Thousands of ASU students protest abortion funding at state universities

Thousands of ASU students flooded Arizona’s state capitol today, protesting a bill that would fund abortions at state universities. The students were outraged that taxpayers would be forced to pay for something they philosophically disagreed with, destroying a human life. A lead organizer stood in front of the Capitol with ASU President Michael Crowe and listed off the reasons why abortion is murder and should not be funded by the universities.

Troublesome? Surprised that THOUSANDS of students showed up, as well as the university president? This scenario is what could have happened if students were PAID to show up and protest for a politically favored agenda promoted by the universities. In reality, today, University of Arizona students were given CLASS CREDIT for showing up at the state Capitol and protesting cuts in funding to the universities (remember ASU is already the biggest university in the U.S. – not sure why Arizona’s public universities need to continue growing)

Here is a very powerful video sweeping the country this week we may as well show you while we’re on the topic –

Abortion ad

And guess who was behind today’s student-credited protest? That’s right, the Democrat Party. It wasn’t just some students. Wonder how they got UA to give students credit for showing up? Here is an email they sent out:

Subject: Join the rally against university cuts TODAY!
Arizona Democratic Party

Dear Subscriber,

Republicans are planning to slash university funding 40 percent – even while they give away hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate tax breaks!

This is irresponsible, short-sighted and unnecessary. Let’s raise our voices together and tell the Republicans we will not be silent while they shortchange our schools.

Come show the Republicans the power of our beliefs: that we need to invest in our future, that universities create good jobs and that all Arizona students should have access to a solid education!

Park at the Arizona Democratic Party, 2910 N. Central Ave., and travel to the Capitol via light rail and the Dash.

What: Rally against university cuts!
Where: State Capitol, 1700 W Washington St. Phoenix 85007 – map
When: TODAY! @ Noon


  1. You act as though students had no self-interest in protesting cuts to the universities they’re trying to graduate from.

  2. Basil St. John says

    Wait–college students show up to protest budget cuts and you say the same thing would have happened if they’d been given a day off from class to protest abortion funding? This blog just gets weirder and weirder.

  3. Iris Lynch says

    Try understanding the motivation for the showing up: a free day off with an added credit for screaming and hollering. The subject is a relatively small part of the motivation, if in fact it matters at all.

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    Facts are, ASU is a top heavy bloated taxpayer supported institution of indoctrination that should have its budget slashed AT LEAST 40% … that is, until they return to teaching young minds to think independently for themselves.

    Granting “class credit” for attending a glorified pep-rally and ranting only illustrates my point.

    Higher education? Not at ASU (or NAU or UofA)… especially if you’re a liberal arts student.

  5. Jim Kaucher says

    Who paid for the buses, food, etc.? I heard it was a “private donation,” but I don’t know from whom.

  6. Do you have kids?

  7. Whats wrong with this whole situation is that you have some students who face the prospect of not graduating this year because ASU will cancel the classes the students have paid for due to unpaid furloughs for the teachers. The majority of the blame for this situation lies squarely in the lap of ASU president Michael Crowe who has done nothing but act as a self serving potentate.

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