as ever, i think that he likes to shake it up sometimes

  11. I believe that Barry, who was once a fine host is “running out the clock”. He shortened his show to two hours, spends most of it “kitbitzing” with his staff, and constantly subjects his audience to a mindless, annoying soundtrack.

    It’s time to receive a gold watch!

  12. Lets tell the truth here folks. Go read Prop 200 again. At the very end they talk about denying public benefits, and they put it under the welfare code and only it one section. No Attorney General can take that and magically EXPAND it to cover education, library cards etc despite what the proponents campaigned on. Goddard did nothing but follow exactly what the law did and if you ask kathy, she never intended Prop 200 to go that far. Prop 200 was a test to see if the voters would vote for common sense immigration reform in a time where we were not so certain of that. Prop 300 was the 2nd piece that did exactly what we wanted, it was not about undoing something Goddard did.

    If the prop 200 authors wanted it to cover other social services, they should have included those amendments to the proposed ballot initiative not blamed Goddard cause they forgot.

  13. case in point:

    “46-140.01. Verifying applicants for public benefits; violation; classification; citizen suits”

    This was the only portion of Prop 200 that talked about Public benefits. The rest was about voting. That is the Welfare Code and when you amend the Revised Statues with a ballot initiative you need to identify which sections you want to amend and they identified ONE section, the welfare code. They did not identify the library or adult education code or the drivers license code, they amended the WELFARE CODE.

    Go read it for yourself.

  14. OMG TARDZORZ!!!11!!

    You can’t listen to am at work because you get bad reception? Good hell, who brings a radio to work. Are you guys soooooo old you don’t know about kfyi.com? Gimme a break, go listen online and you will never have a reception problem.
    HAHAHAHAH, people with radios on their desks are old.

  15. Scotty G MIller Sr says

    You nuts better start worrying about Obama getting elected instead of how Barry Young behaves on the radio ! When all religions are done away with except Islam, then maybe you all will get the drift ! Mark my word.

  16. I can only think of one Host to replace “laugh track” Young. UNCLE SCOTT!!! WE NEED YOU!

  17. Check out UNCLE SCOTT’s T.V. TALK SHOW:

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