The Real Winner of Miss USA

Long after the 2009 Miss USA contest is over, everyone will remember the real winner of the Miss USA contest, Miss California, Carrie Prejean.

She was denied the crown because she spoke her values, faith, character and committment to traditional marriage.

The BGLT community should be ashamed of itself and unfortunately, will experience a backlash against bigots like “Perez Hilton.”


  1. That makes for a nice soundbite for her to keep her name in the news and start the inevitable TV career but let’s look at the facts. She placed third in scoring on the swimsuit competition and second in the evening gown competition. Both of her scores were well behind Miss North Carolina’s scores. NC would have to have stumbled in her answer and CA would have had to get her answer perfect to win. Even if she expressed support for gays, calling it “opposite marriage” instead of traditional or heterosexual marriage hurt her.

    In the end, though, what does it matter? Posing nude may have cost Vanessa Williams the Miss America crown but it’s done nothing to hurt her singing and acting careers.

  2. He expressed his opinion and she expressed hers, I think she definitely took the high road when it came to his attacks but I generally think this should be the end of this. It is 2 peoples opinions on the matter who are not going to sway public opinion one way or the other.

    By even posting this stuff and talking about Perez Hilton you are giving him more attention than he deserves.

  3. “The BGLT community should be ashamed of itself and unfortunately, will experience a backlash against bigots like ‘Perez Hilton.'”

    Yeah, that’ll be weird, because already society is so tolerant and accepting of gays and lesbians.

  4. Sad fact, Perez had a point at the tactful way to answer, but then, HE was an idiot and sunk to rudeness.

    I loathe pageants and would not be the first to not any woman that allows a bikini to be part of a competition of value and merit. I am glad that in spite of her being a cookie cutter, she chooses to defend her values when it matters. Let’s hope she isn’t with the Kardashians next week, or trying to get on the Bachelor or something the week after that

  5. that was NOTE — my e sticks 🙂

  6. 2keyboards says

    Right, Klute. Gays and Lesbians aren’t allowed to use the word marriage, so that means that we have completely discriminated against them in all things, in every way, shape or form.

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    No Gayle, I didn’t mention this to you earlier, but the clown had no point. He was demanding that Miss California use ‘Politically Correct Speak’ to answer the question.

    She answered the question directly and he blew a gasket.

    Klute, skim the GLBT media over the past few years and use a “hit” or keyword criteria to track. See how many editorials, opinion segments and commentaries use the topic of “more involved” or “more active” along those themes.

    What I found, and its not a scientific study, but an issues management technique often used in politics, was to look at how many gay media writers bemoan, complain, accuse or cajole their readers to “become more involved” in the marriage issue.

    I have no idea what state you may be in, but here in Arizona twice the gay marriage issue failed completely. We can compare notes, but I suspect you already know how many states have already addressed the matter to the disappointment of the GLBT community.

    Why not simply allow a civic legal creation (civil unions is fine) to grant similar civic benefits to GLBT’s?

    And you are aware of this as are many other folks, that a gay couple can obtain nearly exactly the same benefits as a married couple already – its just not called “marriage”.

    Why does that minority within a minority insist on being in everyone’s face and having their unions called a “marriage”?

    And why is the Republican Party even considering this non-issue?

  8. Simon says: says

    I have met Mr. Simcox and he is very smart and very well spoken and very well dressed and personable. Why is he obviously so BONKERS as to be a fringe candidate against an unbeatable incumbent? He could run for something a step lower where he could win. Who is his confidante… Ron Haney??? I was at my Lion’s club this week and had an excellent BLT. It did not make me think at all about anything except young, blonde, rich girls who don’t know the value of work. If we actually had real “class warfare” we would do the unthinkable: drag all the super-rich out of their homes and stick their heads in a Guillotine.

  9. Time For a Change says

    Johnny, Auntief and the rest,

    Calling her a”dumb bitch” because she disagrees with him is not expressing his opinion. You probably thought Ike Turner was “expressing his opinion” with Tina during their marriage.

  10. 2keyboards,

    When calling someone a “fag” is still an acceptable insult, when it’s still legal in some places to fire someone for being gay, or when they can’t serve their country and be who they are at the same time, yeah – they’re discriminated against.

    I’ll let Sgt. Leonard Matlovich have the last word.

  11. 2keyboards says

    And when calling someone a “dumb b****” for stating her opinion after being asked directly for it, when a Christian can’t pray for themselves in a school setting, and when parents can’t teach their children the values they hold without being told it’s discriminatory, you’re right. Discrimination does exist.

  12. Time,

    Please re-read my initial comment. I said absolutely nothing about Perez Hilton. I simply stated the fact that she did not lose the competition because she expressed her belief in traditional marriage. She lost the competition well before the interview portion even began.

    Second, there is a vast difference between calling someone a name and hitting them. Perez Hilton was rude. Ike Turner was violent. Please learn the difference before you make a fool of yourself again.

  13. Time,

    How dumb do you have to be to not know the difference between words and actually hitting someone.

    You can’t even say he verbally abused her, calling someone a bitch is language that is used on ALL stations, even fox, nbc and bc have primetime shows where it is used. It is ridiculous on your part to compare physical abuse to what someone said.

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