TIME Disqualified

Secretary of State Jan Brewer is reporting that Governor Napolitano’s TIME Initiative has been disqualified from the November ballot due to an invalid number of signatures.

The money quote from Secretary of State Brewer was, “I am very surprised that a ballot measure ended up with over 42 percent of its signatures being invalid… that is among the largest overall invalid rates that I can recall ever seeing from a citizens initiative drive.”

Expect a legal challenge.


  1. Kralmajales says

    Great, we get to vote on whether to place discrimination into the Constitution of Arizona, but not on much needed infrastructure for our state.

    I guess these businesses and civic groups should look closely at who they elect to our legislature. If you want good infrastructure business types, then kick out the antitaxers who seem to feel that gay marriage is more serious a problem to society than the infrastructure for economic development.

  2. I ran the math and that’s a 53% invalid rate… Wow.

    The firm running the initiative looks to be Ziemba Waid Public Affairs, the old Dem Party chair’s firm.

    Based on the finance filings… That’s the committee’s only expenditure. Strange.

    I don’t know how pros like that get such high invalid rates, isn’t it their job to get these things on the ballot?

    And to think, the committee turned down 18k signatures from the Home Builders. Wow.

  3. Kralmajales says


    I should say that your questions are all very very good ones. I am quite surprised as well. Maybe I am naive but I can’t imagine them turning in a bunch of fraudulent or poor signatures and not expect the Sec. of State’s office to catch it. It could be desperation, it could be seeing what sticks, and it could be an overzealous accounting by the Sec. of State. On the latter, they apparently are going to spend a lot of dough to appeal it, so there must be something interesting going on.

    Good points.

  4. George of the Desert says


    If you want to be miffed about not being able to vote for more infrastructure, be miffed at the goofs who botched the signature gathering process. There are no excuses for that. It’s not like it’s a new process; it’s just basic incompetence.

  5. Antifederalist says

    Hey, Kral,
    Ever think of eliminating wasteful government spending to pay for roads rather than hiking taxes to pay for BOTH government waste AND roads? Typical Dem thinking: cut one cent in taxation or spending and the world will end. Cutting spending is NEVER a Dem solution, it’s ALWAYS gotta be rob the common man of more of his hard earned cash to pay for whatever the day’s capriciousness leads the Dems to say is the most important thing. I’m sure the common man would rather spend his mony on HIS OWN needs, not what YOU think best for him. What a jackboot!

    And, hey, be glad you can vote on “codified rascism” or not. Perhaps you’d prefer a regime where you HAVE to vote the way the government tells you or you get a nice slug in the cranium? If I had my way, I’d relimit the franchise so that anyone who’s ever had a D next to his name would never be allowed to vote. Yep, I acknowledge that I’d disenfranchise even Ronnie Raygun, but no system in the universe is perfect and with my way, we’d eliminate most leftists from voting for at least 18 years. Like I said, quit complaining about what you get to vote on and be happy that you even enjoy the right to vote. Besides, according to Bonnan’s research, you have Dem incompetence to thank for yout vaunted TIME init not bing on the ballot. Go thank some Dem buddies, OK?

  6. This is pretty much what happens when you try to mount a massive signature gathering effort only 6 weeks before the deadline to turn the signatures in.

    And, Bonnan, that link is only to the $10K expenditure notices the TIME committee filed. In their June 30 report, which covers the beginning of the year through the end of May, the committee had paid more than $250K to Ziemba Waid and a petition gathering firm to manage the petition drive.

    When the next report is filed later this month, we’ll see how much they actually spent in all to get the signatures.

  7. GlendaleGOP says

    I think Chuck Coughlin must be laughing out loud. The Governor took the initiative away from him to give to her own cronies, and they screwed it up.


  8. Kralmajales says


    I agree about what you said about being miffed at those who put together the effort…wow.

    However, I have to also say that people who want better and more infrastructure here should indeed be lookign at our leadership a bit more seriously…especially in the legislature.


    Same ole same ole lines there. Nothing new there. We could talk until we are blue in the face about Government spending and cutting and we get nowhere. Unless you are a libertarian, you have no argument to make. The GOP spends spends spends also. But worse, they also cut taxes at the same time and run deficits. They argue what has been proven time and again to be false, that lower taxes will get you more revenues with growth.

    The curve isn’t linear and there are other variables needed for growth…like infrastructure and incentives for economic development. Other states that kick our tails know this and do it well…we don’t and continue to suffer.

    Back to the spending, I even heard Melvin say in his debate that he likes lower taxes and lower spending…EXCEPT for prisons, law enforcement, etc etc. Many others in the GOP add to that over and over again. IF you add federal spending on wars, you get more and more spending on the watch of the GOP.

    I say this, we tax and we spend. We both have clear ideas about what it should be for and go to. Lets start there and be intellectually honest. Once we are back to reality…and it is reality, then we can start arguing on what we should spend that money on and how we should pay for it.

    The fact is, we need more roads for economic development, we need much better education (and yes…it costs money) since our district are growing in size, and we need other programs to develop a better workforce.

    This 1 cent down to defeat is another example of how people want to fight the border wars and everthing else but not pay for it, or anything else we need in this state.

  9. Kralmajales says

    Oh…and do you have any idea how little waste there is in our state budget now? We have been cut to the bone over and over again. Gone without raises (yes, firefighters and cops too) even when we do great work and morale is low. But we are the evil govt. rotting out your paycheck and lives so I guess its not a problem. I would like to see some of the corporations who suck off the govt teet to feel the same kind of sting sometime.

    Next firefigher or cop you see, next soldier you see, I would love to hear you call government programs and their jobs wasteful spending sometime. They are part of the exact same system of evil, rotting our your beloved paychecks as every social worker, teacher, disability specialist, professor, payroll supervisor, transportation expert, city manager, budget official, bureaucrat…that you speak of.

  10. Kralmajales says

    Any of you work for Raytheon???? If you do, tell Antifed what bunk his argument is.

  11. skoora- you can tell most of that by visiting the SOS AZ site and looking at the Ballot Measure notifications.

  12. I believe Gordon Flak, Nathan Gomez was running the program collecting the signatures for Zimba Waid.

    How embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Petition Partners? ZImba Waid? Any other names?

  14. Conservatius Maximus says

    Most legislators can multi-task. They can kill bad things (trans tax)and pass good things (marriage amendment)at the same time. The Taxers cry more more and are never satisfied. A 4oo% inflation adjusted spending increase for education but test scores remain flat. God bless the Anti-taxers!

  15. Kralmajales says

    Well, all I can say conservative is that you can find some other way to pay for our roads…maybe we can take a little collection. Or cut education spending, or health spending, or maybe that money going to build our prisons, or maybe the money that goes to the Dept. of Safety.

    I think this would not have been a ballot issue at all if our business community thought that they could get ANYWHERE with the GOP caucus.

    In the meantime, let’s just sip our juice and watch the state continue to fall apart.

  16. Ziemba Waid and Arizona Petition Partners were responsible for both TIME and as it appears by finance reports: Medical Choice both not making the ballot.

    Bet they wished they accepted the Homebuilder’s signatures after all!

  17. Fact check for TOLD YOU — Nathan Gomez worked for Gordon’s re-election campaign (won by 77%) and has worked for the Napolitano administration ever since. Quite sure he has no involvement with Ziemba Waid or the TIME initiative.

  18. Don’t be so hasty in believing the message being hurled against the consulting companies and petition partners. The signatures being thrown out at the Secretary of State’s office can be seen here. Decide for yourself if the signatures and the database matches don’t match.


  19. That’s a funny link, ’cause I got to the second signature, and sure enough, the addresses DIDN’T match! Not exactly the impression they were trying to leave us with…

  20. http://gallery.me.com/bgrossfeld#100024/jtaylor-pet&bgcolor=black


    B. Grossfeld?

    Bob Grossfeld? The Media Guys? Democratic Consulting Firm? Business relationships with Petition Partners? (thank you, Sonoran Alliance: http://sonoranalliance.com/?p=1553)

    All kinds of light bulbs are going off in my head.

    Ok Bob (sorry, I mean Jerome), so let’s take the blame away from Ziemba Waid the firm you have ties to, Petition Partners.

    What about Marty Schultz and the committee? After all, wasn’t it them who turned down the 18k signatures from the homebuilders that would have put TIME over the edge and on the ballot?

    Just sayin’… maybe you should change that URL…

  21. Apologies. I get Gordon flak’s confused.

    It was Jon Pitel who is responsible for this disaster, not Gomez.

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