Tim Bee rocks!

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     The speaker at today’s luncheon meeting of the Pima County Republican Club was Senate President Tim Bee. The reception from the club members was very positive. Senator Bee spoke about the recent budget and other issues of important to Southern Arizona. He also discussed his bill that passed this session aimed at helping victims of domestic violence (SB 1227.) As one of the leading elected Republican officials in all of Southern Arizona he continues to enjoy rock star status, with everyone wanting to shake his hand and say hello.

     The contributors at Sonoran Alliance have no direct knowledge of his plans but our best guess is that he will make a move for the district 8 congressional race before late fall, possible much earlier. Our guess is that he will run for the seat, with an official announcement when permitted by the state’s resign to run law. Either way his many years of distinguished public service have clearly earned him a little while longer before another Republican decides he/she wants to run.

     Speaking of someone else running on the Republican side we are hearing rumors of a doctor that teaches Environmental and Occupational Diseases at the University of Arizona wanting to get in the race. This would be a TOTAL disaster. First, if for some reason Tim Bee decides not to run for CD-8 the next in line is Representative Jonathan Paton. A few people would even prefer to see Paton run this time but in a brilliant show of party discipline Paton is holding tight for now.

     Secondly, anyone running against Bee in the primary would loose. No amount of money will make up for the years of name recognition and goodwill that Bee has built up within the party in Southern Arizona. If Bee for some reason does not enter then Paton surely will and the same prediction for a primary victory applies to him. CD-8 is not just about the money. Certainly a lot of it will be required to unseat a Democrat incumbent but name recognition and broad party support would also be essential. Bee and Paton have both of those. The only other person who might have similar attributes is Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll and we have not heard any mention of his name this cycle.

     The only effect that would result from a no name entering the Republican lineup would be to drain vital financial resources away from the eventual nominee, who will be either Bee or Paton (barring a realignment of the planets.) The incumbent has some vulnerabilities and the proper Republican candidate will have a good chance of winning the general. A hopeless primary challenge will have no other effect than to weaken the chances for a Republican victory in November. With a tough race ahead in CD-5 and possibly CD-1 the Republican Party can ill afford to make any mistakes this cycle.


  1. Agreed. Nice post OVD.

  2. Good post.

    The $64M question is whether Bee plays for CD8 or for Governor. I would rather see him play for the big G. Yes, he is strong, a fine human being, and I want him in office. My concern is his loss to Giffords and what that would mean. In my opinion, a very serious assessment of the Governor race when Janet terms out is critical to this decision. I think Bee has better chances than prior GOP candidates for Governor, especially if he gets to work starting now for that race.

    Bee can chase Giffords or Janet’s replacement. I would choose the latter, and muscle as necessary to make it happen. I truly believe that if Bee put everything behind becoming our next Governor, he would prevail. He would get my vote. I respect the man.

    Against Giffords, he faces a primary cakewalk and a brutal general. For governor, he faces a possibly brutal primary. The general will be a cakewalk.

    Who can the democrats put against Bee for governor in 2010?

    Terry Goddard? Goddard cannot defeat Bee.

  3. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thanks for checking-in. I am still only on chapter 3 but I will finish the story (sorry, I’m a slow reader.)

    We do not have any intel on Bee and the governor’s race.

  4. anony-mouse says

    Keep our eyes on the prize CD- 8. Sorry to throw cold water on the Gov.idea but the great state of Maricopa would never allow a Tucson politico become Gov. Not gonna happen-
    We need to focus like a laser beam on CD8. No room for any distractions. We are on a mission Expell Giffords- Bee is the one with the chops. Everyone else get out of the way

  5. Duke the Dog says

    Speaking of potential candidates for Governor. Has anyone notice State Rep McClure looks like she’s going to run for corporation commission?

    One thing needed for a run for the governor’s office is experience with a statewide campaing and a statewide organization/political machine.

    I know initially word was McClure was looking at the LD30 Senate race, but maybe she has bigger aspirations?????

  6. anony-mouse says

    I have noticed McClure- she is getting long in the tooth. Eventually these people have to step aside and let others run without fear of offending the good ole boys or good ole gals as it were. Besides I have not ever seen a compulsively gum smaking Governor. But hey, this is Arizona- stranger things have happened

  7. kralmajales says

    I agree with X4mr and think he would be a great possibility for Gov. As of now, he would be going against a very strong Giffords with an enormous war chest mounting daily. People will compare this to Kolbe beating McNulty but there is a big big difference. Kolbe had tested the waters against him before and capitalized on his second go around. In this one, he will have one chance only to beat incumbent Giffords. This one. If he loses, he is seriously damaged in any primary for any statewide office among Republicans.

    How could a loss to Giffords play as a potential Gov. Candidate.

    Anyway, he may not wnat to be gov.

  8. kralmajales says

    I will say that I love that he is a compromiser and knows the pragmatic art of politics. This last budget, he worked with Dems and moderate Republicans. He has supported extending the tax increase to benefit Rio Nuevo…some say it was he and Toni Hellon that made it happen. Finally, he has really helped out our universities. I would support him in many things…but not against Giffords or in Washington.

  9. kralmajales says

    and anon-ymouse,

    Why do you think that a S. Arizonan can’t win in a Republican primary in Maricopa? If he is as big a rock star as you all say…and is popular up state, then why would he be a problem for Governor? I mean….Munsil? Goldwater? They don’t even compare!

  10. PartyGuy says

    Tim Bee thanks you for your article!

    But seriously, whoever is thinking Marian McClure for Governor? Yikes…

  11. kralmajales says

    Another thought on the Governor issue is this. If the Dems win the Presidency (quite likely), Napolitano may a) Become a VP Candidate, b) become a member of the new administration (attorney general). It would mean an early exit for her I think, and less of a wait for those interested in the Governorship.

  12. I agree with previous posts that Bee is our best hope for taking back CD8 and that our GOP nominee for Governor in 2010 needs to have statewide name id. It is also important to have both a strong Pima and Maricopa county base. If we’re going to win this one, we’re going to need someone who we know can stick to their conservative principles and still win cross-over votes. I think we should look at the republican who got the most votes in the last election in Pima county. State Treasurer Dean Martin. I looked it up, he got more than Kyl or any other GOP statewide candidate in Pima (yet I think he is from the state of Maricopa). I mean, everybody’s gotta luv somebody who is a tax-cutting, pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment, anti-illegal immigration republican who can win. (pun intended, could not resists…)

  13. kralmajales says

    FEC reports nearly a million cash on hand for Giffords…and the year isnt even up…and the campaign hasnt started. He is facing an incumbent…and what my liberal friends call a DINO. Bee is your best chance and he wont win.

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