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December 19, 2009

Obama administration sides with lawbreakers

Sheriff Joe fights back – you can help


My Dear Friends:

.I am outraged at the sham being played right now by the Obama administration to stop my lawful enforcement of our immigration laws. Please – I need your help today.

The United State Justice Department just advertised late last week that they established a Sheriff Joe Arpaio “Hotline” for the sole purpose of soliciting people (so-called victims) to call and report so-called injustices and wrongdoings that my deputies are allegedly conducting. This is a blatant and transparent demonstration of the hollow shell of the Justice Department’s non-existent case against me. Further, it clearly shows the level of outright fraud on their part to bring baseless allegations against the very deputies that THEY THEMSELVES trained to arrest illegal aliens.

Just last month, the Obama White House through the Justice Department and Homeland Security Department under Janet Napolitano, took away my authority to make street arrests and detain illegal immigrants and human smugglers. I have defied that outrageous and irresponsible federal policy that does nothing but tie the hands of Sheriffs and Police officers all across the country.

Since October when my Deputy Sheriffs had their federal authority pulled by the Obama White House, we have continued crime suppression operations in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and the Laws of the State of Arizona. My office, in this short month-and-a-half time, has arrested 54 felony smugglers and caused the deportation of over 1,400 illegal aliens. This brings to a total of illegal aliens captured and deported to almost 35,000 in the last two years. This represents almost one-third of the total arrests and deportations in the entire United States; and more than all of the other 64 local law enforcement agencies combined.

The Obama White House wants to put me out of business. Why?

The only reason they are doing this is to stop me from enforcing the laws of this state and our country. Why? Why would they try to prevent me from arresting those who are breaking the law? It all comes down to AMNESTY. They want to so badly weaken laws against illegal immigration that they can establish automatic citizenship for those who cross our borders illegally. It is appalling to think that the Obama administration wants to spend our tax dollars in placing these criminals in hospitals and hotels at our expense while they figure out a way to con the citizens of the United States that this is good for our economy. This is rubbish and insults the intelligence of hard working Americans.

If the liberal politicians and media want me to stop arresting illegal immigrants and human smugglers, then they need to change the law. For me to pick and choose which laws I want to enforce would not only be a dereliction of duty, it would lead to anarchy and chaos. I am saddened that so few politicians will join this fight and choose to ignore the laws and make empty excuses as to why we cannot secure our borders. That is why I need your help today.

The DOJ knows full well that by establishing a toll-free number, in English and in Spanish, that my political opponents, left-wing open borders activists and extremists can “stack the deck” and make any open-ended allegation they want to. The Department of Justice has already lied and openly violated the rights of my Deputies.

The allegations against me and my office are already absurd. You can just imagine what will happen now.

Never in my thirty years of working as a federal law enforcement official did we ever target a locally elected Sheriff the way this Obama Administration has. This is a fight that I cannot lose. This is the front line in the battle on illegal immigration. This is a fight that WE cannot lose.

The same people who have called me a racist; depicted me as a KKK member hanging a Hispanic man; burned me in effigy; beheaded me in effigy then paraded my severed head in a mob of cheering protesters; sued and picketed me will be calling that hotline on daily basis making more and more outrageous and false claims against me and my dedicated Deputies.

This action by the Justice Department is completely irresponsible, reckless and provocative. In fact, it’s so far out there they may have gotten the idea from the Reverend Al Sharpton. (The Rev. Al Sharpton came to Phoenix earlier this year just so he could hold an Anti-Arpaio rally and label me a racist.)

Today, I make you a steadfast promise: No matter what political shenanigans these people try, I will never back down one inch. And, I’m not going to surrender.

But I desperately need your help.

These left-wing groups and their allies in the media need to know just how strong the support is among law-abiding people like you for me and my policies. They are mounting an all out effort to remove me as Sheriff. For months now, people have been bused in to protest in front of my headquarters. Will you please stand with me and help me fight this fight?

It’s going to take a lot of resources to combat these false allegations – as well as the latest talk about a recall campaign against me. We anticipate the hardest campaign in Maricopa county history to remove me due to my unyielding stance on illegal immigration enforcement.

Your financial support today is so critical. Please log on to right now and make a much needed contribution. Any amount you can offer today is tremendously appreciated. I promise I will not let you down. Our country’s future depends on what we do now.

I cannot thank you enough for joining me in this battle. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County

P.S. In addition to making a contribution, please do me a favor and forward this email to your friends, family and other individuals who share our views. Together we can win this fight. Thank you.

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  1. Upton Sinclair says

    we must support Sheriff Joe!

  2. Eric Reinhardt says

    Obama is out to grant amnesty to all to get their vote for the Dems….Whatever it takes Joe,,,we are with U…Its time to take our country BACK!!!!!

  3. James Davidson says

    Why? RINO Joe is the biggest phony around.

    Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of America. What has he done about it except flap around? What about all the warrants sitting around? How much has the county paid out because of incompetence on his watch? How about the man beaten to death recently in his jail?

    Recall Janet Napolitano, when U.S. Attorney, let him off with a wrist-slap in the 1998 federal investigation against him, and that they appeared at a joint press conference together on her last day in office as U.S. Attorney. Was it coincidence that he campaigned in 2002 for Janet Napolitano for governor against Matt Salmon, and made a commercial endorsing her? If he had kept his big mouth shut, Salmon would have won. Thanks Sheriff Joe for your gift of liberal Janet Napolitano to the rest of us and the big spending and bankruptcy that followed.

    I’ll take a real Republican any day. Not RINO Joe.

    What has he done to stop illegal immigration? A lot of publicity stunts and the rest is bumpkis.

    You all may be dumb enough to fall for it. Not me. If you think illegals aren’t taking Arizona jobs today, you’re blind. What did he do about it before it started getting the public’s dander up? He was no where to be seen until he could milk it for publicity.

    Drain away the stunts and he’s done nothing but blow a lot of hot air.

  4. Yah gotta be kidding. says

    JD is right, he blows with the populist winds.

    How much are you guys gonna howl when he indicted?

    I for one will hope that peace and quiet can return to law enforcement, and my property taxes can fall after paying for this enormous fiasco.

    But then the Supes should also go- a clean sweep would be a good start at the state, county and the city.

  5. Upton Sinclair says

    I think these last two are Democrat droids (paid plants). they make zero sense. If you think Illegal Aliens have to go, Sheriff Joe is your man.

  6. James Davidson says


    Not a chance. I am a 100% pro-life, anti-illegal immigration, small government, anti-tax Republican. I have picture of Ronald Reagan in my office.

    But I’m not stupid, I don’t live in Rio Linda, and I can spot a phony a mile away — and RINO Joe is a phony through and through.

    He supported Napolitano for governor over Matt Salmon. Deny that if you can. He made a commercial for her. She won by 11,000 votes out of millions cast. Without his support, endorsement, and commercial, this liberal Democrat would now be back practicing law. That makes him a RINO. And thank you Joe for the big spending and bankruptcy that came with this liberal Democrat governor.

    For 12 years he couldn’t be seen on the illegal immigration issue. Suddenly in 2005 he starts to grandstand it. How do you spell phony?

    Deny if you can that the County has paid out millions to settle lawsuits against the sheriff.

    Deny if you can that he broke his one-term pledge in 1996.

    Deny if you can that Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of America. And who do you think is doing the kidnapping? Look south and you’ll get a clue.

    You can’t deny any of it, because it is all 100% true.

    You all should pack up and move out of Rio Linda. You’re all too blinded to see the truth.

  7. My point of view says

    JD is right on every single account.

    Joe lost me when I found out he takes credit for over 30,000 illegals arrested. When I asked for details, his office admitted that includes all bookings done by the cities in county jail. 98% of those arrests aren’t by MCSO.

    Endorsing Nappy Napo shod have been the last straw for him.

  8. Yah gotta be kidding. says

    Upton- Not a dem, but if there was a moderate Republican party left in the shrinking tent, I would probably join again.

    But the loss of reason is why I can’t stomach the small tent bunch.

    Look at the knee jerk support for Joe- a costly, foolish, over the hill populist.

    If you want to tackle illegal immigration, the answer is simple, fine the crap out of businesses that employ them. Landscapers are just the tip of the iceberg. Force the use of E Verify nationwide, and crap jobs will pay more. Kill the 1099 too- that is the other way business abuses the crap out of the system with illegals, then kill off the H1Bs for ordinary workers- got a stellar researcher- they should be able to get a visa, but a cheapo “programmer” here to kill wages should be gone. Further kill off the hidden slave labor brought in to serve resorts from South America and Eastern Europe. All we have done is ensure more poverty with more profits for business with our employment policies.

    Greed has been the root of the demise of the business republicans.

  9. A bit of background is in order!

    To begin with, while the Sheriff’s Office has countywide authority regarding incarceration and civil enforcement, it’s policiing authority is limited to unincorporated County land and those corporate entities which do no have police departments.

    Technically, the Sheriff is the top law enforcement official in the County but his actual control is limited. He DOES however possess the authority to enter into another jurisdiction within the county when the law is NOT enforced or flagrantly violated by cities or towns within the county.

    The City of Phoenix refused to disrupt illegal hiring sites even when the owners of the commercial properties complained while the City of Mesa was not only hiring illegals but advising them where to get bogus I.D.s!

    These are just two examples of the corruption which is endemic in the communities within the County as the law enforcement heads are under the thumbs of the various Councils and are appointed.

    And when looking over the donation lists of our mayors and councilmen (and B.O.S) it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who is to blame for the wave of illegal immigration and its accompanying criminal activities.

    Joe Arpaio and Andy Thomas have been the first and only law enforcement officials to take ANY action in this area, since a Chandler P.D. Chief was sacked for conducting a round up fifteen years ago.

    They entered the fray recently because the locals refused to do so and in effect, turned our various municipalities into “Sanctuary Cities”

    On another matter, the Sheriff has gone to court several times in an attempt to prevent inmates from being sent to abortion clinics in and out of state. In doing so, he encountered stiff resistance from an alledgedly “pro-life” GOP Governor.

    Arpaio is far from a saint, but he will fight for what he believes. Mr. Davidson also lists several positions he adheres to and they happen to replicate mine, and I support them to the extent that I’ve been publicly active in their behalf over the nearly four decades of my Arizona residence and I’ve never encountered him in my efforts.

    “Ya gotta be” lists several positive actions which should be taken to deal with the illegal alien problem, but is he aware that both Arpaio and Thomas have politically supported his solutions against the crowd both he and Mr. Davidson are going to the mat for!

    Gentlemen, it’s time that your self descriptions and ideas align themselves with your political rhetoric!

  10. @2, Man that Obama is diabolical! Offer to make citizens in hopes that Mexican immigrants will register Democrat and vote for Democrats. What a great idea to expand their political party.

    What a shame that the Republican Party is temperamentally unable to want to increase their rolls – ’tis a darn shame.

  11. Hamilcar Barca says

    I am not surprised at the negative comments made about Joe. Most people have lost their spine, and these misguided souls prove my point. We are under attack from the Fanatic Muslims and they are cunning enough to enter the country from Mexico because they have some similar physical features. Pamphlets written in Arabic have been found South of the border.
    As for illegal aliens, most of them are here to try and make money. However, some of them are criminals and have committed robberies, rape, murder and assault with deadly weapons. We have enough criminals of our own. Do we need more?
    Sheriff Joe does his job which is first and foremost to PROTECT us. I, for one am grateful for his fortitude.
    PS: I wonder how the naysayers would feel if one of their family member or friend was assaulted or even killed by an illegal alien?

  12. James you could not be more correct in your assessment of Joe “America’s Toughest Sheriff”. Joe is one of THE BIGGEST COWARDS, wuss-bags I have EVER SEEN. Approaching obvious senility he becomes more wretched, cowardly every day. It is gruesome to watch.

  13. James Davidson says


    You raise some fair points so let me respond with three broad points:

    1. We need to do three things to stop illegal immigration. Build a real fence, put the national guard or army or both on the border, and put tough nationwide fines into effect against companies that knowingly hire illegal aliens. That will stop the inward flow and dry up the jobs for illegal aliens already here.

    2. What did RINO Joe ever do on illegal immigration his first three terms in office, or from 1993 to 2004? All I remember is he prosecuted the soldier who apprehended the seven or eight illegal aliens at the rest stop. Where was RINO Joe when Chandler tried to do something about it? Look under the big rock. His stunts are just that — big, fat stunts, all for show. If you ever travel to central, south, or west Phoenix, you will see it’s all for show. Nothing has really changed. All you out in Rio Linda, in case you didn’t know it, the Mexican drug cartel is extending its tentacles into Maricopa County. Isn’t that why Phoenix has become the kidnapping capital of America? RINO Joe has done nothing, and I mean nothing, about it.

    3. Is Joe really a RINO as I have charged? Consider the facts. Carlist, since you’ve been here for 40 years, a newcomer I might add compared to some of the rest of us, recall he ran as a moderate for the Phoenix City Council in his first race for public office. Didn’t he also want the endorsement of the Firefighter’s Union? When he ran for sheriff the first time in 1992 I recall he signed a statement that it was for one term and one term only. What did he do in 1996? Run again. What was his pledge worth? After Scott Norberg, God rest his soul, was choked to death in the county jail in the mid-90’s Big Sis started a federal investigation against the sheriff. Is it true or is it false that on her last day as U.S. Attorney in 1998, before taking over as Arizona Attorney General, Big Sis and RINO Joe held a press conference together in which she let him off with a wrist slap? Is it true or is it false that in Big Sis’s very next election — this time for Governor — RINO Joe betrayed the Republican Party, endorsed Big Sis, made a commercial for her, and fought against Republican Matt Salmon? And didn’t she barely squeak by with a mere 11,000 votes out of millions cast? Was there a corrupt bargain there? You decide. To me, 2 and 2 makes 4, and always will, regardless of how hard some fool can thunder at illegal aliens.

    As for you Hamilcar, RINO Joe is doing nothing real to protect us from illegal immigration. His stunts are a spit in the ocean. All real Americans grieve deeply for the patrolman killed by the illegal, or the family of the fallen killed by an illegal drunk driver, or for anyone else harmed in any way by an illegal alien. If you really want to do something about it, re-read my first point.

    I never will support a Benedict Arnold to the Republican Party. You Rio Lindistas may be dumb enough to do so. Not me.

  14. alicia gegner says

    Joe collects illegals. The left complains. Joe collects more illegals. The left investigates him. Joe collects even more illegals, and people climb out from under rocks claiming Joe is not protecting us from illegals.

    Think logically and explain to all of us how Joe can be not rounding up enough illegals when is he incarcerating so many, the McCain/Obama/La Raza/cheap labor crowd are screaming from the rafters using every filthy trick they can to make Joe go away.

    Our sheriff must be doing everything right to be creating such a furor. Note that the slimeballs who are out to get him never say one single word about the five miscreants posing as our Board of Supervisors, and we KNOW those people have their hands in the cooky jar as well as in all sorts of other places where hands do not belong.

    One wag suggests we erect a real border fence, send in the national guard and establish nationwide fines against employers. These are great ideas, but not one of them is within the jurisdiction of a Maricopa County sheriff, no matter how tough he is. Let’s get real, people.

  15. Arizona Ranger says

    Sheriff Arpaio is no saint and has made several major blunders in his career as the Sheriff of Maricopa County. But….we accept and forgive him. Why? Because he is one the very FEW elected officials that are trying to support our system of law and apprehend illegal aliens. Many people may question his actions, but no can ever question his motive. He is a man of trust and honor…..a description that ever so few elected officials can lay claim to. Since we DID elect him, we support him and his entire department. Do we watch him and make sure that everything he does is indeed legal..yes! But again, of all of the elected officials that Arizona has ever seen, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of the most honest, hard-working, motivated, and patriotic persons we could be blessed with.
    Joe, we DO support you and will continue to support you. Keep up the good work and may God Bless you.

  16. James Davidson says


    I have no use for the Board of Supervisors, but they were not the subject of the article leading in to these posts. If you want to jump on them, start a lead in and I’ll add my two cents.

    I noticed you did not refute a single word that this “wag” wrote about RINO Joe and his betrayal of the Republican Party and his gift of Big Sis and bankruptcy to the rest of us.

    Did he promise to run for one term only and then promptly break the promise? Well . . . .

    Did he hold the press conference with Big Sis in 1998 or not? Well . . .

    Did she let him off the hook at the press conference or not? Well . . . .

    Did he not endorse her against Matt Salmon, make a commercial for Big Sis, fight against Salmon, and put her over the top? Well . . . .

    Was that a corrupt bargain? Well . . .

    My point exactly, Alicia, is that what RINO Joe does against illegals amounts to as much as gas in a windstorm. He is milking it for the publicity.

    What has he done about real crimes committed by the drug cartel right here in this county? Well . . . .

    No one can stop illegal immigration without a real fence at the border, the army or national guard backing it up, and huge fines nationally for companies that knowingly hire illegal aliens. Let’s get after that. Send a message to McCain and vote against him. That’s my plan, if we get a choice in the primary.

    It’s time for all you in Rio Linda to ‘fess up. RINO Joe has conned you with his stunts. As I wrote before, you Rio Lindistas may be dumb enough to fall for it. Even with half my brain tied behind my back I can see right through the phony.

  17. GOP Boomer Gal says


    Re: the use of Rushisms…Rush LOVES Arpaio, just saying….

  18. James Davidson says

    Boomer Gal,

    But even Rush is only right 99.4% of the time. RINO Joe falls into the 0.6%.

  19. My point of view says

    Those that defend him can no longer claim he is the “only” one that enforces the law. He has admitted other municipalities are the ones that actually arrest the illegals. Just because his jail processes them and finds their legal status doesn’t mean he is “doing” anything.

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