The New Left: Trained, Radical and Ready

Most voters have not heard of Progressive Majority, but they are training the far-left of politics and their candidates are plentiful here in Arizona.  With “liberal” no longer a positive label in politics, they now call themselves “progressives”, but the ideology remains the same – higher taxes, more spending, a larger government at every level, greater control over people’s lives, and liberal social policies.  Their stated goal is to not “let conservatives dominate the 2010 elections” and they have six candidates running in Arizona’s statewide and legislative contests.  These far-left candidates include Andrei Cherny (State Treasurer), Angela Cotera (LD12 House), Rae Waters (LD20 House), Pat Fleming (LD25 House), Cheryl Cage (LD30 Senate) and Andrea Dallesandro (LD30 House).  Each is committed to Progressive Majority’s liberal agenda, each supports the most radical elements of the Obama agenda like ObamaCare, Cap & Trade, Card Check, etc. and each has received training from the organization on policy and campaigning.  These candidates all refrain from mentioning Progressive Majority or its role in their campaigns, either on their websites or in their public appearances, likely because they recognize that being recruited and trained by hard-left out-of-state organizations won’t be well received by Arizona voters that they are trying to sell their “independence” to, but every Arizona voter needs to be aware that these groups and their candidates are alive and well right here in Arizona, and while they are not campaigning as hardcore liberals, that is exactly what they are.


  1. Very interesting! For a list of current office holders and candidates they have supported…check this link:

  2. Need to know. Great heads up.

    Democrat: (D) for Deceit.

  3. I have asked Repubs not to use that word, do not call the Libs Progressives, call the Libs liberals. The name they have poll tested is progressive and all you do is play right into their hands by using the names they like. When you see a certain blogger on this site using progressive tell him about it I have but he told me he wanted to be Politicaly Correct, go figure.

  4. Cheryl Cage is in LD 26; running against Senator Al Melvin, who defeated her in 2008.

  5. “Regressive” works.
    So does “Progressive Sinister” instead of Progressive Left. Better displays the roots of “Left.”

  6. ‘SuzanneC’, anyone who strives to be “politically correct” is definitely in what ‘wanumba’ calls the “Regressive Sinister” group. I LIKE that moniker. And thanks for the great “heads-up”! We need to keep careful, constant track of their sinister doings.

  7. You people are seriously crazy. As our state falls to waste lands of unemployment, debt, oh and higher taxes imposed by the current legislators–my how you all forget that little sneaky tidbit, you are worried about labels?! I’m ashamed for you and the level of ignorance you display.

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