The Republic of Arizona

There is a discussion taking place among some Arizonans to depart dramatically from the agenda of the new socialist federal government. This should come as no surprise as other “red states” are also tossing variations on the idea around. Last month, Texas Governor Rick Perry did not condemn the idea and now we hear that Oklahomans are restless in their distrust, dismay and disgust with the federal government (“House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty“).

If Arizona were to in fact embark on a course of secession, fear not, the new republic would be able to stand on her own financially. An elimination of the income tax and dramatic reduction in the corporate tax would draw individuals and businesses to the new republic in droves. Tourism would also continue to thrive with our majestic Grand Canyon, Mogollon rim high country and Sonoran desert. But I would make one go-no-go suggestion. Approach the Governor of Sonora Mexico and request to extend the Arizona-Mexico border directly  due west (at 31.332140, -111.074230) to extend to the Gulf of California. In doing so, this would provide Arizona with both a southern riviera and open access to the Pacific Ocean. Imagine the amount of wealth Arizona could create with the additional tourism and commerce obtained and developed by annexing the additional land.

Republic of ArizonaNow before you completely dismiss the idea of a sovereign Republic of Arizona, how many of you would have ever expected the brash and blatant disregard of states’ rights by this federal government? How many of you expected the internationalization of the United States by this Administration? The country is more divided than ever as this federal government seeks to socialize industry, financial institutions, health care, energy, you name it. And if you think the idea of an Arizona seaport is a little wacky, consider that the public policy group, Imagine Arizona headed by John Munger, has also called on the same idea – “Port of Arizona” – minus the official border realignment.

I would argue that if the federal government continues to reshape this country in the image of an internationally-intwined, socialist nation state, we can expect the issue of a sovereign Arizona Republic to gain popularity with historically independent-minded Arizonans.

Finally, a disclaimer: This author and post categorically denies any association with any racist, confederate, militia or xenophobic organizations.



  1. This is a joke, right?

  2. Sure Klute :P, I’m just messing with you!

  3. At least the Arizona Republic wouldn’t have to change its name.

  4. Just making sure, because the idea of two sovereign nations saying “OK, a small minority of your population disagrees with the current president’s policies – here, have some free land” is retarded.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    a small minority of your population disagrees with the current president’s

    Come out of your bubble oh liberal one… the Obamanation won by what, 7.5 million votes. There are still 49% of the population who very much dislike the man.

    Saying it long enough or loud enough doesn’t make it the truth. Perhaps its time to think about deconstruction the country so we can reconstruct it into suitable republics?

  6. Sure, get me all excited and then say you’re only kidding. I’m still thinking of the Arizona Riviera–and the debt we’ll have to pay for with the Obama plan.

  7. OK, let’s go to Fox – I think we can all agree that it’s probably the least likely to be infiltrated by George Soros’ crack thought commandos, right?

    “FOX News Poll: Obama’s First 100 Days
    A majority of Americans approve of the job President Obama is doing, are satisfied with what he has accomplished so far and think he is keeping his promises, according to a FOX News poll of Obama’s first 100 days.”

    There’s a link to the raw data, so you can see how wrong you are, but suffice it to say, it’s very good for the President, and not so good for you.

    Here’s something interesting:

    “The president’s approval is nearly identical to the job rating George W. Bush received at the same point in his first term, as 63 percent of Americans approved and 22 percent disapproved (April 18-19, 2001). One noticeable difference is that approval of Obama is much more divided along partisan lines today than Bush’s ratings were eight years ago.”

    Funny, I don’t recall calls for secession coming from the left at this point in the Bush presidency (or any calls ever from a “serious” person like a governor).

    I guess Treason Season’s starting early, to quote Kent Brockman.

  8. From the Wall Street Journal late last year:

    “As if Things Weren’t Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.”

    Quote: “Americans hope President-elect Barack Obama “can work miracles,” he wrote. “But when spring comes, it will be clear that there are no miracles.”

  9. Oh, and the actual number in case you’re afraid to look:

    62% Approve
    29% Disapprove
    8% Don’t Know

    So yeah – minority. Small minority if you look at the far ends of the statistical deviation.

    And for the record, the United States doesn’t need to be constructed. It needs to be strengthened. Anyone who thinks about secession is a traitor to this country, and I mean that with all seriousness.

  10. And boy, who could go wrong with listening to a Russian scholar, right?

  11. I would prefer not to secede from the Union.
    Having said that, anyone who does not recognize the outright violence this President and his allies in Congress are perpetrating against the Constitution, is either a fool, or a partisan who values party over country.
    If a Liberal agenda is what you desire, is it too much to ask that you actually “amend” the Constitution properly, rather than run over it rough-shod?
    If you can’t win by playing by the rules, then just lie, obfuscate, and blame someone else.
    Or is it true that most Americans, when they finally see the results of your foolishness in about 18 months, will regret giving such fools the keys to the government and throw you all out!

  12. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Is it absolutely impossible to think this might happen? No, I give it a .001% chance of happening. Many great empires in history have crumbled, cracked, and fallen apart.

    That being said, succession is not that easy! What about a military to protect us? Will we just freeride on what’s left of the U.S. military? What about other financial burdens the state would have to bear? This is a far fetched idea- and one that should never be taken seriously.

    To me, suggesting such a thing is to admit that conservatives have lost the war of ideas. We would be conceding victory to our liberal friends and their socialist way of thinking. Just a few years ago, liberals at the fringe might have suggested doing the same thing (succeeding). Now, just a few years later, their agenda dominates the political arena. We’ll have our turn again. We just need to learn how to make the concepts of conservatism palatable to the American people once again.

  13. This argument would carry more weight if these same legislatures and pols were suggesting the same thing 4 years ago (or three or six …). I don’t see how the current president is any more or less perpetrating violence against the Constitution than the last one. This leads me to believe this has less to do with those issues and more to do with which party happens to be shredding the constitution.

  14. How ’bout a local snapshot, VV?

    Poll: County residents approve of Obama

    Only 1/5th responded that Obama was doing poor/very poor. This is in the epicenter of the Tea Party Zone.

    I know I’m kinda beating a dead horse with this, but VV, I think it’s important to realize that statements like this: “There are still 49% of the population who very much dislike the man” is why the GOP’s in the position it’s in. You don’t get the mood of the country.

    And to DSW, I said “retarded” earlier, and I really hate it when I say that. 1. It’s implying more than I wanted to say (which is just that the idea of Mexico and the US letting go of Sonoran and Arizona is silly) and 2. it’s hateful, which is not where I’m coming at – so I apologize for that.

  15. Mike Norton says

    I thought this was a good idea when I read it…

  16. Goodbye!

  17. Veritas Vincit says

    there you go again Klute… posting without citation of date, survey stats or margin of error.

    For all we know you’re posting the day after inauguration numbers in #9 above. For all we know that’s a CNN poll of registered minority voters in Chicago.

    Keep saying it loud and long enough… that’s your mantra?

    49% you assert have converted to the Church of Obamanation? I doubt it very much. Keep listening to the media – or is that the propaganda ministry?

  18. Veritas Vincit says

    Actually Gallup is reporting over time an approval rating of between 59% and 68% overall.

  19. VV,

    Is Chewie’s reading comphrension problem communicable?

    I said:

    “OK, let’s go to Fox – I think we can all agree that it’s probably the least likely to be infiltrated by George Soros’ crack thought commandos, right?”

    And then the link states the date – 4/24.


    The numbers:

    62% Approve
    29% Disapprove
    8% Don’t Know

    I’m not making this stuff up. It’s not coming from a left-wing outfit. Your own post you put up today shows his popularity among everyone but the Mormons.

    You’re putting your fingers in your ears and shouting “LA LA LA LA”. That’s fine. That just means more electoral victories in the short term for my team.

  20. Jeffrey Casner says

    I’m all for secession! The only chance to save the country is to allow the states that dont want there freedoms taken away and beable to live under the Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers. The secess of the states that would govern based on the constitution thats made this the greatest country in the world can be the only chance to pull the states out of the hole that this soicialist progessive addmin in DC is leading them to. Our Constitution and bill of rights have been under attack since the early 1900s under the leadership of Woodrow Wilson,FDR,and Truman. Which has lead the way for this power grab out of control Government to destroy this country.

  21. I came here to do some research and get some citations but this ‘opinion’ has damaged all credibility of this blog.

  22. YeS, let’s get out NOW. Our government should be LOCAL. This is no country for old men or LIBERALS. You are excused … you may leave any time now.

  23. There really is a place that you can sink you teeth into. We are real, we do not condone violence in any form or fashion. We have a REMEDY for all that we go through via the defacto government. The United States government is a corporation and we can prove it! We have all the pieces in place to have our own dejure Republic that will return the PEOPLE to there rightful sovereign places. Have Doubts? Look us up!!

  24. You can find us at

    also at

    I encourage you to seek us out and see that we are for real.
    I can be reached at if you have any questions! Please come and join us!! My name is Montie Wells
    Arizona’s Ambassador for the Republic !

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