Thomas: Beyond Illegal Immigration – An Agenda for the GOP

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas lists the current issues Republicans should care about in this article in the East Valley Tribune.


  1. Reads like a platform statement for someone running for governor.

  2. Or attorney general. If he runs for attorney general he’ll easily beat Tom Horne, who is in opposition to conservatives on everything from school vouchers to abortion, he musta forgot that he re-registered as a Republican a few years back.

  3. Sounds like my good friend and stalwart County Attorney is hankering to possibly run for AZ Attorney General, and if so I will be there for him. Sheriff Joe and County Atty Thomas seem to be the biggest protector of us in Az. We have elected persons in County positions, who seem to want to go after their own protectors.
    Somebody please come forward with the straight response to us.

  4. Republican stalwart says

    I bet Thomas chose public corruption as an issue due to the increasing scrutiny public officials are getting with the new Obama administration – seems like every week there’s a new scandal involving an administration pick or crony. Maricopa Supervisor Don Stapley picked a bad era to engage in white collar crime!

  5. Time For a Change says

    Thomas had little chance of moving to the front of the line with the business wing of the party, so he aligned himself with the immigration wing of the party.

    That got him the 2002 AG nomination when two business wing candidates split that vote, but he lost the general (get used to it). Two years later, he won by four points in Maricopa County when several business wing candidates split the vote and won unimpressively against an extremely weak Democratic candidate in the Maricopa County general.

    Like Janet, he poured taxpayer money into ads that featured himself for the next four years and was rewarded with a very lame 51% of the vote in Maricopa County, against an extremely weak opponent.

    While he will crush a weak candidate like Horne in the primary, Jason Rose’s polling people are finding that he cannot win a statewide general against just about anybody – mainly because there’s these places called “Tucson” and “Flagstaff” and “Yuma.”

    Hence, the “new Thomas” (kind of like the “new Nixon”). “I went to Harvard with Barack Obama!!” “We all should wish our new president the best!!” “My wife’s maiden name is Estrada!!” “I’m not just about border security anymore!!”

    He’s about as likely to change people’s minds in the general as Tom (“I’m not just a Paradise Valley liberal trial lawyer!!”) is in the primary.

    A new generation of Republican leaders is coming forward and unfortunately for Thomas, he will be cast in the “Ev Mecham” role – fairly tough in a primary, especially with low turnout, no chance in a general.

  6. I have a hard time reading that letter and believing the guy is a Republican. Perhaps a primary challenge is in order.

  7. “seems like every week there’s a new scandal involving an administration pick or crony”

    I’ll say:

    Indicted / Convicted/ Pled Guilty

    * Eric G. Andell – deputy undersecretary in charge of newly created Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (previously senior adviser to Secretary of Education Rod Paige) – pleaded guilty to one count of conflict of interest for using government travel for personal causes and was sentenced to one year of probation, 100 hours of community service, and fined $5,000.

    * Claude Allen – Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy- resigned, pled guilty to shoplifting from Target stores.

    * Lester Crawford – Commissioner, FDA – resigned in late September 2005 after only two months on the job. On October 17th, he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts, making a false writing and conflict of interest. On February 27, 2007, Crawford was sentenced to to three years of probation and was fined $90,000.

    * Brian Doyle – Deputy Press Secretary, Department of Homeland Security – Resigned in wake of child sex scandal. Doyle was arrested on April 4th, 2006 and pleaded no contest on September 19, 2006 to seven counts of use of a computer to seduce a child and sixteen counts of transmitting harmful material to a minor. On November 17th, 2006 Brian Doyle was sentenced to five years in state prison and ten years of probation. He will also need to register as a sex offender.

    * Steven Griles – Deputy Secretary at the Interior Department – is the highest-ranked administration official yet convicted in the Jack Abramoff scandal. In March 2007, Griles pleaded guilty to lying about his role in the Jack Abramoff scandal. Sentenced to 10 months incarceration.

    * John T. Korsmo – Chairman of the Federal Housing Finance Board from 2002 to 2004 – pleaded guilty in 2005 to lying to the Senate and an inspector general. He swore he had no idea how a list of presidents for FHFB-regulated banks were invited to a fundraiser for his friend’s congressional campaign. On the invites, Korsmo was listed as the “Special Guest.” Got 18 months of probation and a $5,000 fine.

    * Scooter Libby – Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff – resigned after being indicted for lying to a grand jury and investigators in connection with the investigation stemming from the leak of Valerie Wilson’s covert CIA operative’s identity. Convicted on four of five counts, making him the highest-ranking White House official to be convicted of a felony since the Iran-contra scandal. Sentenced to thirty months imprisonment and a fine of $250,000. On July 2nd, after a judge decided that Libby would remain in prison during the appeals process, President Bush commuted Libby’s sentence by removing the thirty months in prison.

    * David Safavian – former head of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy at the Office of Management and Budget – convicted of lying to ethics officials and Senate investigators about his ties to lobbyist Jack Abramoff. On October 27, 2006, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He is currently appealing the ruling.

    * Robert Stein – former comptroller and funding officer for the now disbanded Coalition Provisional Authority, Southern Central Region in Al-Hillah, Iraq – pleaded guilty to conspiracy, bribery, conspiracy to commit money laundering, possession of a machine gun, and being a felon in possession of a fire arm. On January 30, 2007 Stein was sentenced to nine years in prison and ordered to forfeit $3.6 million.

    * Roger Stillwell – desk officer, Interior Department – pleaded guilty to failing to report Redskins tickets and free dinners from Jack Abramoff.

    Resigned Due to Investigation, Pending Investigation or Allegations of Impropriety

    * Philip Cooney – chief of staff, White House Council on Environmental Quality – a former oil industry lawyer with no scientific expertise, Cooney resigned after it was revealed he had watered down reports on global warming.

    * George Deutsch – press aide, NASA – resigned amid allegations he prevented the agency’s top climate scientist from speaking publicly about global warming.

    * Michael Elston – chief of staff to Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty – announced his resignation on June 15, 2007. Despite allegations that he’d threatened at least four of the eight fired US Attorneys, McNulty said Elston had served the Justice Department “with distinction for nearly eight years.”

    * Kyle Dustin “Dusty” Foggo – appointed executive director of the CIA, the agency’s third-highest post, in October 2004 – resigned and was ultimately indicted on bribery charges related to the Duke Cunningham scandal.

    * Alberto Gonzales – former Attorney General – resigned without explanation amidst investigations of the firings of U.S. Attorneys, the politicization of the Justice Department, warrantless surveillance, and the torture and mistreatment of detainees.

    * Monica Goodling – former Justice Department liaison to the White House and senior counsel to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales – resigned on April 7, 2007 amidst the investigation of the firings of U.S. Attorneys.

    * Michelle Larson Korsmo – deputy chief of staff, Department of Labor – Helped her husband (see John Korsmo, above) with his donor scam. Quietly left her Labor plum job in February 2004, about two weeks before news broke that she and her husband were the targets of a criminal probe.

    * Howard “Cookie” Krongard – former State Department inspector general — accused of not properly investigating State Department contractor fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan; of retaliating against whistleblowers in his own office; and of not telling the truth about his knowledge of his brother’s ties with Blackwater, a State Department contractor. Faced with a possible perjury investigation, Howard Krongard resigned on December 7, 2007.

    * Julie Macdonald – former deputy assistant secretary for fish, wildlife and parks at the Interior Department – resigned in May 2007 after an “inspector general’s report found she had improperly leaked information to private organizations, bullied staff scientists and broken federal rules.” The Department of the Interior is investigating many of her decisions regarding endangered species; so far seven have been overturned.

    * Paul McNulty – Deputy Attorney General for the Department of Justice – resigned, after questions about his involvement in the U.S. attorney firings and his testimony to Congress about the firings.

    * Richard Perle – Chairman, Defense Policy Board – resigned from Pentagon advisory panel amid conflict-of-interest charges.

    * Susan Ralston – assistant, White House – resigned amidst revelations that she had accepted thousands of dollars in gifts from Abramoff without compensating him, counter to White House ethics rules.

    * Janet Rehnquist – inspector general, Department of Health and Human Services – resigned on June 1, 2003 in the face of an investigation into her alleged efforts to block a politically dangerous probe on behalf of the Bush family.

    * James Roche – secretary, U.S. Air Force – resigned in the wake of the Boeing tanker lease scandal, after it was revealed he had rather crudely pushed for Boeing to win a $23 billion contract.

    * Kyle Sampson -former chief of staff for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales – resigned amidst the investigation of the firings of U.S. Attorneys.

    * Joseph Schmitz – Inspector General, Defense – Resigned amid charges he personally intervened to protect top political appointees.

    * Bradley Schlozman – resigned from his third and final post with the Justice Department after accusations of actively politicizing the department. He’s currently under investigation by the Department’s inspector general.

    * Thomas Scully – Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – shortly after Scully resigned in 2003, an investigation by the Department of Health and Human Services inspector general found that Scully had pressured the agency’s actuary to underestimate the full cost of the Medicare reform bill by approximately $100 billion until after Congress passed the bill into law. Scully was also hit with conflict of interest charges by the U.S. attorney’s office for billing CMS for expenses incurred during a job search while he still headed the agency. He settled those charges by paying $9,782.

    * David Smith – deputy assistant secretary for fish, wildlife, and parks, Interior Department – resigned on July 21, 2006 after shooting a buffalo and accepting its skeletal remains and meat as an illegal gratuity. He eventually paid over $3,000 for the dead buffalo, but only after the internal inquiry had commenced. The Department of Interior inspector general also noted in a May 16, 2006 report that Smith’s involvement in the designation of Houston as a port of entry for imported wildlife in order to benefit a friend was inappropriate.

    * John Tanner – Voting Rights Section Chief, Justice Department – resigned in December of 2007 and moved to the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices. Already under suspicion for aiding efforts to politicize the voting section, the bumbling proponent of voter identification laws angered lawmakers with his comments that such laws actually discriminate against white voters because “minorities die first”. Even more impressive was his apology for the comment. The DoJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility is currently investigating his travel habits and those of his deputy.

    * Sara Taylor – Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Political Affairs at the White House, where she was Karl Rove´s top aide – resigned amidst the U.S. attorneys investigation and other probes of Rove´s alleged politicization of the government.

    * Ken Tomlinson – Board Chairman, Corporation for Public Broadcasting; member, Broadcasting Board of Governors – resigned at the release of an inspector general report concluding he had broken laws in spending CPB money to hire politically connected consultants to search for “bias” without consulting the board. At BBG, a separate investigation found he was running a “horse racing operation” out of his office, and continuing to hire politically-wired individuals to do “consulting” work for him. After being nominated and serving another term, he finally stepped down from that spot earlier this year.

    * Carl Truscott – Director, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau – resigned. A report by the Justice Department’s inspector general found that Truscott wasted tens of thousands of dollars on luxuries, wasted millions on whimsical management decisions and violated ethics rules by ordering employees to help his nephew with a high school video project.

    * Paul Wolfowitz – World Bank President – resigned in May 2007 after a committee report found that he broke ethics rules by giving his girlfriend a substantial raise.

    Nomination Failed Due to Scandal

    * Linda Chavez – nominated, Secretary of Labor – withdrew her nomination in January 2001 amidst revelations that an illegal immigrant lived in her home and worked for her in the early 1990s. Chavez blamed what she said were the “search-and-destroy” politics of Washington.

    * Timothy Flanigan – nominated, Deputy Attorney General (also Alberto Gonzales’ top deputy at the White House) – withdrew his nomination in October 2005 amidst revelations that he’d worked closely with lobbyist Jack Abramoff when he was General Counsel for Corporate and International Law at Tyco, which was a client of Abramoff’s.

    * Bernard Kerik – nominated, Secretary, Department of Homeland Security – withdrew his nomination amidst a host of corruption allegations. Eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor relating to improper gifts totaling tens of thousands of dollars while he was a New York City official in the late 1990’s. Subsequently, on November 8, 2007, Kerik was indicted on sixteen counts for bribery, tax fraud, and false statements with a maximum sentence of 142 years and more than $5 million in fines. Kerik has pleaded not guilty. For a rundown of Kerik’s myriad indiscretions, check out TPM’s Ultimate Kerik Scandal List!.

    * William Mercer – the former associate deputy attorney general and US Attorney for Montana – withdrew his nomination to be the permanent number three official at the Department of Justice on June 22, 2007 due to his role in the U.S. attorney firings.

    * Hans von Spakovsky – Commissioner, FEC – nomination to another term after his recess appointment failed due to allegations that he’d worked at the Justice Department to suppress minority voter turnout.

    Under Investigation But Still in Office

    * Stuart Bowen – Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) – was once admired for his successes while investigating allegations of waste and fraud in Iraq, but now employee allegations have prompted four government investigations into the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR).

    * Lurita Doan – Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration – still in office, despite investigations by both the Office of Special Counsel and the House oversight committee that found that Doan had “crossed the line” by suggesting that the GSA use its resources to help Republicans get elected.

    * Alfonso Jackson – Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – following reports that Jackson told a business group in April 2006 that he once canceled a contract after the contractor criticized President Bush, an investigation by the HUD inspector general found that while Jackson told his deputies to favor Bush supporters, there was “no direct proof that a contract was actually awarded or rescinded because of political affiliation.” A second, criminal investigation was triggered in part by Jackson’s claim before Congress in May 2007 that “I don’t touch contracts.” That probe, now before a federal grand jury, has turned up evidence that Jackson may indeed have touched contracts – and steered them towards friends.

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    Richard Grayson, indicted for bloviating without providing a single reference.

    How finds the jury? Guilty.

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    Now to Mr. Thomas …

    “Elections refresh and cleanse our political system.” Actually that’s no longer true.

    Elections have become popularity contests in which old, used, has-been’s spend obscene amounts of money (like Nancy Pelosi on her face lifts) to baffle, bamboozle, and con the voters (who don’t pay attention) into remembering their name for that brief moment of time in the voting booth when they make their mark and walk out feeling like they’ve done their civic duty.

    “Crime and illegal immigration finally are down in Maricopa County” Really Mr. Thomas? What about kidnapping… (whoops, we don’t go there. That’s federal)

    “President Barack Obama was one of my classmates at Harvard Law School (my career has been a political odyssey …” Ok, lets leave it there. Enough time wasted.

    Leadership void. Next.

  10. Wow Richard! 42 chances to gloat, all in a row, nice, neat, alphabetical and categorized. Someone with your talent could probably quickly catalog 43 in Chicago and the surrounding area.

  11. Can't Recall My Clever Pseudonym says

    If you check the latest poll of business leaders a huge chunk of them support Thomas. If you talk to the all-powerful Napolitano and her assignee TIm Nelson who had a great chance to beat Thomas, they will admit they didn’t come close.

    So enough of saying Thomas was nominated, elected, renominated and reelected by some accident or circumstance. He’s is the favorite of the electorate.

  12. Maricopa GOP says



  13. Time For a Change says

    The latest poll of business leaders shows Thomas as the choice of 5%. The latest poll asking only about Republicans shows him with 13%. This is not “a huge chunk.”

    Memo to Maricopa GOP: I guess you must have missed the fact that Mecham lost the statewide general in 1962, lost for state party chairman in 1963, lost the statewide general in 1978, lost in the primaries in 1964, 1974, 1982, 1990 and 1992 and only won a plurality in 1986 because Schultz split the vote. That is one win in nine attempts, despite outspending his opponents seven of those nine times.

  14. Veritas Vincit says

    Thomas, Munger, Horne all need to sit down and shut up. Munger? How about taking out Giffords over in Tucson? Horne? How about retirement? Thomas? Try AG and we’ll see how that goes. Ken Bennett? Take out Kirtpatrick in CD1.

    Why do all you little boys insist on being Governor? We have one.


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