The Scott heard ’round the world – Even here in Arizona!

The insurgency against “fundamentally changing America” has begun!

With the victory tonight in Massachusetts, the “Progressive’s” effort to “fundamentally” socialize America has been derailed!

Democrats (and even incumbents) across the country need to be very afraid as conservatives and independent voters who are now leaning right of center, are out for “political blood.”

Here in Arizona, even our own incumbent Republicans should not take it for granted that they are in good favor with the voters. Governor Brewer should expect to face an extremely difficult primary by challenger John Munger and man on a mission, Dean Martin, who has been warning for over a year of the impending Arizona budget doom.

Democrats in supposedly “safe” districts should now take heed as insurgent-backed conservative candidates like Ruth McClung and Janet Contreras wage ground-level campaigns against incumbents, ultra-liberal Raul Grijalva, and deeply submerged, Ed Pastor. The best and most tangible consequence of the Massachusetts miracle would be for both these women to receive the full-fledged support of tea party activists and anyone intolerable of the status quo.

Kirkpatrick, Mitchell and Giffords can also expect the same type of beating from whoever wins the GOP primaries in their districts.

If fiction can become cold hard reality in a place like Massachusetts – the bluest of blue states in the union – it can even happen in Arizona’s purple districts.

Finally, Senator McCain should not take it for granted that “this is his time” despite his best efforts to give the perception he is leading the charge. This is no longer his battle. This is the people’s battle now – those who have tirelessly worked, protested and waited for battleground days as today. The people want fresher angrier people from among their midst to wage this war of ideas. Old warriors step aside. New warriors have arrived and it is their time.


  1. It’s odd how you decry Senator McCain while revelling in Scott Brown’s victory, and Scott Brown took the time to personally thank Senator McCain in his speech. Only McCain and Romney got shout-outs in the speech. You may want to rethink you position, Shane.

    “I’ll never forget the help of another man who took the time to meet with me months ago – who told me I could win, and gave me confidence for the fight. It was all so characteristic of a truly great and heroic American, and tonight I thank my new colleague, Senator John McCain.”

    – Senator Scott Brown

  2. It’s time for the old warrior to retire. His fire is gone, his horses are tired, his head is weary. He’s served his country. It’s time for new leadership.

  3. I disagree about his fire being gone. Have you seen him on the floor of the Senate AT ALL in the past year? He’s more fired up than ever. If you have a better reason for him to retire than “lack of energy”, I’d gladly respect your point of view. But, if you’re telling me that John McCain is tired and weary, I can’t respect your point of view, because nothing is further from the truth.

    What’s the real reason??

  4. Don’t get me wrong– I want to be clear– I read this blog all the time and respect what you write. What I am saying is that I don’t see how anyone could say John McCain is “tired” and “weary.” I don’t want you to think I’m attacking you, because I am not…

  5. I do think he sounds tired and weary in his radio ads.

  6. McCain is acting all fired up because he’s fighting for his political life, but the poor old guy just wants to keep his job, nothing more. When you’ve got hundreds of millions of dollars, you’re not used to losing, and after blowing it big time in 2008, losing again in 2010 is too much to think about for him, so he’s suddenly “energized” and “conservative”. Won’t get fooled again. Thank you for your years of service, 40 years ago. Now please go away so we can try to miss you.

  7. Warrior,

    I will give you a reason why John McCain should be retired. When he is in Washington, he does not represent the values of Arizonans. He has a huge cache of money and name ID, but Arizonans do not want illegals to be given amnesty under any name. Arizonans do not support restrictions on free speech like McCain-Feingold. Arizonans do not support his mean and personal purges against anyone who disagrees with him.

    His statement that the Party Platform is of no value and should not be even considered because no one in the country has even read it demonstrates his “divine right” mentality. He does not listen to the grass roots and if Massachusetts said anything yesterday, it was listen to us, we are who put you in office and you are there to represent us. John McCain does not understand that principle.

  8. Change we can believe in!

    Now let’s get a real Republican elected to our Senate seat. Go get some rest johnny boy, Arizona is on to you.

  9. I”l give you two reasons why John has to go:
    2. McCain/Kennedy
    Two HORRIBLE pieces of legislation that cannot be forgiven.

  10. I am excited for Ruth McClung! We finally have a true conservative, an intelligent and extremely capable woman, ready to move at a time when her brand of governance is so greatly needed AND wanted! The time in the wilderness can be over…when conservatives have no voice in the House and depend on others to do our work.

    Let us look to what we can do not just what we can un-do. Waaaaaay too much energy obligated, or hijacked, to one race. Look how this post got turned into a Johnny-one-note (nice pun, huh) thread!

    We have a serious chance to capture CD1, CD3, CD8, and CD7! Let us not squander this opportunity by defeating ourselves.

  11. Maybe Obama can come to Arizona and stump for John McStain or Gabby or Ann or,or,or…

  12. And again…my point is well supported and illustrated by my friends.

  13. While I’m happy for Massachusetts because they definitely traded up, we have it so much better here with two great conservative senators who have a great track record of protecting life. Massachusetts still does not have that in either senator.

  14. Our senators protect life, that is good. They also protect amnesty, that is not good. McCain does not support drilling in our own country. He will go back to his version of cap and trade when he is not running for office. He needs to go.

  15. honest abe says

    John Q, Seems interesting that the one and only Senator to step up and help Scott Brown was John McCain.I didn’t hear Brown offer any other Senator a thank you. McCain is busy fighting for all of us everyday.

    The very reason the GOP has it’s own set of problems in getting Republican’s elected is because of people just like you. I’ll bet most on this blog are excited that Brown won last night.

    Now, if you stop and think about it, he is Pro Choice, supports Gay Marriage and is guided by his own convictions that would make most of you uncomfortable and likely to vote against him if you were able …
    Yet, today, most of us are very pleased with yesterday’s result.

  16. For once Klute and I agreed. We both picked Brown by 5.

    I think i am right again when i say that Governor Brewer better hire the same consultants as Brown if she wants a chance to win. So far her plan of acting like a fool is not working to well.

    BTW McShame needs to go NOW! His ridiculous ads on the radio only make him look more petty. Now we can all see what Palin must have gone through.

    For the love of God and country please JD run against McStain we NEED YOU NOW!

  17. “and is guided by his own convictions that would make most of you uncomfortable and likely to vote against him if you were able …”

    Heh. Everyone hates people who support killing babies until they’ve got an (R) next to their name.

  18. “For once Klute and I agreed. We both picked Brown by 5.”

    I thought we said four, but yeah, we’re on the same page, although I imagine for different reasons.

    There’s going to be a lot of soul-searching on the left, but this isn’t going to be a repeat of the Clinton years where we just rolled over. The one lesson I hope Obama has learned is that bi-partisanship earns you exactly zilch, and if he wants to get things done, he’s gonna have to excite his base the same way the teabaggers have: no compromise, no surrender, and to quote John Paul Jones, we have yet begun to fight.

  19. For the love of all things holy John Q. and DeAnn, Senator McCain has NEVER supported amnesty. And for his spark, have you seen him on CSPAN, or any given TV station on any given day, or any of the many townhalls? He is as fired up and energized as I’ve ever seen him. It’s a spark that comes from fighting for what is right as the left is trying to ruin what is America.

  20. And it appears that Our Lady of the Caribou is throwing in with McCain:

    So, get ready to pull that lever for McCain!

  21. honest abe says

    As for Sarah Palin, I just heard on CNN a few minutes ago, she is headed to Arizona for a rally. John McCain wants to help all Arizona Republican candidates in the general, get elected.

  22. People are very angry, but not all for the same reasons. Obama hasn’t done much to push through an agenda that fundamentally changes anything and I think many are disappointed by this. I don’t know if the Democrats even know how to do that anymore

  23. honest abe says

    The win last night was a real game changer. Thank Senator McCain for getting behind Scott Brown and bringing about an upset to the Democrats that will go down in history as the ” VOTE THAT CHANGED IT ALL”.

  24. While we’re thanking Senator McCain for Scott Brown, we can also thank him for Sarah Palin.

  25. Amen Travis & Honest Abe! While everyone is enjoying the victory of Scott Brown, and continuing to enjoy everything that is Sarah Palin, what is the commonality between the two?

    John McCain, simple as that.

  26. How can you say John McCain is against drilling in our country? Did you not pay attention at all during the campaign? He said, EVERY DAY “Drill here and DRILL NOW!” He was against drilling when oil was $13 a barrel because it made no sense would have done more harm with potential spills versus the potential to drive down the cost of a barrel to $12.00

    Since oil went up, he is all for drilling. Get your facts straight before you attack someone.

    And as for “amnesty,” let’s look at the position on immigration. 1) Secure the boarder first 2) make all illegals pay fines for being here 3) make all illegals pay back taxes 4) any illegals who committed any crimes besides being here illegally will be deported 5) after 13 years on a Z-visa and learning English, you can apply for citizenship.

    This is a lot better than the Reagan blanket Amnesty of 1986. Get with the program, learn to think for yourself, and stop pumping out talking points from the radio. Glen Beck is not the authority on American policy or our Senator’s record. Thanks.

  27. Warrior:

    Yeah, and the fines would be picked up by McCain’s “Burger Baron” supporters along with the CofC.

    A few hundred bucks per person is chump change to keep them here and let the Dems put them on the rolls!

    If you don’t believe me, look Westward at the California template which was forged by Simpson-Mazzoli in ’87.

    McCain-Kennedy was based on it, and reflects “The John’s” Big Tent, reach out to the left basic instincts.

    Of course his tune changes every six years when he has to tell the “booboisee” want it wants to hear!

    But my RINO and Banana Republican friends, the game is up!

  28. Conservatives who are considering who to vote for should compare the arguments made here. The mean, hateful, irrational arguments against McCain and the points made for him are illustrated here.

    There is no defense of McCainFeingold or McCainKennedy, but the hypocrisy of the 100-percenters who excuse deficits for their own candidates, but are intolerant of a few randomly selected Republicans is interesting.

  29. Yes, pay attention to all the anger directed at McCain. There is a reason for it! Time to flush this John too.

  30. McCain’s problem is that he has betrayed the people of this state on the legislation he has written and/or supported. We know it, and haven’t forgotten it either.

    The fact that he is doing these commercials on KFYI and is bringing in Palin to campaign for him, shows that he is nervous. As he should be. Time for new blood. He needs to go.

  31. Carlist,

    But the fines are several thousand dollars according to the text of the bill, not a few hundred. That’s a big difference, no?

    Compare Reagan’s complete Amnesty to what was proposed– and please remember, while in the Senate it was the McCain-Kennedy Bill, this bill was really the brainchild of the White House and supported by President George W.Bush.

    It’s SO MUCH BETTER than the Reagan amnesty of ’86. That was blanket, this has consequences.

    – 8 year wait for green card
    – $2,000 fine
    – Back Taxes
    – Deport Criminals (excepting immigration)
    – Required to be in his/her country of origin when applying for greencard
    – Ended “Family Reunification”- can’t bring in non-Citizens after attaining greencard status

  32. McCain’s anti J.D. ad says J.D. is a big spender. And this from the man who voted for the bailout. Not only voted for it, but stopped his campaign for President and helped pass it.
    And to those who say he wants to drill in his own country. How quick you forget. It was Sarah who wanted to drill, she even joked about trying to change McCain’s mind. And of course he wanted amnesty and cap and trade. He has just “changed” his mind because he knows he can’t get elected thinking that way. He will go back to his real beliefs as soon as he is re-elected.

  33. DeAnn,

    You are way off. Allow me to take this moment as “teachable” one and correct your wrong assertions.

    1) McCain has been for drilling since before Sarah Palin was his runningmate, but he was and remains against drilling in ANWAR. Your assertion that he’s against drilling is completely false.

    2)I’ve already defunct your bogus “Amnesty” argument. I must assume you don’t know what amnesty is. Let me re-assert that AMNESTY is NOT:

    – – 8 year wait for green card
    – $2,000 fine
    – Back Taxes
    – Deport Criminals (excepting immigration)
    – Required to be in his/her country of origin when applying for green card

    3) The TARP funds requested by President George W. Bush was arguably needed. BUT THE $1TRILLION STIMULUS OBAMA PASSED WAS NOT NEEDED AND WAS A WASTE and NOBODY fought against it harder than John McCain.

    DeAnn, but that’s cool. You either refuse to acknowledge the truth or you don’t understand it. Either way, to see things your way would require a willing suspesion of disbelief.


  34. Great commentary from Republican Professionals Leader on their Facebook Group Page:


    Dear Out-of-Touch Politician,

    Yesterday was not just a victory for Scott Brown, it was also a victory for the people of Massachusetts and for Americans all across our great country.

    Let this triumphant repudiation of Obama’s and Washington Democrats’ fiscal, economic and cultural policies resonate its message loud and clear: Americans of all political persuasions are uniting against your efforts!

    You squandered our trust. You ignored our will. You lied.

    And now, the people want their seats back!

    We will no longer stand idly by and let self-serving politicians like yourselves force atrocious legislation down our throats, burdening us with more taxes and indebting our children’s future. We will not tolerate irresponsible, ineffectual and bribe-laden healthcare bills!

    Harry Reid, enjoy your early retirement. Watch out Harry Mitchell, Ann Kirkpatrick and Gabby Giffords: we are coming for you next!

    -Ryan Ducharme
    Co-founder, Republican Professionals

  35. Andy,

    Now THAT is a statement I can get behind!

    “I can’t wait until I introduce her to Washington. And let me offer an advance warning to the old, big spending, do nothing, me first, country second Washington crowd: Change is coming.” – John McCain on Sarah Palin, 2008

  36. JD Hayworth is not a “new” warrior? NOT!

  37. JD Hayworth was a grade A, budget busting, special interest loving, pork hound when he was on the Ways and Means committee in his last years in Congress. Anyone who claims JD is a conservative anymore is full of sh*t. JD may have been conservative in 1994 but by 2006 he was a big government money waster. JD is conservative on the radio only.

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