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The World According to Chris Simcox

The World According to Chris Simcox

This missive came through my inbox recently.  I have edited it so that the more salient points are easier to read.  Is this what Arizona is offering up to run against the most liberal RINO in the U.S. Senate since Arlen Specter?  Is this race proof positive that in the market place of ideas, that the traditional campaign funding system will always bring forth the best candidate to represent the people?  [I for one love how McCain tried to own the party and direct the funding with his failed Victory 2010 Plan.  That was certainly a plus for traditional campaign financing wasn’t it?]

John McCain is already spending campaign money on trying to convince you he is the only one left standing with any clout to prevent the Obama led socialist juggernaut from destroying our Constitution.
No, Senator McCain, I respectfully disagree – the people who are the government stand unified against socialism especially the kind you helped to create.

J.D. Hayworth keeps teasing would be voters to retire his previous debt using his bully pulpit radio show to “inform” all who will listen within reach of voice.

All in all it seems the McCain party establishment is nervous. They are being challenged from within by independent minded folks who actually live the conservative platform but have no voice even when they are welcomed to the table.
Some folks, part of the “establishment” attempted a last minute New Year’s Eve coup to control the message including the state party money which by decree meant that all efforts and money would go to protect incumbents only.

Common Sense prevailed with a unanimous vote to hold off until this Saturday’s Arizona GOP State Party elections.
Many independents, conservatives who left the Republican Party waiting for a viable change in the party structure are watching carefully how this power play will affect the so-called grassroots party vote.  Will so-called grassroots leadership stick with principle or play it safe with the status quo?

The “party” convinced thousands of independents to come back and re-register with the party; the “party” encouraged folks to get involved as precinct committeemen and state committeemen; the party welcomed (begged) the Constitutional conservative independents to return to the Republican “party” and have now given them a seat at the table.

The question is will they have a voice and how will their votes affect state party leadership? Or, will it
be business as usual?

McCain and the old guard establishment seem to be so fearful, that I predict they will offer a resolution, backed with funding, to bring suit against the state and close the upcoming Republican primary to “registered Republicans only;  none of those registered conservatives, Independent voters will be allowed to upset the status quo.

The independent conservative “Tea Party” movement has the establishment in utter fear of turning “its”
entire structure upside down. It is exactly what is needed. Welcome to the party.contribution to help us make all the trips to speak to interested voters across the state of Arizona.

For Liberty,
Chris Simcox




  1. I feel bad for Chris, but he needs to get a reality check.

    JD Hayworth is the only one who can win this campaign. I have practically been begging JD to do it. The truth is if Hayworth doesn’t run we will be stuck with McLame for another 6 years.

    My message to Simcox, why not run for another office and let Hayworth go mano y mano with McShame. Somebody who cared more about America than himself would do just that.

  2. Those of us dedicated to the Republican Party Platform and Republican principles are not in fear of any turn over.

    If you can convince enough people that you have the intellect, self-sacrifice and plan for action to win election and serve all of us, go for it.

    You will need to appeal to enough people to get the numbers to overcome an incumbent who has made some unpopular decisions, but for the most part, has voted both his conscience and in service to the party platform and all of his constituents.

    Your campaign theme is too heavily weighted on your personal hate for McCain. This is not a winning strategy. Hopefully, it never will be in our party.

    Also, the Tea Party numbers will not translate into supporting any single candidate. The whole movement was about resisting being manipulated and showing our independence. People are laying claim to leading this movement, but it was bigger than any one person or idea and that is going to become more evident this next election cycle.

  3. nightcrawler says


    Better yet, JD should take advantage of the great real estate prices and move into CD3 and run for the House seat vacated by Shadegg. Much more realistic and a lot less expensive.

    That would also allow those who don’t want to make a “choice” between JD and McCain to support JD and our party.

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    McCain needs Simcox to put up the margin should JD enter the race. Simcox is JMac’s insurance policy.

    Simcox needs to drop out now.

  5. I’ll be happy to consider JD Hayworth when he actually becomes a candidate and not one hour before.

    JD Hayworth is staying in the closet.


  6. Comparing McCain to Specter is a complete joke.

    And JD is a conservative on the radio only. He was a big government pork hog on the Ways and Means Committee in his waining days in Congress.

  7. Travis, Alluding to McCain and the Republican Platform in the same sentence is A REAL STRETCH. On the watch of McStain and Steele, the Republican Platform has been taken off of the RNC.org web site! McStain hates our Platform. Sanctity of Life, No Amnesty and No Sanctuary City policies are just the start on where McCain disdains our Platform.

    Which conservative principle is the $700 Billion TARP McStain crafted filed under?

    I tip my hat to Simcox! He’s done more to rid us of McRINO than I have done. I would support JD but so far he has provide nothing but a major disservice in the effort to beat McStain. JD, Run or shut the h-e- double hockey sticks UP!

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