Three Wings – One GOP?

It has long been held that the GOP coalition is made up of three constituencies: Social Conservatives, Fiscal Conservatives and International Conservatives. The latest NBC/WSJ poll appears to play this out. 

Giuliani and Romney are locked in a dead heat at 20% each. Huckabee is within the margin of interest at 17% while John McCain is trailing at 14%.

Mayor Giuliani and Governor’s Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee represent these constituencies: Giuliani = International (National Security) Conservatives; Mitt Romney = Fiscal Conservatives; Huckabee = Social Conservatives with John McCain taking up the loose ends on a handful of each constituency.

The big question is which candidate will manage to pull each constituency together?


  1. John McCain of course.

  2. I agree that John McCain is a very capable man, but he is not liked on Talk Radio: Rush and Hannity. And how about all those Tancredodians who loathe McCain. I think McCain needs Rush and Hannity and mollify the Tancredodians if he wants to get elected.

  3. Cactus Wren says

    If McCain’s on the ticket, I won’t vote.
    A fiscal conservative would be more traditional Republican, and I would happily support that, but I’m afraid the uber-Christians are too bigoted to accept Romney.

  4. Cactus Wren says

    The more I think about this, getting all 3 factions to unite could be pretty difficult, but the candidate who comes closest to offering something for each faction is Alan Keyes, imo.

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