The Town Hall That Wasn’t

Thanks to Gila Courier  for this gem of a video clip on the recent Gabrielle Giffords Town Hall in Douglas.

Meanwhile, in the other adjacent congressional district (CD-7), the modus operandi for citizen interaction has subtly changed for liberal Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva. According to Ted at 3R, Grijalva “prefers to show up at other community events and keep in touch with constituents that way instead of the traditional “town hall” meeting that has become the fashion among congressmen over the last couple of decades.”

Apparently, Grijalva’s office has been receiving requests for the town halls from constituents who want a little citizen participation and input into how Washington DC is being run these days:

But, that hasn’t been enough for the flood of ticked off and sometimes profane callers to Grijalva’s office this week who are angry that Grijalva isn’t holding a town hall meeting on a schedule to their liking. Apparently, it is Grijalva’s job to put on a town hall, so that these guys can show up, jeer, yell and otherwise make it impossible for anyone who shows up hoping to talk to their congressman to do so. Yep, they are angry that he isn’t putting on an event so that they can come and shut it down.

Did I mention that Ted’s post is entitled, “But, You Are Supposed to Give Us a Forum to Act Like Meatheads?”





  1. kralmajales says

    Gabrielle Gifffords dodges no one folks. What I know about her is that she would prefer to talk to citizens one on one and many citizens prefer that as well. If the wait is uncomfy, I suspect that they will give it the old Town Hall, so you all can shout her down like you had planned all along.

  2. My experience has been that Members in “safe” districts almost never do town halls. They just don’t need to. Grijalva’s district is basically set up for a liberal Hispanic Democrat (much as Pastor’s is). Giffords, Kirkpatrick and Mitchell are in much different types of districts and would avoid their constituents at their peril. I don’t say this to justify Grijalva’s lack of town halls, but from a purely political standpoint, it’s the smarter play.

  3. Julian Diller says

    If I were an elected official, I too would try to avoid any extremist groups. Especially when the group thinks that debate means shout down.

  4. We Republicans need to air our grievances with the respect, dignity and decorum that the Left showed over the past eight years. Maybe Code Pink, ACORN, ANSWER,, NoOnProp8, anti-globalization rioters and the various mob-connected unions could give us proper training.

  5. kralmajales says

    Ok Exurban, so you are advocating that conservatives emmulate that? Makes them look…hmmm…radical maybe? Outside the mainstream of America?

    Monkey see, Monkey do.

  6. Someone should tell Giffords hiding from voters might not be the best idea. Maybe she’s starting to feel the pressure. Jesse Kelly appears to really want this thing. Don’t know whether he can or not.

  7. No KJ, I’m calling the Left on its utter hypocrisy. But you knew that.

    (And quit calling me a monkey. That’s racist.)

  8. Kral:

    Can’t believe it!!

    Our hardcore “Democrat” fears that most democratic of institutions..The Town Hall Meeting!

    Have Jefferson and Jackson morphed into Vladimir and “Uncle Joe”?

  9. I will say that Ted over at RRR has a much better sense of humor than anyone that posts on this site. : )

  10. The one-on-one style is an astute response to the seething and screaming white guys. The GOP’s relationship with minorities has deteriorated to perhaps its worst in history, the confirmation hearings and today’s Senate vote cementing its demise with Latinos for years.

    Hispanics will eat what hogs excrete before voting Republican.

    You guys sure know how to make friends and influence, uh, dumb white guys chanting, “Get the government out of Medicare!!”

    Giffords wins in 2010. Easily.

  11. kralmajales says

    X4mer couldn’t be more right. Its hilarious to argue that Giffords, of all Congresswomen, is hiding. She is among the most visible and responsive reps. I have ever met.

    Just cause she isn’t falling for your well-staged, astroturf, mob tactics doesn’t mean you get to distort who she is.

  12. kralmajales says


    Where did I say there shouldn’t be town halls? Fine and dandy and I say she should have them. She should have them and welcome the media to see just how bat-crap crazy you all really are.

    I was at the last tea party protest supporting my congresswoman and what I saw were signs like Gabby=Death and Obama is the Leper Messer. I also kept hearing some brilliant dude with a bullhorn yelling out crap at us like “take the pill…she wants you to take it and die”.

    I WANT the world to see what the Tea Party is about. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

  13. Congressman Giffords is clearly providing a preview of what health care will be like under Obama’s plan. Just complete a form and get in line. Maybe you will get to see the person you came to see and maybe you will not.

  14. Here’s a link to the Ann Kirkpatrick Holbrook “Chat with Ann” that she left less than 15 minutes in.

  15. kralmajales says

    How utterly rude, FlagPol. This so called movement (and movement means a lot of things) is showing its true colors. I’ll have to make another donation to her campaign.

  16. Kralmajales,

    What exactly was rude about the video? In a debate the actions are called points of order. To my count, there was one really vocal lady. That was it. These are obviously folks who just want to hear what she has to say. Or was it rude of Ann to just up and walk out…and cancel the rest of her events that day.


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