Threats Absent of Any Proof is Political Theater

In the tradition of Democrat senators and Representatives who challenged the Washington, D.C., Tea Party attendees, walking through the crowds with cam recorders, trying to record epithets and racist comments without avail, Democrat Raul Grijalva claimed victimization from alleged threats and closed his Tuscon and Yuma offices. Yet there is not one scintilla of evidence that a threat was made.

 The one consistency among Democrats claiming victimization is the absence of evidence. Even the broken glass door at Gabrielle Giffords Tucson office is absent of evidence. Who destroyed the door? It could have been Giffords’ staffers at her behest. We’ll never know. There is no evidence. It is simply political theater.

 Now, Grijalva continues to work against the interests of Arizonans. First he called for a business boycott against Arizona, which harms even his own constituency. Now he has called for the federal government to limit cooperation with Arizona officials.

 In both instances, Grijalva has attempted to violate U.S. Constitutional rights of Arizonans by asking the federal government to treat Arizona and all Arizonans in a lesser manner than the federal government treats all other states. By urging a boycott, he is attempting to injure all Arizonans financially.

 By taking these actions Grijalva has violated his oath of office to protect and defend the United States, meaning all states including Arizona. Grijalva has engaged in a premeditated effort to harm all Arizonans. His hatred of Arizonans and Arizona is not political theater.


  1. Tuscon?

  2. kralmajales says

    HA…this post is more of a conspiracy theory than what you write about. Give it up. Even the claims that there would be moles were generated by the tea parties to “excuse” their more radical members.

    It is hysterical to me. You claim like hell to be moderate average Americans yet you are proud of your extreme positions? Which is it?

  3. kralmajales says

    Im sorry…that was unfair. The tea party is made up of average, old, wealthy Americans, who are predominantly white men, who hold extreme positions.

  4. You wouldn’t be caught dead at one, and you are too lazy to verify if the propaganda has any truth to it, so your comments about tea partiers are just hysterical accusations.

    Showing up to discredit the tea partiers doesn’t count. That would be just YOU artificially inserting your bias into the setting.

  5. Yeah right. says

    Gee, how about how the feds are really gonna jam a crowbar up your nether regions?

    Try loss of primacy in environmental enforcement.

    Try loss of running our own Medicare System- yeah we are gonna be the first to get real Obama care.

    All because the folks in the legislature can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Time to cut every single loophole out of our tax code in a desperate attempt to stay out of bankruptcy- that is what has to happen next, and all the special interests are gonna howl.

    I can hardly wait to watch the impotent howls from folks whose special ox gets gored.

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