The Rick Romley sycophants

Looks like former county attorney Rick Romley has his supporters out in full force attacking his critics for him in the comments after the Political Insider’s piece, which pointed out that he doesn’t have the support of current county attorney Thomas and Sheriff Arpaio. Makes you wonder the obvious – why doesn’t he just quit attacking them in the first place?


  1. George the AZ Buckeye says

    Oh, yes, the vast right wing conspiracy has been sicced on Baby Andy and Granpa Joe.

    If the Katzenjammer Kids would stay out of punditry and stick to the show biz they know best, life would be a lot simpler.

  2. The problem with Romley is he’s never been much of a principled Republican, which is part of the reason why he’s having problems now with Arpaio and Thomas. His associations with Democrats like Terry Goddard and Harry Mitchell are becoming known at the same time he is criticizing Arpaio and Thomas for their tougher stances on crime. The Arizona Republic had a couple of articles today from the Economist noting that Phoenix overall is going downhill and that crime is on the rise – particularly burglary and car theft. The Romley soft on crime approach didn’t work and if anything, is evidence we need to toughen up our crime laws now, not relax them.

  3. George the AZ Buckeye says

    I just don’t follow Frank G’s argument. In what way(s) was Romley outside of Republican principles? Does the fact that he works with Dems make him unprincipled? Working wit Dems is practical; endorsing Dems (like Arpaio did Napolitano over Salmon) is violating Republican principles.

    But if principles are important (as they are to me), then how can Thomas and Arpaio be defended? They’re just a couple of populists, tailoring their PR to appeal to those who skim the papers and watch TV news. Principled, consistent law enforcement has been sidelined in favor of media impact. That’s not too principled, I’d say.

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