Thursday: Federalist Society Lecture – Should Morality Be Legislated?


Nikolas T. Nikas of the Bioethics Defense Fund will discuss “Should Morality Be Legislated? Human Cloning and Embryonic Stem Cell Research.” Commentary by the Executive Director & Faculty Fellow, Center for the Study of Law, Science, & Innovation, Gary Marchant.

5pm-6pm: Mixer/Welcome reception: Hors d’oeuvres will be served
6pm-8pm: Presentation by Nik Nikas and Commentary by Professor Marchant

This event will qualify for up to one hour of CLE credit. There will be a $10 fee and an RSVP is required for CLE credit. Please send your RSVP to Callie Parkinson at

Thursday, March 4, 2010
5:00pm – 8:00pm
ASU Law School


  1. All laws are moral, because all laws are instituted with a view of good/evil for human beings.

  2. Whose Laws?
    Your Law? My Law? Their Law? Our Law? Sharia Law?
    Whose Morality? Yours? Mine? Theirs?
    Laws are instituted by men based on how they saw themselves with the knowledge they possessed when they wrote their laws.
    Biblical law to mention another law and one from which many of our contemporaries take their cues was written by men (not women) who had no clue that the earth was round let alone it spun around itself.
    They had no clue that matter matters and couldn’t define gravity let alone explain it.
    Once we get comfortable accepting that human growth is based on the progression of knowledge and understanding of the universe,
    we will be all better off and more secure in the reason for our existence.

  3. It's Cold Outside says

    God’s Law! The Bible is the Word of God, Horst Kraus, recorded by men. Men who were smart enough to follow it and smart enough to wear clothing. Check out Pascal’s Wager, Horst. It is you who has no clue yet your ego is too big to allow you to accept that. Humility is a beautiful thing.

  4. You Cold Outside Fellow,
    God WHO? Which of the over 2000 Gods that men thought of ever since they left the trees and began to walk upright do you want me to recognize? or believe in their powers?
    I accept all of them for what they are or were. Figments of fragile human imagination, nothing else.
    Let me hasten to say, I grant you the right to pick any one or several gods to base your understanding and your reasoning on, and I will defend with my life if necessary your RIGHT to believe anything you care to believe.
    I draw the line however if and when you and those kindred to your conviction attempt to make me fall in compliance with you and believe in, what I know is pure nonsense.
    Now my knowledge about humans permit me to understand their fear of dying and the hope that if one follows the tenants vested in the bible, and one had himself sufficiently fleeced Sunday after Sunday by his spiritual leader will get him the coveted seat between Gawd and Cheeses after he gets to heaven.
    O.K here we are now beyond the pearly gates and Saint Paul, I know him well, will direct you to the coveted seat and low and behold it is already taken and you must sit on the lap of? pick your preference: a ruthless dictator? a gay guy? a thief? a murderer?
    Give this some thought, perhaps ask you spiritual leader this question, or call on me if you need consoling.
    Much obliged.
    Oh, and by the way, I read Pascal. You know where I went to school that was part of basic curriculum, and a lot more most of what you in the land of the free and the brave will less likely not touch on.

  5. The so-called ‘Pascal’s Wager’ argument was first recorded several hundred years to prior to Pascal by an Islamic scholar. Of course his argument was bound in wagering that God’s word as written in the Qur’an was the correct one. This actually nicely backs Horst’s point.

  6. AllUsBadGuys says

    Looks like all the good guys chimed-in on this one. The kind of moral relativists that have brought acceptance and progress to this great nation, the kind that are armed with statistics proving that their ideas lowered crime, plummeted the rate of divorce, uplifted the value of human life, and inspired all mankind to take responsibility for their actions.

    Of course, one would have to accept all those ends as good…

    I call on DSW to post full video footage of the brilliant Nikas remarks, so that you all may watch and freely resume your most learned comments.

  7. It's Cold Outside says

    It’s St. Peter. Your long rant makes my point about your ego quite nicely. It is men who are afraid they are not the most important entity on the planet and who are scared that they don’t matter who I find do not embrace God their creator. Horst, there is only ONE God, and you are not it.

    I mentioned Pascal’s Wager as a point of reference… I could care less where it actually originated. My point, since you didn’t get it, was that it makes good sense to live life as if there is a God because eternity is a LONG time if Horst is wrong (and Horst, my naked friend, you are wrong).

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