This is a cool graph

Well, maybe not so much for Barack Obama.


  1. Wow, at first I thought this was Governor Brewer’s approval number, and then I realized hers must be much much worse.

    Go Barack Go (Down)!!!

  2. I would just as well hope that Obama’s approval numbers went up. Hoping that Obama’s words and actions are at odds with We The People is hoping that he continues to reduce freedom. I’d rather hope that Obama changes his mind and starts respecting the principle of limited government.

    Do I think he will change his mind – no. But that doesn’t mean I hope that he will continue to expand government.

  3. It’s not great, not what I imagine it’s what he’s wanted it to be. But it’s fun watching that poll seperate today. It started off as a .9%, went to a 2.6% gap. Statistical noise, but still funny

  4. Calamity June says

    Good news. It will get BETTER when people realize he’s lying about the REAL numbers!

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