The most popular political blogs in Arizona

Somebody asked me recently what were the top political blogs in Arizona, so I thought I’d take a stab at listing them. Finding a list of them primarily from, an aggregate of political blogs, here’s what I’ve come up with, using the website rankings provided by, which is considered the most reliable rankings available for websites (their rankings are provided based on users who have downloaded their alexa browser helper; this method of sampling is considered more reliable than any other website ranking system currently available on the internet). Every website in the world within approximately the top 5 million most popular or slightly more is ranked. So for example, is ranked #1, is ranked #2, and is ranked #3. I regret to inform you that beats out, although we’re second after them. Most of the Arizona political blogs didn’t make the top 5 million cut so I am not bothering to list them. A few are only second level domains (like – blogsome is the domain tracked by alexa) so they cannot individually be tracked, however, based on what I can tell none of them are likely more popular than the top few listed below. – 2,768,115 – 3,350,095 – 4,201,618 (liberal blog) – 6,370,000 (not listed – probably not within top 5 million) (not listed – probably not within top 5 million) (not listed – probably not within top 5 million – liberal blog)
The Arizona Republic’s combined website,, is ranked 2,313, which is fairly high, but if you look at a chart of their traffic over the last few months, it’s steadily decreasing. The percentage of visitors has gone down by 20% over the past 3 months. The East Valley Tribune’s numbers are also decreasing in similar numbers, it’s currently ranked 37,901 but it’s decreased by 3,896 over the past 3 months, 18% less visitors.


  1. AZ Congress Watch is a “liberal” blog? Since when?

    It’s the most absolutely neutral political blog in the state. I can’t remember the last time Stacy took a position on a Congressperson or candidate; she just compiles news coverage for all of them into one easy-to-read place.

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Woo Hoo! We’re #2! We’re #2!

  3. That’s ok, Craig. If conservatives think I’m a liberal, and liberals think I’m a conservative, I’m right where I want to be.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So is Stacy Jane? Or is Jane Stacy?

  5. Leftist outer says

    Funny, based on the links listed down the side of, you’d swear it was a liberal blog. Out of 35 total political website links, there are only TWO conservative blogs, and There are two moderate websites, and, and a link to, which covers both sides.

    That leaves 30 out of the 35 links LEFTIST links. Yeah, sure you’re just in the middle Jane or Stacy or whatever you go by.

    (note the screaming centrist can scream all it wants, but it’s on the left, it’s not centrist)

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