The Ultimate Fear Bomb.

Michelle Obama is claiming that using her husband’s middle name in the “Ultimate Fear Bomb.” For someone who has graduated cum laude from Princeton and has a law degree from Harvard she certainly has a poor understanding of history. The ultimate fear ad was used by Democrat Lynden Johnson against Barry Goldwater in the 1964 campaign.

Many people think that Barack Obama will easily beat Senator McCain in November. Barack can certainly deliver a moving speech. If he becomes Commander and Chief Michelle will do nicely as Victim in Chief.


NB: I suppose congratulations are in order for the writer of Southern Arizona’s #1, according to Mafioso, Conservative Blog. ThinkRight has been hired by the Tim Bee campaign as either the Communications Director of press secretary, depending on which source you read. Here is what Daniel Scarpinato had to say (It may be a long 8 months.)

Nothing like getting off on the right foot with the press corps you’ll be working with. Over the past year Dunn has playfully asked whether Giffords paid the newspaper to write stories and suggested the Star’s political reporter (and Notebook columnist) had been “fully duped” into printing “anti-Tim Bee propaganda.”

But hey, welcome to the campaign, Tom.


  1. Wow.

    I’ve never seen the whole thing before. That is awesome. I mean, I’m a liberal Democrat and even I’m wondering how Johnson got away with that.

  2. The late President Johnson’s first name is spelled “Lyndon.”

    Your spelling ability mirrors your political credibility, Josey.

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