The Old Switcharoo?

Lots of rumors flying in the last 24 hours after Joe Biden floated the trial balloon that Hillary would be a better pick for VP.

Will an “October Surprise” cause the whole Presidential race to go sideways? Hillary could be waiting in the wings as Democrats try to change the game with a political switcharoo.

I’ve always held that Obama would pick Clinton as VP if he really wanted to win but he made a critical mistake that has resulted in tremendous remorse amongst Democrats. McCain then siezed the moment by choosing a candidate who ignited the GOP.

With time running out, Obama, Biden and Clinton may be scheming to throw one more curve ball in the game especially with early voting starting in early October.


  1. Not likely. There is still plenty of bad blood between Obamanauts and Clinton supporters. A switch back to Hilary will only make Obama look more inexperienced and desperate. Obama will continue to slide, lose and set up Hilary for the next cycle. Gives Clinton folks the satisfaction of saying they knew better than to go with Obama and maybe sets up a Clinton vs Palin race in 12 if McCain doesnt go for a second term.
    Biden wasnt floating a ballon, he is just not swift on his feet and keeps putting his foot in his mouth. go JOE!

  2. Precinct Committeeman says

    Maximus makes a good point, but I’m not sure I agree it was just a verbal slip. They have to be smarter than that. Maximus has a funny take on Obama on his blog at

  3. Here’s the way I see it based exclusively on Biden’s remarks:

    1. He’s either living up to his tendency of verbal gaffs or,

    2. They are seriously floating a trial balloon.

    [btw Maximus, I just added you to our blogroll. Sorry, I didn’t know you had a blog.]

  4. Antifederalist says

    I think Biden was musing aloud, trying to be complimentary of Hitlery, and possibly building her up for a 2016 run…yet Biden has presidential aspirations of his own. Make that a 2024 run for Hitlery! ;D

    Anyway, NObama CANNOT dump Biden and pick up “Her Thighness”. If NObama dumps Joe, he’ll appear weak and vacillating. No one can honestly say that NObama will retract one of the first, momentous decisions of his possible administration. By doing so, NObama would appear too flawed, too incapable of making major decisions.

    While I think NObama IS incapable of making good decisions, or even using sound logic and assumptions to arrive at good conclusions, he and his advisors will think that throwing Biden overboard will look wrong in the political lense. It simply won’t happen. As is typical of Biden, he was just running off at the mouth…nothing more.

  5. nightcrawler says

    Got to agree with Anti and Max on this. Obama simply would weaken the preception of his already suspect decision making capability. If he pulled the switch, he may gain a few Hillary voters but lose a lot of voters for himself. Got to dance with the one the brought ya.

  6. I have a oddball thought- There is a real reason Hillary compared Obama to Bobby Kennedy. If Obama, God forbid, and I truly mean that, were to suddenly pass away, Hillary is the nominee. Beware the ids of October.

    She does not want VP… she wants to be #1… at all costs. I feel true worry about it actually and I wrote about this:


  7. Consider that Biden received the necessary delegate votes to be his party’s nominee and that if he should find some reason to leave the ticket, family emergency or illness, then, Hilary would have to receive an appointment as the party’s vice-presidential nominee undeer the rules of the Democratic Party – which means party leadership can name her.

    Consider that the Obama campaign is clearly shaken and worried about Palin.

    Consider that there is a chance the Biden statement, being as emphatic as it was, was a trial balloon.

    Consider that the Democratic Party wants the Whitehouse at all cost that if Charlie Mansion had a chance of winning, they would nominate Mansion.

    Consider, the recent meeting between Obama and Bill Clinton and the statement by Clinton that Obama will win big and surprise is yet to come.

    It is conceivable that we could see an Obama Clinton ticket before October arrives. However, the biggest problem to this change is the ballot. Ballots in 50 states would need to be changed and the time limits/cutoff in each state for change.varies.

  8. It doesn’t matter who is on the ticket. The GOP convention served to mock…and piss off democrats to the point of action in a way you will never see again.

    In addition, Palin is a total phony. Never been to visit the troops in Iraq…that was a lie…she supported the bridget to nowhere until there was no money for it…again…a lie…she supported and lobbying for millions and millions in earmarks…again…a lie.

    Do you all just love liars??????

    Come on!

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