This is Exactly the Type of Candidate We Need to Retake the Hayworth Seat

Not Exactly.

Jim Ogsbury, a DC lobbyist with Arizona connections is planning to run in the Republican Primary for AZ-05. According to Ogsbury’s own bio on the Triadvocates website, Ogsbury has spent “fifteen years inside the Capital Beltway.”

For those of you who don’t know much about Ogsbury – and why would you, he has spent the last 15 years in Washington DC. Ogsbury is a DC lobbyist whose self-acknowledged specialty is getting pork for his clients.

Now let’s rewind to the 2006 election. JD Hayworth, a good man, and a good conservative, came under withering attacks by Harry Mitchell and the DCCC for among other things, being too close to lobbyists, being too much of a DC insider who had forgotten his roots, and being part of the Republican culture of pork barrel spending in Congress.

Well at least the Democrats won’t have to reinvent the wheel if Ogsbury is the nominee.


  1. Let’s find out who is running before we start eliminating people.

  2. Bring back the old GOP says

    Rumor has it John Shadagg’s COS is thinking about running.

  3. Chris DeRose says

    Not so fast. I think we can all agree that certain things are worth lobbying for. Jim spent his time in DC working for Arizona clients, not big tobacco or some other bogeyman, but the cities of Chandler and Mesa, as well as the Arizona Nature Conservancy. If by pork you are referring to the millions of dollars he won to secure the Roosevelt Dam against terrorist attack, I’m okay with it. Further, if Congress were to pass a law banning the process of earmarking, and have it apply equally to all districts, I’ll bet Jim would be first in line to sponsor it.

    Jim’s career also includes time as an SRP executive, but his most important work came as the lead staffer for the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development. In the 1994 Republican revolution, he had one simple job; take a free spending Federal budget, bloated by years of liberal Democratic rule, and turn it all around.

    Jim is exactly the kind of candidate who can beat Harry Mitchell and restore the values of 1994 to Washington.

    I’m expecting pot shots like this from the Democrats, but let’s not do their work for them.

  4. A DeRose endorsement ain’t gonna help him…

    Fact is, a bad candidate is a bad candidate, whether he is opposed or unopposed. If he’s no good and we know it now, then feel free to say it so that folks can be forewarned. There are some good candidates getting into this race, so no need to rush onto the Ogsbury bandwagon… Besides, there’s gonna be plenty of room on it in the future!

    And yes, Sean Noble is thinking of carpetbagging into the district to run. As are some other folks. My guess is that the quality candidates who actually live there won’t have any problem with Noble and others. Judging from the NY Times article,, Noble needs to get to work on Shadegg’s fundraising before he works on his own…

  5. roderick parker says

    Sean Noble using the “bring it on” quote is a joke. What a way to set the table for two defeats, his own in Harry Mitchell’s district and Shadegg’s in a huge upset.

    Just look how well that quote has worked for President Bush!

  6. Chris DeRose says


    I’ll stipulate as to my endorsement, but why is he such a “bad” candidate? Who are “good” potential candidates, and why?

  7. Mr. Conservative says

    I’ll give you a good candidate… David Schweikert!! He can beat Mitchell, plus he wouldn’t disappoint us like some others we’ve elected and sent to Washington.

  8. I don’t know that he is a bad candidate. I’m just saying that rather than trying to silence those who say he is, let’s listen to why they say he is. The mere fact that he is a Republican isn’t a free pass. If he’s bad, let’s find out now, as early as possible!

  9. Chris DeRose says

    For the record, Jim isn’t a DC resident with Arizona connections, he is an Arizona resident with DC connections. He’s a native, graduated from high school here, an ASU alumni, a homeowner in Scottsdale, and has lived in CD5 longer than all but one of the candidates seriously looking at this race.

    I’m not trying to “silence” anyone, but I would prefer more informed commentary.

  10. Chris,

    I respect the fact you are trying so hard to defend Ogsbury. But you should probably get your facts straight before making blanket assertions about things such as residency. As we all have seen from previous residency fights in politics, residency is a hard thing to prove either way. But you can guarantee that if Ogsbury is the nominee, the following will come out. According to public records, Ogsbury has owned a house in Burke, Virginia since 1992. The only public record of his being a homeowner in the district is a condo that he purchased on 12/20/06. How do you think this is going to be played up by the Democrats?

  11. I could definitely like Schweikert… Solid conservative, well-known and well-liked… Voting record to confirm his stated positions… Now, can he raise the money and will he run?

    Ogsbury is going to have to spend huge money to win this primary, and even then it might not matter. Does he have huge money?

  12. Yeah, Schweikert is the best thing to hit Arizona since air conditioning! Can’t wait to vote for him…


    But I agree that he can’t be satisfied with being County Treasurer. It’s where politicians go to die…

  13. Moderator, please moderate!

  14. Keen Observer says

    If you like McCain, Jim Ogsbury is your guy!

    A donor to McCain’s Not-So-Straight-Talk-Express, their connections run deep, back to when Ogsbury served as an aide to McCain.

    Another interesting fact about Ogsbury is that while he has donated to Republican campaigns, he has also contributed to the campaigns of CD 4 Democrat, Ed Pastor; CD 8 Democrat, Gabrielle Giffords; CD 7 Democrat candidate, Elaine Richardson; and Washington State US senate liberal Democrat, Patty Murray.

    That’s what’s so unnerving about Washington, DC lobbyists. They have no core.

    Ogsbury should save his time, energy and money. Once people realize what he’s all about, he’ll be available to run as a Democrat, since the GOP will be aware of both of his faces.

  15. Chris DeRose says

    It turns out it’s not such a keen observation. You’re equating a few hundred dollars to Democrats who had no chance of losing to $21,300 for Republicans.

    The $21,300 that Jim has personally given to Republicans (compared to several thousand COMBINED for his prospective opponents) does NOT include money that Jim has helped raised over the years. I once went to a Renzi fundraiser, organized in part by Jim, that raised around $50,000 in ONE NIGHT. How do you begin to total that number up?

    If contributiions, are your measuring stick, welcome aboard!

  16. I seem to recall DeRose supporting the attacks on Randy Pullen for giving $500 bucks to a Democrat 10 years ago… Now it is no big deal? Perhaps a bit of hypocrisy but oh well… I actually agree with him on this one. Ogsbury is a lobbyist, so he gives money and support to everybody, especially incumbents, as a way of garnering time and favor. Of course, that’s why people don’t like lobbyists.

    I’m not sure why Ann wants a moderator to interfere with this series of posts… Re-reading it, there isn’t any call for it!

  17. Word is that DeRose is or will be working for Ogsbury. Any truth to that Chris?

  18. John Q. Public says

    Ann is buying into the current crop of “bulling” psychobabble. Quick, call the teacher or better yet, the psychologist!!

    I agree with Tim. We don’t need no stinkin’ moderator.

  19. Enough, enough, enough — Mitchell is Nancy Pelosi’s lap dog. Clearly Mitchell has no clue about what the people of the ACD#5 want and need…and worse he has no idea how to meet their needs. Sniff, sniff Mitchell is following Pelosi’s commands because its the only way he can get re-elected. Ogsbury is the only candidate for ACD#5 who has shown he knows his way around Arizona and the corridors of Congress. Bottom line, the ACD#5 is unserved when Mitchell sits on his honches and howls at the moon. With Ogsbury they can sleep tight because he knows hat they need and how to get it done.

  20. I’ve known Jim Ogsbury for years. I met Jim when I worked in Washington, DC for a Republican Congressman from Massachusetts (yes, there once were Republican congressmen from Massachusetts). Even 15 years ago, Jim wore his Arizona roots on his sleeve. Jim is a good man and a good Republican. I was the Republican nominee for Congress in Massachusetts (1st District) in 2000. Jim was an early supporter of mine. I got clobbered (President Bush only received 23% of the vote in my district). I lost for plenty of reasons, but it didn’t help that some opponents suggested I was an outsider. Why? Because I too had spent time working in Washington, DC. I worked on Capitol Hill to try to help, in some small way, my country and my state. Jim’s experience in DC was with the same goals. For years, Jim was a commited public servant in DC – don’t hold it against him. He’s a fighter and a patriot. It’s not easy to put your name and livelihood on the line in running for office. Jim is doing it enthusiastically because his heart and mind is in the right place. Give him a good look. You’ll like what you find.

  21. I don’t follow your website. I’m sure I am too liberal for your tastes. However, I did find your info on Jim Ogsbury to be a bit off line. I don’t remember if Jim was born here, but I did go to grade school and high school with him here, in Phoenix. (Squaw Peak Elemetary, class of 1973, and Camelback High School, class of 1977). After high school we lost touch. I think he went to Harvard and later got his degree at ASU.

    Jim was always interested in politics, ran for student council, etc., and he always favored the Republican side of things. We had mutual friends who were on the Democratic side. And, even in grade school we could discuss issues. He is not in my district, and I don’t know if I would vote for Jim if he was, because I just found out about him running, and need to see where he stands on issues. But he is not a carpet bagger, if that is your only issue with him. I do think he is an honest person, and I do think he has been a part of this state long enough to want to do right for it.

  22. I believe the post was about Ogsbury, not Randy Pullen and the disdain that many arizona residents have for him, Tim.
    And by the way, this shouldn’t be about beating down the Republicans. We still have a primary. Isnt the main goal beating the democrats? Are you people trying to tell me that if it was Ogsbury v Mitchell, you’d stay home? Sounds like some real, true patriots to me. Blah.

  23. Yikes! This conversation is going the wrong way. Instead of getting behind Ogsbury and the GOP, this gang of panty waists is ready to concede AZ-5 to Mitchell. What’s next, Teddie Kennedy for president? If that’s the case then we’ll really have an immigration problem…Americans will be leaving the country in order to avoid becoming pawns of the liberal establishment.

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