Threatening the Left’s Narrative: Former Democrats Like Artur Davis

Daily Caller has posted a fine interview with Artur Davis, a former Democrat and US Representative from Alabama’s CD7 who switched to the Republican Party in December, 2011.

Now a Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics, Davis is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University and a cum laude J.D. graduate of Harvard Law School

Davis hung on in my former party, the once-great Democrat party of John F. Kennedy, until he could take it no longer.

Mr. Davis is now an eloquent spokesman for conservative principles that used to be held by all Americans but now may be found only on the Right.  This 17-minute discussion is packed with wisdom from start to finish.  And his view of what has gone wrong in the Democrat party comes from first-hand knowledge and exposure.  It doesn’t get more credible than this.

Nothing threatens our country’s neo-Marxist Democrat automatons more than an African-American who thinks for himself, walking right off the Democrat identity-group-think plantation.  He’s taking heat for his decision, and he’s bound to take a lot more.  But he’s a mensch — in this interview, he handles it with patience, calm, and deliberation.  And where he has gone, others will follow.  No wonder the Left feels that its narrative, and consequently its hold on power, is threatened.

For the interview, go to this link.


  1. Shorter dleeper: “African-Americans who don’t agree with me 100% are slaves on a plantation. Thank God for the good ones. They just don’t get how racist people who don’t agree with 100% are.”

    Are the anti-malarials finally eating through the last bits of myelin? Is that what’s causing these bizarre thought patterns?

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