The Oath of Obama

Strange things are already happening with the new administration.

Yesterday, Barack Obama ushered Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts to the Oval Office to re-take the Oath of the Presidency. Apparently President-elect Obama didn’t think the oath he took on Tuesday didn’t officially acknowledge him as President. If you watched the inauguration, as I did, and hung on every word, as I did, then you probably didn’t miss when both Justice Roberts and President-elect Obama stumbled through the “that I will faithfully execute the Office…” portion of the oath. If you’re like me and millions of other Americans, you knew what he meant and you chuckled it off as an honest verbal gaffaw (which is far more magnanimous than the way the Bush haters treated President Bush!). Needless to say, Americans let it slide.

But this President wanted to make sure he really is the President and in abruptly calling in the Chief Justice to retake the oath, he opened a slew of questions.

The first and obvious question is, “If President Obama was not officially sworn in on January 20th, that who was the official President until Wednesday when the Chief Justice administered the oath of office?”

And if The United States was actually “President-less” until that oath was re-administered yesterday, than were all the Executive Orders he signed, signed fraudulently?

And what about the second oath not being sworn on a Bible? The photo proves he stood unaccountable to a Higher Authority. (This seems to really have struck a nerve with some religious conservatives but for others like myself, we’ve come to expect Barack Obama to discount the significance of Higher Authority and so the non-use of the Bible did not come as a shock.)

But even as conservatives are getting wrapped up in the “controversy,” members of the liberal media are also in a tizzy. I’m just not sure why although I’ll definitely speculate.

The same media who derided President Bush for being so secretive but applauded Barack Obama for pledging to having the most transparent and open administration, are now ticked off over the sudden and exclusive retaking of the oath.

In today’s press conference, several reporters took Obama’s Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, to task for already violating the spirit of “transparency.” In actuality, I don’t think that’s the case. These same reporters could care less about transparency with a liberal Democratic administration. After all, where have they been ever since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, pledged to bring in the most bipartisan and ethical Congress in  history but has done anything but what she preached?

What the liberal media is really steamed about is that they were excluded from covering the event. They were left out! During the retaking of the oath, no major media witness was present and only a tape recording of the oath was recorded and a photo taken.

All in all, this has turned into a big political blunder. Judging by the way this whole fiasco has unfolded, it should be obvious that the new President had some doubt about what really happened during the moment he supposedly became President. In an effort to erase that doubt, he really didn’t want to be embarrassed by displaying the uncertainty. So he kept the reporters out of the picture to save face and fix the mistake as quickly as possible and under the radar. But the incident was found out and the rest has become controversy.

The American people would not have cared less about the slip up on Inauguration day but in trying to fix his own self-legitimacy, Presidential historians will enter this in the history books.


  1. What you term as the first question is not really even a problem.

    The Constitution only says the President needs to take this oath, it says nothing about having to do it with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, this is merely tradition and in fact several Presidents had the oath administered by someone else. Calvin Coolidge had his father do it. So, Obama could simply have had Michelle do it in private even before the ceremony.

    There is also no requirement that anything be sworn on a Bible or that God is even mentioned. The Constitution even allows one to ‘affirm” rather than ‘swear.’

    If for some reason the elected President could not assume the duties at noon on Jan 20, the Vice President acts as President, in accordance with the 20th amendment.

    This whole topic is silly and Obama is partly to blame for doing this second oath-taken with Roberts since it was completely unnecessary.

  2. Agreed. I think he made a political mountain out of a molehill. If anything, it shows a MO of uncertainty.

  3. Basil St. John says

    Oh, DSW, it’s far worse than uncertainty–it’s outright lawlessness. It’s obvious to anyone who has followed this story that Obama is NOT president! Two tries at the oath, two titanic blunders! I’m not sure who is president–I hope it’s Sarah P.–but I’m sure that Obama is not.

  4. There’s a picture of Jan Brewer in the Trib today taking the oath with her left had raised…is that valid? What does the Arizona Constitution say about taking the oath?

  5. Note: It was Chief Justice Roberts who made the mistake while administering the oath because he was trying to do it from memory and it was his first time. Obama hesitated when Justice Roberts erred because he, too, memorized the oath and knew Roberts screwed up. Notwithstnding, can we move on to some other worthwhile topic.

  6. 2keyboards says

    Go on over to It has a great article about what REALLY happened.


    Seriously. Obama’s president. Oath taken. Waste your money and file a lawsuit, like Philip Berg if you want.

  8. 2keyboards,

    I have to admit, that was pretty funny!

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    Who cares what oath he takes, he’s not a “natural born” citizen, (come to think of it I doubt he’s even naturalized)…

    Question, at a time when the US State Department had prohibited travel to Packistan, how did a 20 year old from a college in California get there? On who’s passport? Not a US Passport that’s for sure.

  10. More importantly Veritas Vincit, how can simple jet fuel melt steel when jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough?!?!?

    Proofers are the new Truthers, and it looks like everyone might want to invest in Alcoa, because it looks like tin foil hats are going to be all the rage these next four years.


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