The State of the Franchise

Earlier today, Dr. Matt Ladner at the Goldwater Institute revealed a disturbing poll on the state of civics education amongst Arizona students. Some time ago, we ran this video but we thought it was worth posting again. This problem is obviously not limited to Arizona students. This video was shot during the November 2008 Election.


  1. Julian Diller says

    Did they interview McCain supporters? Did they edit it down like Leno did on his ‘Jay Walking’ segments?

    I agree there is a problem, but is it just with public school students or is it across the board?

  2. Kenny Jacobs says

    One problem is strongly partisan people with “issues.”

    Shane refuses to acknowledge the difference between a political party and the government…oh wait, maybe he wants a job at FNC?

  3. kralmajales says

    Its across the board I fear. And, oh yeah, I know a teeny bit about this. There is no question that students don’t know, coming into college, much about how their govt. works. But guess what, when they learn, they often quickly find that the market fails, that govt. fails, but that any ideology that advocates its removal leads to a dangerous state that has little power and little ability to fix problems that the market just wont deliver….and deliver equitably.

    For instance, about no one believes that we should get rid of the FDA or State health codes. They don’t want to have to “learn” from the market that the e coli they just got could have been prevented with some inspections and rules that are tough on those that process meat. Upton Sinclair Jungle anyone?

  4. KJ,

    LOL! touche!

    I guess it’s all in the state of mind and right now our government is controlled by the liberal wing of the Democratic party. Al Franken solidified that today.

    Legally, you are correct. The branches of the federal government is a legally separate entity of the DNC. So in essence, the DNC is promoting the healthcare takeover but with the blessing of Barack Obama’s Administration.

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