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  1. Michigan Right to Life, THE premier right to life organization in the country, put this ad together. Too bad Arizona cannot do the same.

  2. It was beautiful. DSW, is it merely fundng that prevents Arizona from producing such a piece or political opposition. During the election some stations would not sell air time to certain ballot props due to the political beliefs of the owners or fear of “offending” the public.

  3. Grassroots Girl says

    Solid… spot on… that needs to get A LOT more exposure… Thanks OVD, for sharing.

  4. Nightcrawler says

    In South Carolina it looks like legislation is about to be approved by the Governor that would require a women seeking an abortion to view an ultrasound of the fetus prior to having the operation. I believe this is reasonable given the magnitude of the decision. Perhaps they should see the Michigan video as well.

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