Those “non-partisan” elections

Maricopa county is heavily Republican, yet Phoenix, Scottsdale and other cities elect Democrats to the city offices way out of proportion to their voter registration.  Unfortunately, the “non-partisan” nature of the elections prevents the casual voter from having a guidepost on the candidate’s governing philosophy.

If the Republican party were smart, it would organize an informational campaign to inform the high-efficacy Republican voters on which candidates are registered Republicans.  The Democrats are certainly wise to this:

From: “District 11 Democrats\(J Norris\)”
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 19:59:13
To:”District 11 Democrats\(J Norris\)”
Subject: Special Announcement for City Council District 3 Race

 District 11 Democrats

As many of you are aware, the Phoenix Municipal Election comes up about a month from now on September 11, 2007.  While most of LD11 lies in City Council District 6, it turns out that LD11 contains twenty-seven precincts in Phoenix City Council District 3 (Amber, Cactus, Cheryl, Calaveros, Copper Hills, Desert View, El Domingo, Escobar, Foxwood, Gold Dust, Larkspur, Mercer, Mountain Park, Mummy Mountain, Oakhurst, Onyx, Orange Tree, Presidio, Royal Palm, Shadow Rock, Shea, Silver Creek, Silvertree, Sunny High, and Wagon Wheel (north half)).  This is almost one-third of LD11.  While City Council races are non-partisan, you should know that Jim Mapstead, an excellent candidate for that City Council seat, is the only Democratic candidate among the group vying for that position.  Visit Jim’s website to learn more about him, his positions on issues, and his endorsements.  If you live in any of these precincts, or have friends or family who do, I urge you to give Jim your support in this upcoming election, and encourage your family, friends,  neighbors and fellow Democrats to do so as well.

Brian Aby, Chair
District 11 Democrats

Democrat Terry Goddard was the mayor of Phoenix, is now the state AG and is eyeing the Governor’s office in 2010.  The current mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon, is a Democrat and will be the Democrat nominee for Governor in 2010.  Failing to give serious attention to “non-partisan” elections, has turned the city offices into a training ground for Democrats to seek higher office.

Of course, party affiliation does not tell the whole story.  While the LD11 Democrat Party emailed its members about the Democrat candidate for that city council race, Democrat mayor Phil Gordon supports the nominally Republican candidate Maria Baeir.  It could be because Baeir supports higher taxes and was a “Republican for Janet”, so they are probably close philosophically.  Or maybe because Baeir’s brother runs the Phoenix fire department and he made Phil “an offer he couldn’t refuse”. 😉 

Party labels do not tell the whole story, but at least they would give voters a guide to judge the candidates. The Republican party would be wise to use its registration advantage.


  1. Perhaps, we should once again move to have partisan municpal elections. This was attempted in the mid ’70’s.

    Its supporters back then accurately foresaw what we’re experiencing today!

    Tom Buggeln

  2. Buddy Breon says

    Republicans are taking a big win away from Democrat Terry Goddard on Monday, if my source is as good as I think he is.

    The ten most damning charges against Republican Superintentent of Schools, Sandra Dowling, will be dropped by the the prosecutor that morning. The hoax perpetrated by the current RINOs and one Dem Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is slowly bubbling-up from the slime pit created by Don Stapley.

    With that dismissal, goes the county’s civil claim that Sandra misappropriated some $2 million from her county schools office to help the Pappas Schools. The thread of lies is coming apart.

    As to the balance of this fraud on the people of Arizona, time will tell. The prosecutors don’t seem too interested in rushing to get the remanded accusations re-instated. Truth has a way of winning, no matter how badly Stapley wants to kick her butt to the curb. (Is it true, Don, that all you want is the land that the Pappas School sits on to help the Democratic Phoenix Mayor create his Bio-Tech section of the city? Sandra thought the school was for kids.)

    This legal assault on a Republican by a Democrat Attorney General has cost her more than $200,000 in legal fees, but she won’t plead guilty to anything she didn’t do, no matter what it costs. We can only imagine what it cost the taxpayers. (The Supervisors are rumored to have spent more than that on lobbyists just in a losing effort to get a bill through the legislature this spring that would help get rid of Sandra.)

  3. The republican party should do more and actually endorse candidates. The fact that its non-partisan gives the party the freedom to endorse a democrat if all the republicans suck (or if there are no republicans), but if the azgop merely said ‘these are the republicans’ then in district 3 the republican vote may end up split among the 3 republicans and then the democrat will win.

  4. I would be really interested to see if this pans out Buddy. With all of the hits Goddard is taking, I wonder if he can survive a primary against Goddard?

  5. er i mean Gordon. G sounding names 🙁

  6. The LD4 and LD12 GOP organizations have both endorsed in the Surprise Mayoral and City Council races. They are also doing automated dialer calls and sending out some mail. Good to see them being proactive!

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