The other race.

A lot has been written about the election for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. There is also a contested race for the position of treasurer. As we understand there are two candidates: Timothy Lee and Horst Kraus. We are not aware of official web sites for their campaigns but they both have web pages for their work. Mr. Lee has a property management firm in Casa Grande. Mr. Kraus has a (notice – the following site contains images of nudity) clothing optional resort north of Phoenix.

Many delegates report having received a mailing from Mr. Lee. We have not heard anything about a mailing from Mr. Kraus.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Okay, I didn’t really need to see THAT! And I supposed I’ll be called old fashioned, but pictures of naked men hanging out with naked kids still bothers me. I’m sure I’ll hear lots about everyone being good, healthy, decent, law-abiding, nature loving people… But it still doesn’t look right…

  2. You were warned.

  3. Just followed the link to the site of Horst Kraus’s business, Shangri La (Nudist) Resort.

    And to think my Democrat neighbor across the street tells me Republicans are stuffy!

    Krause’s website states: “We are a family friendly facility that welcome everyone interested in naturism.” From what I saw, naturism certaninly isn’t horticulture! Silly me!

    Is this what is meant by the Big Tent of the Republican party?

  4. I guess it was too big for Mark Foley, who called for an investigation.

  5. STS…..I agree with you!

  6. I can just read the headlines in the Republic, “Republican treasurer and nudist activist, Horst Kraus, calls for transparency in GOP finances…”

    You know every headline and newstory will include some quip about nudity.

  7. Nightcrawler says

    Newly elected Republican Treasurer Horst Kraus stated that from this day forward all financial reports would be limited to single digits. The new Treasurer, a keen observer of minutia decided to lay down the bare facts of his new responsibilities. During his term excessive rounding would be strictly forbidden, instead, all numbers would be displayed in their natural state. Mr. Kraus hopes that other fellow Republicans shed their numerical inhibitions and join him on a quest to make this community more receptive to other views of points.

    Kraus you have my vote, this is just too good to pass up.

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Forget it y’all… If Ann and I can agree on a race, then its in the bag (don’t go there Nightcrawler!)

    Unite the clans! And put some clothes on…

  9. Nightcrawler says

    Very well STS, just one more for the road…

    I support Horst Kraus for Treasurer because…

    1) He does more with less.

    2) He has a thicker skin than his opponent.

    3) He is certainly used to the exposure.

  10. Kraus runs a nudist camp. Not only that, but he’s run a TEEN Nudist Camp there for years. He states that teens camping nude together is a good thing for kids.

    What a pervert.

    He shouldn’t be considered for office in the state Republican Party, he should be considered for criminal charges or, at the very least, intensive counseling.

  11. I’m assuming that Horst practices a “you can look but don’t touch” policy?

  12. As I am reading some of the replies I can’t help but remember a midsummer day about seventy years ago.
    About the time when I was five years young my parents sent me off to kindergarten. It was a hybrid between Bible School, Pre School and Daycare Center and it was operated by the Lutheran Synod and affiliated with the Church that my family went to.
    One day, Freddy an other five year old spread the word that he had some earthshaking news and that we all should gather around the old chestnut tree during next recess and he would clue us in. We were strictly a boy’s only class as the operators of the establishment had separated the genders for reasons of their own.
    As we joined Freddy, he told us he had gone to the baby room while his Mom changed the diapers on his newly born baby sister and he discovered that girl look different than boys but only from the waste down. He assured us that this was God’s honest truth; he saw it with its own eyes.
    Some of our classmates, those who had siblings left the group with remarks like: “Big Deal” or “So What”, except Karl Mayer the class bully started a fight with Freddy for making up stories and pulling his leg.
    It was smart Jimmy, the class nerd that saved the day when he announced that he encountered a similar sighting and he was so concerned that he brought it to his mother’s attention for he surmised she may not have been aware of such obvious difference.
    Mama so he said, told him not to worry and that sissy would be whole and grow one as she grew up.
    Well, that settled the matter and we all, greatly relieved, went back to class.
    I have always found that growing up can be so very rewarding especially to those that have been granted the gift to mature along the way.
    Horst Kraus

  13. Mr. Kraus, sir.. I appreciate your ability to overcome what the rest of us obviously have not, but respectfully…neither do I want to. I shared the interesting story with my less political husband…who did not believe me…..I showed him the post and the link to your site, he clicked on a link…OMIGOSH!

    Again, in agreement with STS…call me old fashioned, a prude, whatever but really…. naked teens! I have raised 4 teenagers (split, 2 & 2) and I don’t care what kind of environment they are raised in, in today’s age with the influence of the world…. when left naked in mixed company….they will think about sex! Now we have a whole ‘nuther debate.

  14. Nightcrawler says


    As I mentioned earler, you have my vote. Not because of your business, but rather for all the hard work you have contributed to the Party in the last few years. I know you are a good man and have lived the American Dream. Most people, including myself, just don’t get it. Thank you for being a good sport.

  15. Smart Voter says

    If the “American Dream” includes incorporation of a business venture that provides the ability to ogle naked teenagers, then I guess Nightcrawler has it right.

  16. Arizona will once again grab national attention – much like all the other controversial stories over the years – when the Republican party elects as its Treasurer, a man who owns a business that promotes nudity among teenagers. I wonder how long it will take until Bill O’Rielly brings his show to Arizona and focuses attention on our treasurer.

  17. Nightcrawler says

    Smart Voter,

    You are preaching to the choir. I am with you. Bottom-line, do not hang the guy out to dry based on unsubstantiated speculation. He has done a lot for the Party and deserves some recognition for his hard work.

  18. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    A friend made a point that has some merit. I’ll have to let you all decide how much. Our instincts when we see those photos are to cringe. Of course, a naturalist will tell us that we all used to be naked until we started putting on clothes. To this very day there are tribes in Africa that do not run around fully clothed (check out virtually any issue of National Geographic). Yet no one, that I or my friend knows of, has expressed concerns over naked teenage Africans hanging out with older naked Africans. We haven’t heard reports of sexual perversion out of these tribes or higher incidences of molestation, etc. His point was that a pervert or sexual deviant doesn’t need the young person to be naked. The deviancy is fed by the imagination that can mentally undress anyone. So your kid might be more at risk running around a Chuck E Cheese than ShangriLa Ranch.

    Now as to the appearance of having a nudist as State Party Treasurer? That’s a totally different question and one that deserves a proper debate. Does it present the image that we as a Party want? I guess we’ll find out on Saturday…

    What makes this difficult is that many of us have met Horst and he’s been a loyal Republican for many years. As I’m sure he is tracking this thread and reading these comments, perhaps he could tell us his opinion on the upside versus downside of his winning the office? If no one else would do the job that might be one thing. But if someone else is running for it, does Horst fear that, fair or not, his election might do damage to the party he loves?

  19. I just read his bio on another site, it is quite impressive and very worthy of respect. If I do not understand or appreciate your naturist ways; it in no way diminishes your amazing contributions to your community, your party, and your example of selflessness.

  20. Let me try to answer some this from the end up.
    First Ann, I appreciate your tolerating me on my conservative side and I will not hold it against you for not understanding my naturist side. After all, we nudists care not to proselytize our way of living and reasoning, we do not insist on blind following based on faith or simple belief mainly because nudist by itself are extremely conservative and wish for government and selfrighteous authority to stay out of our lives and leave us alone.
    Now S.T.Squad.
    You made some good observations especially the example with the Chuck E. Cheese.
    Lets keep sight of the fact that the young boys that were tempted [for lack of a diferent word] by Mark Foley were so, not in a nudist, but in a fully dressed textile environment.
    To your question in the second from the last paragraph about the immage that the party seeks, I hope it is not the immage of Jack Abramoff, Ken DeLay, Mark Foley or Ted Haggert.
    The question you raised in your last paragraph about a possible downside for the party. If I had seen even only a hunch of a downside for the Republican Party, I would not have offered my service for this job. I am a grassroots party builder upper, not a destroyer. I am also an “End of the Day” believer, and when I say end of the day I fast forward to November 4, 2008 and what I would like to see on the end of that day is, a Republican in the White House and a recapture of at least one [preferably both] the Senate and the House; exactly in that order. That is what I am committing myself
    to work towards, and I feel that my presence, and my demeanor on the executive board of the AZ GOP could help make the diference.
    I would love to write about other aspects that were raised by diferent posters, some of it by folks who enjoy jumping into a discussion on subjects they obviously know little about and to make matters worse what little they know, they know wrong. Time does not permit me to stay with you much longer but I will be at the Sunnyslope H.S. next Saturday. Come early and you will find me volunteering on the Credential and Tally Committe CD-3. Perhaps we can chat before the rush starts.
    Horst Kraus

  21. Smart Voter says

    Ann is confusing issues here.
    “Selflessness” to a party is an absurd concept. The vast majority of Republican activists are committed and involved. We collect petition signatures for candidates during hot Phoenix summers, and donate countless hours and dollars to the party and its candidates.

    “Selflessness” describes a person, putting their own life and safety at risk, running into a burning home to save a child. Let’s not get overwrought here.

    Did you see Horst Kraus on television a few summers ago touting the benefits of sending children to his nudist camp? Weigh that against the table he purchases for a Kyl breakfast and tell me if either presents the image of “selflessness?” How about selfishness?

    Ann, would you feel comfortable having your children as attendees at Horst Kraus’s “naturist” camp? Are we all so inundated with political correctness that we are unable to think straight?

  22. you'vegottobekidding! says

    (Comment was edited. Got a little too personal with the attacks.)

    The Republican Party needs an enema. Let’s start with ****** like ***** *****.

    No way he’s getting my vote. And if he wins a officer position in the state GOP, then it will be obvious that the party has been subverted/perverted. I’m gone.

  23. you'vegottobekidding! says

    (Comment was edited. Got a little too personal with the attacks.)

    I mean that! Our outgoing national party chairman is a ****, and everyone knows it. Our current front running candidate for President, Rudy Giuliani, is the most liberal supporter of the radical gay agenda in the GOP today. He’s appeared in drag at several gay group fundraisers, appeared in drag in a cameo role on Showtime’s “Queer as Folk” to raise money for a gay group, marched in every single Gay “Pride” parade in NYC as mayor – including on parade that included a NAMBLA contingent, has received several awards from radical gay groups, etc. Nude Teens Gone Wild and Queer as Folk are NOT traditional Republican values.

    It’s obvious we’ve taken the “Big Tent” thing way too far. And in **** Kraus’s case, I guess some Republicans are confused about what whole “Big Tent” thing is in the first place. No, “Big Tent” Republican does not refer to the “Big Tent” in ***** pants when he’s leering at the naked teenagers on his property.

  24. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Horst, you suggest that we must choose between the image of a nudist or “Jack Abramhoff, Ken DeLay, Mark Foley or Ted Haggert.”

    There is a third alternative. We feature the hundreds and thousands of good and decent people in our party who do not take or give bribes, who do not hang out with naked kids (or in the case of Foley merely wish to), or those who cavort with male escorts to feed a drug habit.

    I must admit that your answer now has me leaning against supporting your candidacy because a campaign based on “Hey, there are plenty of people even worse than me” does not inspire. Much like you, folks like Jack Abramhoff also bought tables at fundraisers and, for too long, that was enough for folks to overlook his obvious flaws. We should learn from our mistakes and only promote to leadership positions those people who practice the values our Party holds dear.

    That said, you’vegottobekidding! could still benefit from medical sedation…

  25. Smart Voter says

    Yes. We all know about Foley. His problems are beside the point.
    Read what Dr. Robert Butterworth, a noted child psychologist, has to say about nudist youth camps.
    The following is a transcript of a 2003 CNN interview including Horst Kraus. His background is plumbing. What an interesting career leap he has made–going from that trade to running a nudist resort.


    What’s Wrong With Nude Camps for Teens?

    Aired June 20, 2003 – 20:47 ET

    ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Well last night we told you about some unusual summer camps for teenagers. They’re a lot like most summer camps except for one thing, the kids don’t wear clothes. The phenomenon has not gone unnoticed on Capitol Hill. Congressman Mark Foley has called for an investigation by authorities in Florida where one of these camps is located. Take a look.

    REP. MARK FOLEY (R), FLORIDA: You put 11 and 18-year-olds together in a camp where they’re nude, I think it is a recipe for disaster. It is like putting a match next to a gasoline can. You’ll have disasters sooner or later.


    COOPER: Well what do you think? Is the congressman right? Are nude camps for teenagers a recipe for disaster or are they just an early introduction into a healthy lifestyle?

    We have three guest tonight. Dr. Robert Butterworth is a child psychologist, he joins us from Los Angeles. Horst Kraus is the owner of the Shangri La Ranch in Arizona. And Jesse Ferrier is a counselor at the camp, again, attending nudist camps when he was 17.

    Appreciate all of you for joining us tonight. Jesse, let me start with you. What do you like about these camps?

    JESSE FERRIER, COUNSELOR, SHANGRI LA RANCH: I like that everybody is open and everybody is accepting. Nobody is judged in any of these camps. And it is really just a healthy atmosphere.

    COOPER: Dr. Butterworth, you have apparently treated some kids who, I guess, didn’t like being at one of these kind of camps. Tell us about it. What is your concern?

    ROBERT BUTTERWORTH, CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, I’ll tell you, Anderson, hold on to your chair, we’re going to have a bumpy ride on this one. I mean, you know, here are these kids, I mean, you know, interacting with each other. It is hard enough when they have their clothes on and here we are taking the element of their clothes off. Problems with self-esteem, problems with inferiority.

    And not only that, they’re playing contact sports, soccer. There are a lot of legal implications to this. He touched me, I touched him.

    You know this is really a barrel of trouble. Really as far as I’m concerned, it is every parent’s nightmare.

    COOPER: Well let me ask, Mr. Krause, you run — operate one of these camps. What is your experience? You think it’s a good thing for kids?

    HORST KRAUS, OWNER SHANGRI LA RANCH: Absolutely it is a good thing for kids. The self-esteem the doctor just alluded on will just act in the opposite direction. Kids who walkway from those camps with an enhanced self-esteem. They know how to appreciate their own bodies. They know that nobody is perfect.

    This is not — we are not in a race for who is the beautiest of them all. This is a matter of nude lifestyle as a matter of healthy wholesome, family nudism. I don’t understand what the doctor’s find…

    BUTTERWORTH: I’ll tell you where I’m coming from. When it comes to adults, I have no problem with this. When it comes to teenagers, we’re talking about hormones.

    And listen, I don’t know if you’ve been around teenagers, but I have. When they’re 14, when they’re 15 and when they’re around the opposite sex and when they’re naked, trust me, nature is going to take over. And if you don’t know about that I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under.

    COOPER: Jesse, let me ask you. You are a teenager. You’ve been at this camp. You’re now a counselor. Is there a lot of hanky panky? What sort of a — is it a sexualized environment?

    FERRIER: There is no — it is not sexual at all. When I was 14, 15, you know, I was nude around girls, guys. I didn’t think about any sex or anything like that.

    COOPER: Do you think it helps your body image or do you think it makes it more natural for you or does it — did you feel uncomfortable?

    FERRIER: I felt perfectly fine because it helps because when you’re clothed and look at other kids you think are they developing faster than me? Why am I not developing?

    And in this kind of environment, you can learn from other people and from yourself that, you know you don’t have to develop as fast as they are. They might not be as developing as fast as you and it is perfectly fine.

    COOPER: Dr. Butterworth, what have you heard from the kids you talked to who have been to see you, I guess?

    BUTTERWORTH: Every kid in America that is 13 and 14 and 15 thinks about sex five minutes every day, if not five minutes every minute. For this kid to say, gee, I’m in an environment where there are a lot of girls running around naked, I didn’t think of sex as all, maybe I’m the one with the problem.

    But I tell you, when I was 14, it went through my mind and there are a lot of kids I talked to, it went through their minds. And when they’re clothes are off, it didn’t all of a sudden stop.

    COOPER: Horst Kraus, final thought.

    KRAUS: When I cam to this country I was a plumber. And for the first six months I thought Americans all have plumbing problems because the only people I knew had plumbing problems. And I’m afraid the good doctor is in the same position.

    BUTTERWORTH: I’m sorry I’m uptight. Sometimes being uptight is the not the worst thing in the world.

    COOPER: All right, we’re going to leave it there. Horst Kraus, Robert Butterworth and Jesse Ferrier, appreciate all you joining us and adding your perspective. Thank you.

  26. Oro Valley Dad says

    I think Dr. Butterworth needs some counseling. In the face of direct testimony from a participant that the experience was not harmful (in fact Ferrier said it was positive) the Dr. keeps trying to pathologize Ferrier’s childhood. Sorry, the doctor comes of as a quack.

  27. Smart Voter says

    Come on, OVD. Dr. Butterworth is a credentialed authority in his field. The camp counselor, calling this a “positive expereince,” was a 19-year-old in charge of group of naked kids. I’ll stick with the doctor’s vantage point on this issue.

  28. Oro Valley Dad says

    The Dr. may have all sorts of credentials but he did not present his case well. Give some statistics or specific examples of children who have been harmed.

    I am not supporting Shangri La or Kraus but if you want to criticize them you could do better than Dr. Butterworth. Nudity is certainly a different life style but is it in and of itself a sin? God made us that way and we were not ashamed until actual sin entered into the picture. Does nudity cause sin? I do not know but I have seen plenty of transgressions get under way when people were fully clothed.

  29. I did not intend to recognize his party behavior as selfless but his life’s example of volunteerism and commitment to others. He has done many things through his life that, while not to the extent of going into a burning building, has been for the benefit of others. A lifelong, continued pattern of thinking beyond one’s self is certainly commendable.

    I do not understand the naturist lifestyle; I do not understand how anyone can expect to put naked teens who daily live in a world full of sexuality and sensuality, then place them in an artificial environment and expect their daily life experiences not to come along. I don’t understand how it is even legal, to be honest.

    But, if it is legal and the participants are not complaining (as if some teens told to go hang out…no pun intended….naked in mixed company will complain), they are fully aware of the environment and all that entails…… creepy as it is to me, I’m not going to judge his character beyond my own lack of understanding.

    Sin…be it overt or covert, is primarily a heart issue. Can you convince your head that your heart won’t care? It has only been a few years since I escaped the legalistic belief system of my youth, enabling me to drink wine in a restaurant without fear I was setting a bad example or worse, disappointing my Savior… so, there is no way in this lifetime I will ever make it to naturism. NOT that I am trying, in case anyone would think otherwise!

  30. I am in the race to win the Treasurer’s post at the Arizona Republican Party Statutory Meeting
    on Saturday, January 27th. I look forward to seeing long time friends, and meeting with new folks. My Web Site is
    See you all on Saturday!

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