The Room for Closed Minds

A quick follow-up on the Obama speech to government school students earlier this week.

This morning, the Barry Young show (KFYI-550) reported that two separate uncorroborated incidents of student stigmatization had occurred at two different schools. Apparently, some schools have chosen to re-show the Obama speech today on the anniversary of September 11th. Students who chose to opt-out of the speech were told they could go to “the room for closed minds” by their teachers.

We know that there is a covert and even overt liberal indoctrination taking place in many of the government-run schools but can it be so bad that teachers are now using the same vernacular to ostracize students who disagree with the Cult of Obama?

We would like to have your comments on this and if anyone else has also experienced the same stigmatization.


  1. We need to identify those teachers (if the reports are true) and have them attend sensitivity training (after publicly apologizing to the respective students).

  2. Remember 911 Day says

    We also need to identify those schools and put some heat on the school board……

  3. I heard, that after he spoke, Obama sucked the brains out of the 3 smartest students!!! Then flew off on a giant luck dragon and terrorized the Congress.

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    Sandra, he needed to suck somebodies brains, he certainly doesn’t have one of his own.

  5. Validation anyone?

    I heard from a neighbor that her co-worker’s nail tech’s niece had a teacher in a government run school…actually hold class and affect learning!

    ENOUGH ALREADY! When does common sense prevail?

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