The New Bogeymen

You’re looking at a collage of the newest bogeymen. At least that’s what the liberal-led, Democratic controlled Congress is calling these American companies.

Polling must have revealed to Democratic leadership that it’s not in their political best interest to go after the doctors or the American Medical Association. And you know the Dems won’t attack their lifeblood, the trial lawyers association. That leaves only one target for the Democrats to take aim at – the insurance companies.

So this is all about strategy for the Dems in their march to take over our personal health care and decisions. If they can narrow and divide their opposition down to a few bogeymen, they figure they can rekindle American anger in back in their direction and mount the largest government fiasco since Social Security.

Make the calls to your congressmen today!


  1. Since many Democrats get significant backing from these companies I actual doubt there will be a widespread strategy of demonizing them unless the situation takes a dramatic turn. It’s too bad though because these companies are part of the problem in rising costs and denial of benefits.

  2. The problem with modern medicine is HMOs.

    Remember they are
    > MANAGED CARE entities. They say what doctor we can see, what hoops
    > we have to go through to see a doctor or obtain treatment or
    > medicines. They require pre-authorizations and they restrict the
    > use of certain medicines and procedures. Most importantly, they
    > bog the system with delays which hurt patients.
    > HMO horror stories are many. If you don’t like HMOs, you will not
    > like Federal Government managed care even more.
    > We need to consider and push for alternatives.
    > We need tax credits to buy our own health insurance from
    > non-profit insurance companies which will really spread the risk
    > rather than HMOs which pay huge salaries to CEOs and dividends to
    > shareholders.
    > Tax credits, as most know, come right off your income tax owed
    > rather than as a deduction from your income, as does the itemized
    > or standard deductions. Therefore, those who don’t owe any taxes
    > can be given a subsidy to purchase insurance.
    > Religious organizations, business entities and doctor’s groups
    > could establish non-profit health insurance entities. There would
    > be no shareholder dividends and salaries of executives could be
    > kept reasonable and not based on profits. It is my understanding
    > that some of the early Blue Cross Blue Shields were non-profit.
    > Other ideas are doctor’s groups establishing clinics which see
    > thirty percent or so of indigent or low payer patients and seventy
    > percent of concierge patients who pay some $1,200.00 a year for
    > unlimited access to the doctors. This has been tried with some
    > success alrady.

  3. While Todd presents a good political observation and Ann offers worthwhile solutions, I’d go a step further and shine a light on another source of problems within the health system, i.e. trial lawyers!

    A good reason for high insurance costs (ask any surgeon) and restrictions within the health industry lies in our wide open litigation practices.

    Perhaps we could emulate Britain in a positive manner i.e. loser pays all expenses in civil suits!

    We’re not going to clear problems in health care without dealing with legals ones which accompany it!

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