The War on Domestic Prosperity II

I don’t mean to be an “I told you so” but I wrote this last week:

If you just watched the same Presidential news conference that I watched then you should have heard President Obama announce a “War on Domestic Prosperity.”

Citing a new “Doctrine of Preemptive Corporate Takeover,” the Obama Administration will now begin looking to head off any possibility of failure by seizing and taking control of companies which may pose any possibility of failure.

Standby for more takeovers. Stand by for government-run industry. Standby for a socialized economy. Say goodbye to freedom and an America we all love.

Of course, one of you thought I was being a little conspiratorial and lacked credibility.

Today, instead of a Board of Directors firing a CEO, the President of the United States made a corporate CEO of one of the big three automakers resign. WOW!

This is what you get when you take government money. He who pays the piper calls the tune.


  1. DSW-
    I recommend everyone read this article asap. it is the best thing out there to properly explain this huge issue. Hannity had dick morris on tonight and they too are now talking about what we had here already. many out there are on this:

  2. It’s almost as if we are all paralyzed into inaction as things move so rapidly. It is very surreal. You know something is going to happen in response but its as if everyone is waiting for the next person to act.

  3. It’s now up to us as what did our President say, ‘We are the people we have been waiting for…We are the change we seek.”
    I say, bring it on. I am ready.
    No Analysis Paralysis!! 🙂

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