Tim Bee on Energy

Here is the latest media from the Tim Bee for Congress campaign. Unfortunately, it is only an audio clip.


At least the Bee campaign put a disclaimer on their message.


  1. Antifederalist says

    The Republicans staged a protest on the House floor after the House adjourned for the August recess demanding a DOA vote on drilling. Recently, Congressman Shadegg claimed on an American Conservative Union town hall telephone call that energy is going to be a decisive issue this November. Clearly, the Republicans in office think that energy policy ALONE will be what pulls their bacon out of the fire this election. They’re SO WRONG!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I really like Shadegg as a Congressman, he’s probably my 3rd favorite after Ron Paul (yes, he’s wacky on some issues) and Jeff Flake (he has his flaws too, like voting for ENDA). In fact, I supported Shadegg in his run for a House leadership position. However, energy is only a part of the puzzle. Small government conservatives stayed home in `06 over SPENDING. The Republican Congressmen never got the message. Like `the 94 Revolution, Republicans need a comprehensive platform. Energy can be a platform plank, that’s fine, but it’s NOT the magic silver bullet that’s gonna solve all their ills. While it will be too little too late and seen as pandering, at the very least, elected Republicans need to say their mea culpas and talk about cutting spending, rolling back government, retiring the national debt, and preparing for the tidal wave of entitlement spending that’s due when the Baby Boomers retire en masse. If they don’t do so, we may as well abandon ship now. Once again, our elected Republicans will be showing us that they just don’t have a clue. Maybe they’ve been inside the Beltway for too long.

    Again, campaigning solely on energy policy is a BIG mistake. The Republicans are putting all of their eggs in one basket and it’s a flawed strategy.

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Tim Bee is not campaigning solely on energy. This is just one ad.

  3. The last couple of weeks has seen a lot of venting within the party (not this post but several others this past couple weeks). For a break from this, I suggest a look at the second comment on the TW blog entry. It’s laugh out loud amusing.


  4. Ken Jacobs says

    When is Tim Bee coming out of the closet on Social Security Privatization?

  5. Kralmajales says

    When is Tim Bee coming out of the closet as a REPUBLICAN????

    Listen to the ad folks. Tim Bee..independent for Congress. Not a WORD on him being a Republican.

    And hardly a word from any of you…

    I guess he doesn’t think he can get elected as a Republican.

    Oh…and the add is horse poopy…in its content.

    The deciding vote to adjourn for vacation…which isn’t true. I’d like to see how bi-partisan that vote really was when just about EVERY congressman adjourned to go home to campaign for their elections.

  6. That’s funny that you say that Kral. Never once have I seen Gabby make reference to herself being a Democrat.

    Road signs, bumper stickers, TV ads, her website…nothing explicitly says “DEMOCRAT”.

    Just thought you ought to know that in case you missed it.

  7. GOP Boomer Gal says

    The motion to adjourn was decided by 1 vote; so all 213 who voted for it could be the “deciding vote”… Political spin is bipartisan, kral.

  8. kralmajales says

    Of course spin is bipartisan, but this was ridiculous if you consider that all 213 were deciding votes…many of which, I bet were GOP too.

    On Gabby referencing herself as a Democrat…for heavens sake, everyone knows she is …she’s the incumbent. For the challenger, though, to make reference over and over to being an “independent”…(add in word afterward) and not mention himself as a Republican is a bit much.

  9. kralmajales says

    To add to it, would some have you let this go if it had been some other RINO you harp on?

  10. Ahh you pull the card that she is the incumbent. Then how come in 2006 I never saw any of her bumper stickers or signs that said “Democrat”? They all just said, ‘Giffords for Congress’.

    Your move.

  11. kralmajales says

    Guess it doesn’t matter to me, but it sure seems to matter for those who constantly bash others here as a RHINO, republican lite, but don’t say much of a word that his ads don’t only leave off his party affiliation, but also refer to himself as an independent.

    Lets just say that if Hershberger did that, or others in the legislature that act like Tim Bee, this blog would be howling.

    Jack O, are you saying its ok because Giffords did it? Are you saying some people might have mistaken her for a Republican because she didn’t put her party affiliation on her ads?

    Giving a pass to Bee?

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