The More Things “Change,” The More Things Remain The Same

The Obama campaign sold the American people on the idea that he would bring “Change” to the country.

Watching all the cabinet and administration picks made by the president-elect, it doesn’t appear that much is really changing. It’s almost as if this is a third Clinton administration or one of those cheesy 90 sitcom shows where they say, “let’s get all the cast together again and revisit some of the old scenes.”

Today’s pick of Tom Daschle to be Secretary of Health and Human Services is a case in point. Daschle was the Senate Majority Leader until he was replaced by John Thune in 2004. Since then, I imagine he’s been waiting around for a Democrat to win the White House so he could jump back in the game.

Yesterday, we learned that Obama had tapped former Deputy Attorney General, Eric Holder to head the Justice Department as Attorney General. (Holder is actually a throwback to the Carter Administration.) “Clintonista” Holder made waves when he gave Bill Clinton a pass on an infamous pardon of international fugitive of justice commodities trader, Marc Rich.

But the mother of all appointments may come in the appointment of Hillary Clinton to the cabinet position of Secretary of State. That is, if she accepts it. Obviously, there’s enough history there to write a presidential library.

With all these former Clinton insiders rearing their liberal heads again, the American people may start wondering who they really elected. Sure, liberals will say that the Executive Branch requires individuals with experience and that the real change is not in the people but in the policies.

Excuse me?

Washington, D.C. is only two Senators away from a complete unstoppable takeover of federal power. These liberals are not going to play “center” or even “center left” on public policy. Given the opportunity and a willing accomplice media, the federal government is about to take a hard left turn and pass every liberal policy it can before center-right Americans wake up and vote them out in 2010.

President-elect Obama doesn’t appear to have any new ideas nor offer any hope for change any time soon. The line to the upcoming Obama Administration is long and full of the same familiar faces.

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