The Obama Fainting Routine

Here is the video of the Obama fainting routine. You judge whether these people are worked up or if this is a campaign tactic.


  1. kralmajales says

    That is bizarre…interesting. I can’t imagine that it is staged as I just don’t know how it would benefit him. I can only imagine this. If you have ever been to a rally for a Presidential candidate, it means standing and waiting for sometimes hours…then…if the crowd is packed and the size of that of Obama’s it is likely to have someone in the audience get light-headed and faint.

    Or…I guess he could have the same effect as the Beatles did on their fans…


  2. Yeah, it’s not like he’s jumping into the audience screaming “DON’T YOU DIE ON ME!!!”. Kral’s got it in one: standing and waiting among thousands of people, someone’s gonna get ill. Occam’s razor, people.

  3. I’ve been to a bunch of Obama events, never heard of this. I doubt his campaign is staging this or even trying to get publicity for it…

  4. There were people dropping like flies when Bush was here in ’04. Long lines, lots of security, heat, and of course, excitement.

  5. I think the Clinton campaign is planting these folks to make Obama look like some sort of Benny Hinn act. Taken individually, it’s obvious what’s going on, heat, no water, standing for hours etc, but looking at these strung together, it’s downright funny seeing it over and over…I can see an SNL skit coming. Obamas first state of the union and they’d have the entire Supreme Court faint along with the Ohio delegation.

  6. This is the song that Obama reminds me of.

    Barack Obama, Superstar.

    Who are you, what kind of change are you are talking about?

    Barack Obama, Superstar,

    Who are you, what kind of change are you are talking about?

    Barack Obama, Superstar

    Who are you, what kind of change are you talking about?

    Adoph Hitler could really rally those masses, and Olde Joe Stalin could make them walk barefoot through broken glasses, And Ho Chin Minn, he could bring the crowd in, and that Po Pot he know how his words could make them hot…

    Now do you believe?

    Now Marshall Applewhite made them think that they were going to go to Heaven on a comet, and David Koresh he sent his faithful on a path to Armageddon. And of course we all know about olde Jim Jones. His people did what he told em and that Kool-aid got overflowin…

    Now do you believe? (the mesmerized crowd shouts back Yes we Believe) Now do you believe?(louder) Yes, we believe! Hallelujah now get that sister some water (the front row of women then faints).

    Barack Obama, Superstar,

    Who are you, what kind of change are you are talking about?

    Barack Obama, Superstar

    Who are you, what kind of change are you talking about?

    Now do you see yourself as as Che’s Second comin… Or maybe you set yourself up on a path even higher. Perhaps you do see yourself as the new Messiah, start a new religion with you as its idol.

    Do you believe?

    Cults of personalities well they very rarely end well and with yours it could set the earth a trembling… For when you come unglued as all cult leaders in the end do, you could push that nuclear button and set the earth afire..

    Barack Obama, Superstar,

    Who are you, what kind of change are you are talking about?

    Barack Obama, Superstar!

    Who are you, what kind of change are you talking about?

    Barack Obama, Superstar!

    Turing America into one big Manson Family

    Barack Obama, Superstar!

    Turning America into one big Manson Family

  7. Look into my eyes, what do you see?

    Cult of personality

    I know your anger, I know your dreams

    I’ve been everything you want to be

    I’m the cult of personality


    You gave me fortune

    You gave me fame

    You me power in your god’s name

    I’m every person you need to be

    I’m the cult of personality

    Look into my eyes, what do you see?

    Cult of personality

    I know your anger, I know your dreams

    I’ve been everything you want to be

    I’m the cult of personality

  9. LOL … i have to laugh at the people who can not see how transparent this FAINT TO THE LEFT CAMPAIGN is. I explore it in my blog also and its linked. I think the fake explaination is the closest to true. In a bid to get the womens vote they fake up that he’s so darned hot that woman faint. While this sort of thing would NEVER work with a man it works with women. Women as a whole are as much concerned with what other people think of the status of a man as with his actual physical attractiveness.

  10. Wow. I’ve never seen cases of Obama Derangement Syndrome so advanced.

    Especially poor Steve. I hope he’s made arrangements for his family. It’s not long now.

  11. So if Obama wins, can you just see it at the UN or at the G8 summits? He speaks and ambassadors and world leaders start fainting? Who’s your superpower now?

  12. This post and thread deserve consideration as the most stupid and utterly inane in Sonoran Alliance history.

    Hey, I post movie reviews. It’s called freedom of speech.

    Still, this is SA at its lowest. You guys are better than this.

  13. Oh, come on x4mr, everyone knows that Obama is exactly like Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, and Ho Chi Minh, and those that support him are nothing more than Heaven’s Gate/Branch Davidian cultists!

    Although, Steve did forget the obvious parallels to Nicolae Carpathia from the “Left Behind” novels and Cobra Commander from “G.I. Joe” fame.

  14. klute-
    Nicolae Carpathia is exactly who I’ve been thinking Obama reminds me of. We better get ready for the second coming! I know I’m not being left behind!

  15. AAAAAAAGH. It burns.

  16. Neutral Critic says

    Just Curious. Were these faintings in the summer, fall, or winter ? I’ll have to check out this video. Sounds like a set up though. Smells a bit fishy.

  17. Satire alert:

    I actually fainted while watching the video…ooops I just fainted again.

  18. Just recently, Obama has been called “The second coming”. He says all the right things, he’s young and everybody believes him… VERY similar to Carpathis in the Left Behind series. Now, I am not a nut but I’m starting to believe that he just may be. I guess it’s time to crack open the Bible and learn for myself.

  19. “This post and thread deserve consideration as the most stupid and utterly inane in Sonoran Alliance history.”

    X4mr, sadly, this is lightweight compared to what you will see in the coming months.

    This is one of the things that people do when they know they are going to lose. The most ignorant of the losers will try to tear up the opponent thinking they can create the perception of failure before he even takes office. There are some examples of those above.

    The smarter ones will begin to figure out what their stake is in success or at least getting along for the next several years. They would also be engaged in rethinking their positions and rebuilding their party after being supportive of WHAT IS WITHOUT QUESTION THE WORST PRESIDENCY IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, Klute, Steve, and the rest of you. What is your next step? Setting up a Klan meeting?

  20. Liza,

    You may want to re-read my posts and/or look up the definition of sarcasm. I’m pro-Obama. Voted for him. Donate money to him. I was pointing out the idiocy of comparing him to Stalin, Hitler, et al.

    Or you know, just click on the link of my name. It’ll take you to my journal, and you can confirm I’m not equating the man I’m supporting for president to the ultimate in Evil.

    Unless you’re thinking I’m being some sort of reverse racist, and I belong in parallel universe version 1930’s Mississippi.

    Also, vegetarian. Can’t do the thing with raw meat.

  21. Klute,
    Please accept my apology. I admit that I read this very quickly and completely failed to see that your comments were the sarcastic ones.

    What I truly hate is this line of attack about Obama supporters being cultists who worship him. I hate all of the attacks on Obama. I just hope he can stand up to what he is going to get from Clinton in the next two weeks and, of course, McCain who love to run against Clinton. But these really assinine attacks coming from people like Steve above, who is not being sarcastic, are some of the worst.

  22. It bothers me too, but what bothers me most is the rank hypocrisy. The same people who are accusing Obama of having cult-like followers or being the rhetorical (at best) equivalent of the Anti-Christ, were the ones complaining loudest when MoveOn didn’t purge the Hitler ad fast enough or when a DailyKos poster put up the ad of Lieberman servcing W.

    We had Bush Derangement Syndrome, well, they’ve got Obama Derangement Syndrome. And that’s what makes me believe we’re going to win this thing.

  23. Well, as you can see, I was really angry when I was reading this thread. What I’m seeing in comment threads, not so much on the local blogs, but places like is that these really hateful and unsubstantiated attacks against Obama and his supporters are escalating. Then I saw Steve’s 1:50 AM comment and kind of lost it. Now there are references to Hitler and Stalin and Jim Jones.

    I would not bet that these people who are responsible for these attacks are intelligent enough to understand that they have contributed absolutely nothing to the discussion. They are repeating some mantra that originated with hate filled bigots who intend to diminish and destroy a leader who they despise and fear.

    Klute, they do not even understand hypocrisy even though it is their stock and trade. They are throwbacks to the white southern racists I grew up with. They align themselves with a hateful, unsubstantiated position and they repeat the mantras. The more creative ones escalate the attack.

    They will not prevail in this election, there are just not enough of them, thank God. But make no mistake, this is about hatred, and people who choose this are pretty much lost.

  24. Jeff in Ohio says

    These people aren’t fainting because of Obama-mania, but because with prolonged standing, such as one might do at a crowded political rally, blood is pooling in their legs, leading to an exaggerated nerve response called vasovagal syncope. I am a medical student in training to be a pediatric cardiologist. I was 10 feet from a woman who fainted at an Obama event in Youngstown this week, and I can tell you she was not reacting to overwhelming love for the candidate but to simple physiology.

  25. How come it always seems to happen almost right in front of him? Then he seems to know what the problem is and what the remedy is (fainting, needed space and water). What if they had a stroke? A heart attack? He’s not a doctor. He’s the great healer, isn’t he?

  26. Well I was at the rally in KC and I can tell you there was nothing fake about that. It was crowded in there, to the point that the fire marshalls were about to start trying to move people out. People were sitting and standing in all the aisles. No one could move, and that is not an exaggeration.

    In conditions like that, with tens of thousands of people, it isn’t really that surprising that someone would faint. I guess no one faints for Hillary or McCain because only 200 or so people show up. Lol. Just a thought.

  27. Oh and the rally I was at was indoors. It was in January. But it was plenty hot in that auditorium, you can be sure of that…

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