The worst ex-President part II

He was actually the worst sitting President, now he is the worst ex-President.  In any case, the White House has actually defended itself on something:

“I think it’s unfortunate,” [White House spokesman] Fratto said. “And I think he is proving to be increasingly irrelevant with these kinds of comments.carter_loser1.jpg

Last week Carter said British Prime Minister was “apparently subservient” to America because Blair disagreed with Jimmy Carter. The peanut farmer followed up his heavy-hearted hatefulness with the quip “this administration has been the worst in history,” which is amusing coming from the man who actually was the worst President in history.


  1. DoubleDecafLatte says

    Chad – There was a time that I would have agreed with you. But this time I have to agree with Jimmy Carter.

    Goerge W. Bush is by far the worst President in my memory. The only good that has come out of Iraq is Sadam’s fall from power. Other than that the US has lost the respect we once held in the world, thousands have died, we lost control of Congress, the National Debt is skyrocketing and when I filled up at Costco the price of gas tipped $3.00 a gallon for the first time since I’ve been buying gas.

    I truly wish I had voted for Gore in 2000. He couldn’t have been worse!

  2. Capitol Buzz says

    Wow, what a wierd analysis… Unemployment at historic lows, economy humming along, Libya out of the weapons of mass destruction game, eastern europe joining NATO at a record clip, two excellent Supreme Court judges and countless more at lower levels of the judiciary, the deficit is heading back towards a surplus thanks to tax cuts, etc.

    But Decaf would prefer hostages in Iran, skyrocketing unemployment and inflation, 22% mortgage rates, and malaise?

    Would somebody please put up a price comparison chart so Latte can understand how much more the entire world pays for gasoline? Good grief, at this rate, if gasoline ever hits $4, HalfCaf there is going to be pulling the lever for Hugo Chavez!

  3. I can only add to Capitol Buzz’s excellent post. The budget deficit is around 2% of GDP, the lowest ever. The gas problem is the fault of environmentalists who won’t let us drill the oil and refine it into gasoline (30 years since the last refinery was built).

    As for world respect, everyone in the world wants an American greencard — they love us. European’s need a scapegoat. Anti-Americanism has replaced anti-semitism, and US liberals have an inferiority complex and want to be like them.

    After we liberated Iraq, the world’s dictators begged us not to go after them. But American liberals and Euro-socialists hate George Bush and made defeating him their sole objective. Look at the change in Democrats before their 2004 primary and after. In January 2004, Democrats were responsible about the War on Terror. In January 2005, they openly sought American defeat.

    If liberals hated terrorists as much as they hate George Bush, the War on Terror would probably be over.

    Don’t be misled by CNN-Democrats-NY Times.

  4. Yet another example of my theory that as people get older, they get either wacky left or wacky right.

    Goldwater said the darndest things in his last days too!

  5. If Carter is “increasingly irrelevant”, why is the White House responding to him?
    The denial only reveals how relevant Carter must be, at least to making Bush squirm.
    Sure, Carter made errors as President, but Bush has undoubtedly done America more harm than any single US President in history. If the country can be recovered, it’s going to go through a painful re-evaluation of what we should stand for… Pre-emptive war? Unilateral strikes against the will of the UN? Shades of torture & mistreatment of detainees? Clandestine transfer of prisoners for interrogation without any judicial oversight? An executive that grants itself un-Constitutional powers? Don’t think the rest of the world isn’t looking on with disgust, and horror, along with an increasing number of Americans who are waking up from the post-9/11 horror-show in shame.

  6. cactusmouse1 says

    Wow, Capitol Buzz, you ‘da man! Love it!

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